Custom Hotel

Custom Hotel

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1.2 miles from LAX
8639 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, US



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8639 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, US
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Custom Hotel
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8639 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, US


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Misbah A
1 2 3 4 5
Last week we had booking there when we reached at the hotel first we couldn’t find the hotel gate. There is big construction going on so they put the access from the back door. They should mention ahead of time or give some discount. We were very upset no parking they charge an extra $30 if you want valet park which is ridiculous. Elevator was all broken. Reception staff was very helpful. Other than that was good. They just need to heads up for the construction.
Kayla Honest
1 2 3 4 5
Terrible customer service. I only gave 2 stars because the valet attendant was amazing. However checking in or lack there of was terrible along with the after math. This hotel does not offer any type of good customer service in my opinion. I have a reservation that’s fully paid for except for the $50 security deposit. Upon entering the hotel I explained to the manager that the airline lost my checked bag with my check book in it,

which has the card I booked with in it. However here is my drivers license I can show you my credit card with the same numbers on my app. If that’s not good enough I’ll give you a $200-$500 cash security deposit. I mean it’s 1:30 am I fly out back out at 7 am.

His response is sorry can’t check you I’m not gonna give you a refund. I ask him to call a manager because I’m sure if you explain the situation he will probably make it work. His Word’s verbatim....nope come back tomorrow. Didn’t I just tell you I fly out at 7am. 😡 and they have the nerve to charge me $35 for valet parking. Where has the customer service gone. From now on I’ll stick with my diamond status at Hilton Honors. Custom Hotel
Dusty Stripe
1 2 3 4 5
DO NOT STAY HERE! The pictures they post are NOT accurate. This is such a scam. A guy in the alley behind the hotel saw us wandering around looking for the entrance and pointed to a service door in the alley. This was the "front door". Then you walk through a tarp hallway to a desk. Once you check-in you are sent down a hallway with more tarps and caution tape. You see the front door finally, as it's propped open, fenced off from the outside, and used for construction storage and carpet rolls. Then you make it to the elevators that are nothing short of a horror film. One actually opens and closes repeatedly, without ever going anywhere, while an alarm harshly beeps. The room was at the end of a dark hall with wrinkled carpet, the door was ajar and DID NOT LOCK! We did not stay! There is not a pool or restaurant here. It is all under heavy construction. Only parking available is a grocery store lot with posted tow-away signs everywhere and the hotel's "valet" parking. The hotel would not tell me where the "valet" lot was and where my car would be parked for $45.
Brandi White
1 2 3 4 5
Besides being under some slight renovations. This place Had been absolutely awesome. The breakfast Saturday morning was delicious and the staff was so friendly. Jason at the front desk check is incredibly polite. He makes you feel very welcome. All the parking staff were very accommodating as well as I had a unique request for my vehicle. The room I stayed in was so clean. The area is fantastic. I would 100% recommend staying here!

Brandi White

Winnipeg, Manitoba CA
Bree Oberdorf
1 2 3 4 5
Definitely a place for the younger generation. You get a mini fridge with gummies and energy drinks. We were traveling with a child and found this place to definitely not be worth the price. Very expensive for a musty smelling room. The bed was comfortable and the bathroom was nice. However they are doing construction all over the place. The entrance is practically hidden and the front desk was a mess. Doors falling off in the masking taped hallway to the dirty elevators to the rooms. When we were leaving there was a bloody tissue on the ground! You get a comfy bed and a nice breakfast if you pay for it however the pricing for what you get is way too much in my opinion. Paid for the rise and dine breakfast option and they forgot to give me apparently the voucher we needed to claim our meals. The room we had we could hear other guests and the room smelled very strange. Definitely wont be staying again next time we travel. Look for a hotel worth your dollar.
Ben Hilton
1 2 3 4 5
Very modern rooms, newly renovated. However there is quite a bit of construction going on throughout the hotel, pool is not yet open and there is a $35 valet fee for parking, no parking lot. The hotel did inform me of several areas where we could street park but this is very limited. Overall we had a good stay, very comfortable beds. Also had complimentary snacks/beverages. I'd stay here again
Tyler Jordan
1 2 3 4 5
Currently under construction and renovation, so it's still a bit wanting visually. But you can tell by the carpet on the upper floors and the layout of the rooms that it will be worth the effort when its all said and done. Parking definitely leaves a lot to be desired if you're not up for the $35/night valet charge, but if you're up for the walk, street parking is available around the corner and up the block. It's a hassle when it rains though...and you can't park in the structure behind the hotel because it's owned by Ralph's grocery 🙄. The rooms were very nice though, very clean and welcoming!
Orest Frangopol
1 2 3 4 5
Rooms are remodeled and are ok.

Hallways still work in progress.

Only valet parking at $35/ night + tax + tip.

Front desk person not very cooperative with our issue.
Loan Laux
1 2 3 4 5
We stayed for about a week in early January.

The hotel is still in construction. They don't have much of a lobby and the bar/breakfast area looks quite temporary too. I was expecting that given the reviews and the low price (for Los Angeles at least) of $90/night via HotelTonight, so it wasn't an issue. They're expecting the new lobby to be ready in March 2020, so many of the current inconveniences hopefully won't be a thing anymore then.

While the construction wasn't a problem as we were expecting it, we did encounter a few issues which we weren't very happy about.

One night, a water pipe burst on the 4th floor and they had people fix it at 2AM. We were woken up by sawing noises in the middle of the night — not cool. After calling the front desk, the receptionist offered to comp our valet charge ($35/night), which was a nice gesture. He also offered us free breakfast for the following morning, but there was no buffet when we showed up at 10-something... Strange. Anyways, the issue was handled the right way, but we would've preferred good, uninterrupted sleep instead.

The night following the bursting of the pipe, we didn't have hot water in the room. Thinking it was a temporary thing, we waited for the next morning. Same thing. I called the front desk, they sent a tech to the room, who literally turned the shower on and agreed that it was cold. He said he'd be back. We waited, but nothing happened for a while. I ended up cancelling the maintenance request as it was taking forever. I braced myself for a cold shower and we went out as too much time was already wasted with this. When we got back in the evening, however, the water was hot again.

Regarding the water incident, the front desk offered to... comp our valet charges again. Seems like their night staff isn't really speaking with their day staff. When I explained that this had already been done, the receptionist said they couldn't offer anything else as a compensation. Not cool. It might be cheap for LA, but it was still $90/night, and a cheap Motel6 would've assured a hot shower and good sleep for half the price (albeit not as Instagram-worthy in the room).

Speaking of the rooms, they're nice looking and bright. The bed isn't super comfortable as they have this weird padding on top of the mattress. It just floats around and feels strange. The blanket is quite thin too, which I'm not a fan of. The AC makes the noise of an A380 taking off — a good fit being so close to the airport, but frankly annoying to find any sleep. We ended up turning it off. It would be another story in the summer, however.

They don't have a water boiler or a coffee machine in the rooms, which would be really appreciated. Also, no water bottles in the room, but you can request them for free from the front desk. They do however have a cloth steamer, which is the best thing on Earth to have in a hotel room.

While the front desk is generally helpful and friendly, it's a shame that they don't have a separate number for housekeeping. They have only two people working there, and I frankly feel bad for them having to handle all the check-ins, check-outs, front desk stuff AND housekeeping-related requests at the same time.

At some point, I felt like we were bothering them, which I can understand but we didn't really have a choice. So yeah, they should really have a housekeeping phone line just like every other hotel.

All around, I'd say it's an average hotel. The construction makes it a meh choice right now, but that's temporary and it's compensated by it being quite cheap on HotelTonight. Our issues were due to accidents that were pretty much out of their control, but their response could've been better. Also, while their valet guys are doing a great job, they're the only option for parking. There's no self-parking, either for a fee or for free. And at $35/night, it's something to keep in mind.

A good choice if you're really budget conscious. Otherwise, I'd say go elsewhere.
Arthur Yeung
1 2 3 4 5
Horrible experience. I’ve joined a tour and the hotel director said we were upgraded to the “Deluxe” grade. However, I was shocked when I arrived at the lobby. It was completely a mess. The lifts were old and scraped. The blind wasn’t working when I checked in the room. I called the CS and the worker came. He then fixed it for at least 20 minutes. The bed sheet was contaminated and the apparatuses were inadequate. There were no sofa and no water boiler.
eugene K
1 2 3 4 5

I rented a room at this hotel in the late December 2019, when I first arrived I quickly realized is they DO NOT have an parking lot for either free parking or paid self parking and if you want to park the vehicle on the property you have to spend an additional 35 dollars for valet parking. While I was staying there, The hotel was still under construction and the whole hallway including the elevators were covered by an uneven plywood that wiggled under my feet as I walked on it. When I got to my room, I quickly realized that the shower glass only partially covered the walk in shower and water splashed everywhere that was still open to the rest of the bathroom. As I walked in the room I realized that my room felt like a sauna and was at 85*. I tried to turn on the AC but it kept blowing hot air. I left the room to go eat dinner, and advised the hotel front desk of the AC issue, and they told me they would fix it. I came back from dinner approximately 2 hours later and the room was still at 85*. At this point I had to advise the front desk staff of the issue and they offered me a fan to blow the hot air around the room. I advised the staff that the room felt like a sauna, and they stated that all of the rooms were hot but offered another room with no working AC. I explained to them that I can't sleep when it's hot, and asked them to give me a partial refund due to me needing to go to another hotel with working AC. The night manager advised me that he could not authorize partial refunds and provided me with a business card to the general manager. I left a voicemail to the General Manager who has not returned my call despite it being 4 weeks now. SO JUST AS A HEADS UP, TO ANYONE THINKING ABOUT STAYING, DO NOT, SPEND YOUR MONEY ON ANOTHER HOTEL.Show less
Alessandro Maine
1 2 3 4 5
Great hotel. 24 hour reception, very close to the airport, and extremely kind personnel. Valet parking available. If I ever cross the world from Italy to LA I will surely come back!
Dietmar Lingner
1 2 3 4 5
There was a misunderstanding on my part. I would like to apologize that and therefore I want to fairly correct my rating.

The hotel has been coming over the years, but they make extensive renovations.

We had clean and renovated rooms.

Despite the near to the airport, there was no aircraft noise in the room.

The staff always tries and respond very quickly.

Many thanks!!
Armelle Karimi
1 2 3 4 5
The hotel is under construction, you have to enter the hotel through a small dirty corridor to get to a makeshift reception desk, then you have to go through a maze of filthy construction areas to get to the elevator to go to your room. We got the suite, first one the heater did not work so they changed our room. And the construction workers start making noise at 7am. There is what they call a restaurant at the bottom that serves greasy cantine food, but the best part is the breakfast where you have to go to a restaurant outside the hotel where the food is absolutely terrible, overcooked pancakes and eggs Bacon and sausages a very goos choice for health conscious eater and they only have some low quality coffee with half and half or whole milk for drinks. You only have the option to seat outside in another very filthy area even in December when it is cold and raining and to top it all the waiter is obnoxious. This place should have never been opened during construction.
Jason H
1 2 3 4 5
I’ve stayed at The Custom hotel quite a few times since it opened and it has sure fallen a long way. It used to be a solid yet contemporary boutique close to the airport. In fact I even ran an event there in the early days when the pool and bar were lively.

These days the hotel feels more ghetto than cool and is in obvious disrepair from the flaking wallpaper to missing lights and fittings.

The room itself had a weird odour and the carpets and blinds were old and stained. I even found some dirty underwear in one of the cupboards.

The best part of the stay was the airport shuttle.
Khoua Eh Lee
1 2 3 4 5
We stayed here for one night. Wished we stayed here longer for our LA trip! $35 valet per night is NOT bad, especially since you can drive in and out whenever you'd like to, it beats trying to find parking else where. As of Nov 17, 2019, the building was still in construction. The employees were VERY nice and very helpful. It was very easy to find where we needed to go inside the building. Our room was clean, tidy and looked very modern. The bathroom was super clean and everything worked as it should. Our one bed was excellent! We had a great night. No bugs, no annoying little things. I would suggest staying here if you're in LA. Its VERY close to beaches and LAX is literally a 10 min drive.
Michael Hilliard
1 2 3 4 5
Very good airport option at the right price point.

My bed was super comfortable, great sheets, nice in-room styling, and a free shuttle to the airport (only every 45 min, but still).

Also, there is a Ralph’s and a Starbucks right next door.

The lobby and downstairs was under construction but that did not bother me.

Photos are from my window, and the (small) window opens.

Would stay here again.
1 2 3 4 5
Custom Hotel provides a unique setting while in Los Angeles. It also features a free shuttle service, a swimming pool and an outdoor pool.

Guests can enjoy the sun on the terrace or have a beverage at the bar. Those staying at the property have access to express check-in/check-out, 24-hour reception and a meeting room. It also has a gym with a swimming pool and a sun deck.

The rooms at the hotel feature panoramic city and ocean views. They provide a mini bar, a refrigerator and movies-on-demand.

Custom Hotel features a convenient café, ideal for those who want a snack without leaving the property.

Custom Hotel is located in the popular tourist hub of Westside. Los Angeles International Airport is under a 10-minute drive from the hotel.
CC Chu
1 2 3 4 5
A nice stay because of the flight delay. It is clean, I can smell the fresh paint. It is comfortable, it is okay. It is a solid 2 to 3 star hotel. The only thing is it is quite a distance from the airport. They don't have shuttle after 2 am. I need to uber
1 2 3 4 5
We recently booked a room at the Custom Hotel prior to flying out of LAX. The moment we drove into the parking lot we were informed there was a required $35.00 per night valet parking (web site states parking available). The breakfast buffet which was free at every other hotel we stayed at all week was $13.95 per person (web site states breakfast available). Once beyond the main lobby the place is dated, only 2 of 3 elevators were working. The halls are painted dark grey. The rooms are small and resemble a college dorm room. No desk to set up a laptop computer. The faucet on the bathroom sink did not work properly, was worn out. The staff however were extremely nice and helpful. 5 stars for the staff, 2 stars for the building and 1 star for price gouging with the mandatory valet parking and fee for breakfast.
Makoto Doi
1 2 3 4 5
We just came back from Arizona after a long drive and stayed there for the night. A receptionist said that the checkout was 12 pm so we thought we could sleep well, but we couldn’t stay asleep because we heard intolerable noises above us. The receptionist did not disclose about the construction that would go on starting from early morning. We were interrupted by drilling, stomping, and hammering noises.

When we checked out, we complained to the receptionist about the noises. He then told us that there’s construction from 9 am, but we remember that the noises started as early as 8:30, maybe even earlier. He gave us the manager business card for us to get some compensation. We called over ten times for the past three days and even left a voice message, but there’s no response.

Which hotel in their right mind would do that?

⚠️Be alert, $35 overnight parking fee is not contained to the roughly $150 hotel’s accommodation fee.

Smidty Schripsema
1 2 3 4 5
LUCKILY we were on the remodeled floor. VERY friendly staff Good location. Parking is $38. They say self parking BUT its find a spot on the street🙄
teresia torndahl
1 2 3 4 5
A good location for one night, coming in and out from LAX. Hotel van. We had a walk down to the beach, not close but absolutely do-able.

The hotel has seen its glory days, but staff friendly and has everything you need for a short stay. We slept good even if our AC was very noisy.
Brave_K JandC
1 2 3 4 5
We were in California for 11 days and stayed in 6 different hotels. I thought I’d pay a bit extra on our last day for nice hotel close to the airport. Unfortunately this hotel was not only the most I paid for a night stay but it as also the worst. The lobby matches the nice pictures on their profile but the elevators, hallways and our room was very run down. The sink faucet sprayed water in different directions, if you turn on more water flow it made a huge vibration sound. Lighting was very poor in the room and washroom. The toilet was hard to flush and the room was noisy (poor windows?). There were paint chips and worn down walls. Small room lack of furniture. I very much regret booking this hotel.
Wendy A
1 2 3 4 5
The location of the hotel was great from the LA airport. It would have been nice to have complimentary coffee in the lobby for guests. Never known a hotel that did not have that. The elevator broke on our last day there and the staff was grumpy and short during our check out. As we understand equipment fails it does not mean you take that out on your guests during check out. The hotel is old and dated and the extra cost adds up from continental breakfast, to parking your car overnight.
Aimee Jensen
1 2 3 4 5
The staff was amazing.

I was chaperoning a school trip trying to get back to Phoenix, Arizona from Japan, when American Airlines stranded us in LA with 33 people (most of them minors.) The people at the hotel were incredible. The airline just gave us a voucher and shuttled us over. I walked in unannounced at 6:30 pm with my huge group and they bent over backwards to accommodate us. They let us take over the lobby to feed the kids dinner and breakfast, and they arranged to bring extra shuttles in early to ensure we could all make it to the airport in time for our flights the next morning. They even waived the room deposits because of the circumstances.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. The building was cute and clean, and the staff was the best. If I could give them more than five stars I would.
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