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SeaTac, one of the busiest airports in the country, serves millions of passengers annually. Finding affordable and convenient parking can be frustrating due to high traveler volume. Fortunately, SeaTac offers various on-site car parking options for short or long stays with amenities like EV charging stations. Off-airport lots are also available at over 50% savings. This article will examine all airport parking choices in the region, their rates, and advantages/disadvantages to assist you in locating the ideal spot.

Find Parking at SeaTac Airport

Seattle-Tacoma Airport offers multiple levels of safe indoor parking a quick walk away from the building. Depending on the floor, passengers need two to eight minutes to reach the terminal, so shuttle transportation is unnecessary. The list below shows the main parking facilities, their fees, and perks.

Parking Service Rates Perks
Terminal Direct $7 per hour, $42 per day The 4th floor of the SEA garage allows direct access to the Main Terminal, so it's the most convenient option.
General Parking $6 per hour, $34 per day It's available on floors 1-3 and 5-8 of the parking garage. The 7th floor also offers free EV chargers.
Passport Parking $425 per month Located on the 4th floor, it's the fastest way to get in and out of SEA and the best option for frequent travelers.

Off-Airport Parking Options

With rates starting at an amazing $4 per day, off-site parking is the go-to for travelers who want to lower their expenses. The price difference is especially big for extended stays, so we highly recommend going for an off-site lot if your budget is tight. Here are our top 3 options:

Note: Advanced bookings are the best way to secure a spot at the best price, so be sure to find a place for your vehicle now!

On-Site vs. Off-Site Lots

Choosing the most suitable parking space depends on your budget, needs, and preferences. Some of the most important factors to consider include convenience, cost, and security. For this reason, we listed the key benefits and drawbacks of each option to help you pick what works for you.



  • Convenience: SeaTac parking allows you to park your car close to the airport terminal and avoid the hassle of looking for a spot miles away.
  • Time-efficiency: Due to its proximity, on-site parking spots can save time, which is especially beneficial for travelers with a tight schedule.
  • Security: On-site parking is considered to be safer than private off-site lots due to security measures protecting vehicles and their contents.


  • Cost: On-airport parking spaces are significantly more expensive than off-airport areas and, therefore, unsuitable for budget travelers.
  • Lack of options: Unlike most airports, SeaTac doesn't offer a variety of on-site facilities and services to suit different needs.
  • Traffic: On-site parking is subject to traffic congestion, especially during peak hours, which can add to travel time.



  • Lower rates: Private providers near Seattle Airport have lower daily fees than parking at the airport, especially for extended stays.
  • Availability: Off-site parking lots often ensure greater availability than the airport parking facilities, which is especially helpful during peak travel times.
  • Variety of options: There are multiple off-airport areas offering both indoor and outdoor spots, as well as self-parking and valet services.


  • Time: Travelers need to factor in additional time if they choose to park in an off-site lot and take a shuttle to SEA, which can be stressful if you have a busy schedule or an early morning flight.
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