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(JFK) Airport Parking Lots
  • JFK Long Term Parking
    Good (549 reviews)
    122-02 South Conduit Ave
  • Airpark Kennedy JFK
    Good (141 reviews)
    153-44 South Conduit Ave.
  • SmartPark JFK
    Good (746 reviews)
    123-10 South Conduit Ave.
  • Parking 4 Airport
    Good (75 reviews)
    87-35 131st Street
  • AirLot Parking
    Good (32 reviews)
    133-98 142nd St
  • JFK Discount Parking
    Good (623 reviews)
    253-51 Rockaway Blvd.
  • OROM Airport Parking
    Good (38 reviews)
    229-20 S. Conduit Ave.
  • Bolt Parking
    Good (560 reviews)
    150-30 135th Ave
  • Park Plus Airport Parking
    Good (1063 reviews)
    124-10 South Conduit Avenue
  • Sunrise Auto Sales
    Good (227 reviews)
    246-19 Sunrise Hwy
  • Aardwolf Parking
    Good (116 reviews)
    128-20 152nd Ave
  • Jiffy Airport Parking
    Good (99 reviews)
    130-24 S Conduit Ave
  • Best Kept Secret JFK Airport Parking
    Good (180 reviews)
    147-07 Guy R Brewer Blvd
  • Crowne Plaza (JFK)
    Good (2750 reviews)
    138-10 135th Avenue, Queens, NY
  • Aardwolf Parking (JFK)
    Good (116 reviews)
    153-82, South Conduit Avenue, Jamaica, NY
  • Radisson Hotel (JFK)
    Good (2957 reviews)
    135-30 140th Street, Jamaica, NY
  • JFK Airlot EconoPark (JFK)
    Good (81 reviews)
    220-12 147th Avenue, Springfield Gardens, NY
  • Purchase Park 2 Fly (JFK)
    Good (114 reviews)
    124-10 South Conduit Avenue South Ozone Park, NY
  • ARB Parking (JFK)
    Good (341 reviews)
    128-20, 152nd Avenue, South Ozone Park, NY
  • Prime Park (JFK)
    Good (384 reviews)
    15115 Lefferts Boulevard, Queens, NY

John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, serving millions of people every year. Whether you're heading out on a work trip or a well-deserved vacation, finding a suitable spot to park your vehicle can be a demanding task. Fortunately, there are various JFK Airport parking facilities to meet your requirements. From covered garages to outdoor spaces, there's a car parking spot for everyone. In this article, we'll take a careful look at the JFK parking areas and facilities on- and off-site, offering everything you need to know to park in the right place.

On-Site Parking

On-site parking options offer the convenience of being located right at the airport and provide easy access to terminals. JFK Airport offers several structures—including convenient garages and outdoor economy spots—with different rates and perks. Check them out below.

Parking Facility Drive-Up Rate Pre-Book Rate Perks
Yellow Garage $6/30 minutes, $70/day $42/day Located closest to the terminals, it offers the most convenient option for travelers.
Blue Garage $6/30 minutes, $70/day $42/day Located within walking distance of ATL terminals, it provides covered parking with 24/7 security.
Orange Garage $4/30 minutes, $65/day $36/day Located a bit further from the terminals, it’s ideal for those who want a covered space at a lower price.
Red Garage $4/30 minutes, $60/day $36/day Located next to the Orange Garage, it’s another indoor option available at lower fees.
Economy Parking $29/day $20/day It’s the cheapest parking option at JFK, with shuttles running every 10 to 15 minutes.
Federal Circle Station Lot / $20/day Located at the airport entrance, this parking lot is an affordable option for long stays.

Off-Site Parking

There are also several off-site parking services available near JFK Airport, which offer parking spots and shuttle services to the airport.

Rates start at $7.99 per day, and some of the most popular off-site parking services include:

Tip: If you value convenience but want to lower the expenses, consider booking valet service with us.

On-Site vs. Off-Site Lots

Choosing the best parking option depends on your travel plans and preferences. It's a good idea to research both on-site and off-site parking options in advance and compare rates and services to find the car parking option that works for you.



  • On-site parking at JFK is very convenient because you can park your car very close to your terminal, saving time and effort.
  • JFK Airport parking lots are well-lit and secured 24/7, so your vehicle is safe and protected while you're away.


  • On-site parking at JFK Airport can be expensive, especially if you're traveling for an extended period of time.
  • JFK is a busy airport, and getting in and out of the on-site parking lots can be time-consuming, particularly during peak travel periods.



  • Off-site lots often have lower fees than the airport's official parking structures.
  • With so many off-airport parking options, travelers are more likely to find a space during peak periods.


  • Off-site parking options are often located farther away from the airport than official parking options, which can inconvenience travelers.
  • Depending on the shuttle service, travelers may have to wait longer for a shuttle to arrive at the airport.
  • There may be off-site parking options that are not well-known or reliable, which can be a risk.