Star Parking Sea-Tac (SEA)

Star Parking Sea-Tac (SEA)

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2.1 miles from SEA
18820 28th Ave S, Sea-Tac, WA, US



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Star Parking Sea-Tac is located less than 5 minutes from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Just pull into our lot, pick a parking spot, wait for our shuttle, and you'll be whisked away to your airline terminal.

Shuttle runs 24/7 every 10-15 minutes. 
This location has 2 entrances: 18821 International Blvd and 18820 28Th Ave South SeaTac WA 98188. Upon arrival, scan the reservation barcode at the ticket machine, take the ticket, and park the vehicle. You must bring a copy of your reservation confirmation with you to check in at the lot has plenty of other great parking deals available.
18820 28th Ave S, Sea-Tac, WA, US
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  • 24/7 Front Desk
  • Security
  • Fenced

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Andria Michele
1 2 3 4 5
I parked at this parking lot starting on July 20th. Nick was the shuttle driver and he was amazing. I had some issues with the scanning at the gate and had to call and he picked up right away and then made some suggestions that worked!

He helped me find a spot for my car because they were very full and helped me get on the shuttle. He was just as courteous with other customers as he was with me.

He definitely had the kind of ownership attitude in his job that is so rare these days. He went above and beyond.

I left my AirPods behind so stayed on the shuttle as he dropped off other passengers off at the airport so I could return to the parking lot to grab them. He was perfectly pleasant about it and we had some great conversations. I had some suggestions on how they might solve the scanning issue and he was very open to feedback (not often the case these days).

I felt safe and he was so friendly and helpful. All around great experience with both Nick and the other guy that was handling the texts between us.

Would definitely use again and recommend!

Nick, your favorite hypnotist (haha), says THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Sarah Selim
1 2 3 4 5
I was pretty nervous to use them given the other reviews but all went well, really smoothly actually! The barcode scanner acted up for a minute or 2 on entry but thats it, and the exit scan went perfectly, no extra charges. The shuttle happened to be there right when we arrived to the lot and when we arrived to the airport so no wait. The staff was nice in the interactions we had. So all in all great price for the service. We didn't have any damage or break in and the other cars in the lot also looked just fine.
Jack Williams
1 2 3 4 5
Not that bad. I am scared by some comments, but find it is OK, and better than another one I used. Entrance easy, toughness. The back shuttle needs 30 minutes wait. But you can walk to the lot if you want. Not that bad.
Leyna Edwards
1 2 3 4 5
I cannot recommend this place enough. I don’t know if I caught them on better days, or they’ve changed since they’re lower reviews. I booked on a third party, and this lot had amazing reviews there. After 2 other failed attempts at 2 am to find a lot that would actually answer, I went with a slightly more expensive option and I would do it again. I was an absolute mess, and when I ended up at the wrong lot, the person at their office helped me get to the right one. He guided me where to park on the phone once I was there, and even ran out to help me with my bags and put them on the shuttle for me while I used the restroom. The shuttle to the airport and back was absolutely amazing and quick, both helped me with my bags in and out the shuttle. Leaving was super easy, and it’s really a good feeling knowing your car is in a secured and monitored lot! Will definitely be parking here again!
Angie Hughes
1 2 3 4 5
I was worried about this place after reading the reviews, but my experience here today was excellent. The attendant must be different from the previously reviewed guy, as he was very helpful, informative and friendly (and it was 4.15 am!)

The shuttle came within 5 minutes of me arriving and the driver was also really friendly. The attendant went above and beyond once it became clear at the airport that I had accidentally dropped my cell phone in the lot! 5 star for customer service. Thank you!
Christine Story
1 2 3 4 5
Parking at the airport was sold out so we found this place, and it was a great experience! Similar in price to airport parking, and we had no issues with entering/exiting the lot. We scanned the QR code from the email at the entrance and it worked great. Parking spaces were clearly marked and numbered. To use the free shuttle you have to walk over to the lot next door (mvp parking) and text the number provided over there, it's the same shuttle for both lots. The shuttle's response time was quick, about 10 min, and they pull right up to your parking space. Would definitely recommend!
Dr Frank Dee
1 2 3 4 5
I reserved a week of self parking, but due to a family emergency I had to cancel while I was in the shuttle to Seatac.

Our shuttle driver John was very understanding, brought us back to the parking lot and texted me within 20 minutes that all charges were refunded. Thank you John! We really appreciate your excellent customer service!
Anna Vail
1 2 3 4 5
Arrived back at the car at 11 PM to a dead battery (my fault, I left a dome light on for a week) Staff were kind, knowledgeable, courteous and best of all fully prepared for such a situation, getting us into the vehicle charged up and on the road in under 30 min. Standing in the cold and dark after a long flight with no idea even how to get the emergency key out of the fob I was truly thankful for such great service.
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