Economy Parking - Los Angeles International Airport

Economy Parking - Los Angeles International Airport

$30.00 / day
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0.1 miles from LAX
1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA, US



Economy Lot Parking at LAX

Economy Lot parking at Los Angeles International Airport is a convenient option for travelers who are looking to avoid expensive parking rates at the airport. With this option, travelers can park their vehicles for as low as $30.00 per day.

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA, US
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Google Reviews

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Robert Herrera
1 2 3 4 5
Very busy airport. But absolutely beautiful. Since the new renovation has taken place. Updated inside. Beautiful architectural design. Comfortable seating. Plenty of options to eat and make final purchases before flying out.
Sainandan Kaipu
1 2 3 4 5
Wonderful airport, one of the busiest airports. Decent with amenities and food options. Parking is right next to the departure and arrival gates. Convenient to park and walk to the gates. Lot of entry points for the parking right next each major airline entry/exit. Only problem is during peak hours it becomes too crowded and creates traffic, delay.

Interior of the airport at the departure and arrival terminals need a retouch to look new. Need more artistic view and colors to look attractive. Toilets are clean, dining area was good, not too far from security check to the actual gates and the seats near gates are good. Food court options need to be increased which includes major restaurants.

In short it’s a nice airport and has lot of scope for new things to be added.
WenKang “wenkang” Chin
1 2 3 4 5
LAX is cool. Lounge is equipped with shower suites which is really my favourite. Nicely maintained and clean! Waited a little while but totally worth it. Nothing beats fresh and clean feel before boarding a long hour flight.

Roof top is awesome too!
Lindsey Itamoto
1 2 3 4 5
Clean airport, well maintained. Good options for food and shopping in terminal. Airport staff is consistently helpful.

For arrivals:

-plan on a 10-15 minute walk from your gate to ground transportation-baggage claim.

-there is airport-airline staff along the way to guide you

-Often the escalators are not working so plan on having to "walk" the whole way yourself

-If you are picking up a rental car, the shuttle pick up area was moved to 4F. So after reaching baggage claim, keep walking past B

The signage is not very obvious or clear at all, I had to inquire with 2 different people

For departures:

-there is traffic at all times of the day so best to go early for whoever is dropping you off, etc

-make sure you know which terminal you are needing to check in at. There are 6 different terminals and there aren't a very close walk from each other

-plan on a 10-15 minute walk from ticketing to your gate
Darlene D
1 2 3 4 5
Airports in general give me a bit of anxiety and they can be very overwhelming. There's people all over, there's traffic, there's different terminals, gates, and securities etc. LAX is a huge airport and one can get lost in the mayhem especially if you're not a frequent flier.

Luckily, for me, I fly often and I'm aware of what to do and where to go. I’ve been very fortunate to have had really good experiences at LAX even with it being so humongous. I feel that LAX is very organized when it comes to labeling where the airlines are located and which terminals they’re in, where the gates are

, where security is, where you check in, etc. I feel like all of that is very organized and has very well signage throughout.

My only issue is traffic but obviously that’s some thing that is what it is, nothing we can really control. Specifically in LA, traffic is cray cray! I definitely recommend giving yourself plenty of time if you’re not used to LA traffic or big airports so you’re not stressing out. Even though that’s easier said than done, traveling in general can be a bit crazy at times.

Safe Travels Everyone!
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