The Parking Point (JFK)

The Parking Point (JFK)

$18.38 / day
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1.2 miles from JFK
15057 183rd street Springfield Gardens, NY, New York, NY, US



Discover the ultimate parking solution for your travel needs. Our long-term parking is not just convenient; it's a fortress for your vehicle, offering round-the-clock surveillance and dedicated staff vigilance. Glide effortlessly to the airport with our prompt shuttle service, ensuring you're always on schedule. Take advantage of unbeatable rates for extended stays and effortless online bookings that secure your spot in seconds.

But we don't stop there—indulge in exclusive services like car washes and detailing while you're away, so you return to a vehicle that's spotless and pampered. Loyalty pays off here—with enticing discounts for our regular voyagers. Embrace tranquility knowing your car rests safe in our trusted hands until you return. Welcome to more than just parking—it's peace of mind personified.

Extra charges for larger vehicles paid at lot: Small SUV $5 extra per day; Midsize SUV/Minivan $7; Large SUV $10 extra per day. 

Health and safety: we clean shuttles frequently and we have cameras as well as Staff on the lot 24/7

To extend your parking after booking, please contact the lot directly. Extensions to be paid directly at checkout.


  1. Convenient long-term parking option for travelers using JFK Airport.
  2. Secure parking facility with 24/7 surveillance and staff presence.
  3. Online reservation system for easy booking and guaranteed parking spot.


  1. Cost may be higher compared to off-site parking options.
  2. Limited availability during peak travel seasons, requiring advanced booking.
  3. Potential for traffic delays when accessing the airport from the parking facility.
15057 183rd street Springfield Gardens, NY, New York, NY, US
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  • Security
  • 24/7 Front Desk
  • Gated

ParkingAccess Reviews

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basic good service

high sub-charges

Google Reviews

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(Based on 278 reviews)
Realtor Dawn Ezold
1 2 3 4 5
When I showed up as a solo traveling girl, I’ll admit I was nervous driving into the location. Not because of danger / scary people, but just because of the commercial feeling. Found the spot. Sign matched the logo on my paperwork. Pulled in. Parked to the left of the trailer. Walked into the trailer to check in. Came back out for my luggage. Brought key back in. Waited a couple of minutes to load my bag in the white van (you know the ones). The driver drove a little crazy but honestly I didn’t care. It was just minutes from check in. All in all it was SUPER fast and efficient and I Will absolutely consider this again!!! Plus - it was CHEAP. Had a promo code and it was around $65 for 8 days.
1 2 3 4 5
I’ve used them 3 times now and they’re solid. Never had to wait more than 20 min for a shuttle - averaging about 10-15 min. I also check my car very carefully every time I return and haven’t had any issues so far.

Lot is not pretty, shuttle bus drivers aren’t very helpful yet have a big sign saying tips are appreciated BUT you can’t beat the price so the value overcomes these other issues.

Huge lot as well so running out of capacity hasn’t been an issue yet for me. Fingers crossed I don’t have any experiences that others have posted about since I travel so much and now plan to centralize my flying out of JFK instead of LGA.
Tony Yorke
1 2 3 4 5
Honest review here. Would definitely recommend this and I'll be using their service again. It's not the prettiest place but at half the price of local parking places you cannot beat it. My Mustang was treated with care. They have all their prices listed fairly online and they tell you about extra charges for larger vehicles so be sure to check your vehicle fees. I brought my Mustang that was rated at the base rate, my friend brought their pickup that was charged a bit extra per day but we knew that.
Ayushi Patel
1 2 3 4 5
Very easy and seamless experience. The shuttle service was also very efficient and we were picked up within 10 minutes of requesting it. Very nice and friendly people that care about serving your airport parking needs.
Juan Garza
1 2 3 4 5
Parking Point was great and easy to use. They dropped us off/picked us up on time and Satwinder even helped out when we had an (unrelated) issue with our tire. Will use again and would recommend!
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