Zezgo Orlando

Zezgo Orlando

$4.50 / day
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3.6 miles from MCO
7466 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando, FL, US


7466 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando, FL, US
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Zezgo Orlando
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7466 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando, FL, US


  • 24 hour security
  • Drop-off your keys
  • Covered parking
  • Valet Parking
  • Luggage Assistance
  • Free shuttles to Terminal

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Nancy P
1 2 3 4 5
READ REVIEWS FIRST!! Awful experience. Basically, same as others on here--long wait time for shuttle at airport, charged insurance when covered fully plus using VISA, no way out of being charged for tolls--cannot pay on your own or use your own pass, and charged for supposed damages AFTER returning the car and all parties signed off no damages. SHOULD HAVE READ REVIEWS FIRST.
BreeAnna Pedersen
1 2 3 4 5
Absolutely terrible service. First, our pick up time was for 6:00 at the airport. We sat for over an hour. We would have been fine with this if others were waiting even 5 minutes for their shuttles, but nope. Everyone came and went fast, while we waited.

Second, we noticed our deposit was for $2,000...as we were in the shuttle to Zezgo. Yea, $2,000??? This was actually our fault that we didn’t catch that earlier. But still, I’m not sure how they can expect anyone to front that money.

Third, we got there and literally every single worker had an attitude, especially the two girls working the front desk. They were insanely rude and extremely unhelpful.

Forth, they told us we would have to purchase their insurance even though we already purchase insurance through Kayak???? Couldn’t really even give us a reason why.

Pretty much, if you’re thinking about using this company, DON’T. I hope anyone trying to book a car through them reads reviews before they’re in the shuttle from the airport, like us, and you save yourself the $50 non refundable deposit like us, and the long unnecessary hassle.
Karen Howard
1 2 3 4 5
When we arrived to pick up the car we were told they I did not have any cars available. We had the option to wait 2-3 hours for a car to arrive or pay $375.00 more and he could call a friend to see if he had any cars available. We decided we had no other choose but to wait. We had to sit on a curb outside as the rental place was small with no chairs. We sat for almost three hours with two kids outside in the heat on a curb without them even offering us at least water. Then when the car arrived I was told my insurance did not have loss of service on the policy for the rental car. I had to pay an additional $60. I called my insurance the next day and they said that was not something they even offer on rental cars and it was a scam. There were also three other customers waiting as they were also told they had no cars for them either. They did have cars in the lot but refused to upgrade any of us. Don’t waste your time!
Ivy Beltrandi
1 2 3 4 5
The absolute worst experience I have had with a business. I am a single mom and was traveling alone with my young daughters and was completely taken advantage of. I got a flat tire on the second day of our trip, a police officer was nice enough to change for me, I called the zezgo to let them know and they assured me that I would be fine with the spare for the remainder of my trip. Upon returning the car, while my daughters were waiting in the shuttle to get to the airport, the representative asked me to come inside. He informed me I would have to leave a charge of $500 as they didn’t have time to check the condition of the tire. I hesitantly agreed because I was afraid to miss my flight, he assured me it would be refunded and that it was protocol. Three weeks later I still haven’t been refunded my money and today was informed by the manager that they would not be returning any of my money because the tire was destroyed. Also I purchased their insurance for $270, but that didn’t cover the tire repair. I have consulted an attorney, although it is the last thing I wanted to do. But due to being discriminated against for being a single, trusting mom, I am left with no choice. The manager was rude and disrespectful to me, hanging up on me several times and even laughing at me a few times. DO NOT use this company. They are sketchy at best, not to mention a dirty, shady location.
Chelsea Biltz
1 2 3 4 5
If I could give them 0 stars I would. First of all, they rented me a POS car that was damaged and scratched up when I picked it up. Not a big deal - it was 'cheap', so I didn't expect a super nice car. Upon arrival, they told me that my insurance wasn't good enough, so I had to purchase their insurance. Also, not a big deal, even though my Capital One credit card & Hanover insurance usually are sufficient when I rent from other companies. I got a flat tire on vacation, and returned the vehicle with the spare on it. I called them to let them know that it would have the spare on it when I came in in the morning, because we had to be on the first shuttle to the airport at 8:05am. They took our things off of the shuttle because they needed to inspect the car, and I told them we HAD to get on this one or we would miss our flight. After he argues with me, he put our stuff back in. The guy tells me that I will have to pay $25 for the repair of the tire because I didn't purchase the tire insurance - which was NOT offered to me in the first place. They refused to give me an invoice copy & contract & they're telling me that I didn't purchase the insurance. TWO WEEKS LATER, I check my credit card statement ant they charged me $260 for damages. Total nightmare!
Kerry Goering
1 2 3 4 5
DO NOT RENT from here. Deposit is from $250 to $1000. Hidden fees, they will try and charge you liability and say you don’t have it so make sure you have your policy handy. Most states require liability. Also loss of use insurance. They shuttle you industrial area to a small run down office. Worst experience I’ve ever had. I stick with the major rental companies, you end up paying more or the same. The car was new and clean. Same problem with a customer picking up and the car they were given had dents and ran poorly, and the attendant told them it was normal and that’s the way small cars sound. They declined that car and waited fir them to clean the car I had. At least mine was new.
Danielle P
1 2 3 4 5
Hidden fees. They took $1000 on hold incase something happens to the car. Workers constantly taking off their mask or not wearing any at all. Terrible service. By the way they ask for toll payments. The office looks run down and unprofessional. The shuttle YOU have to call for and wait for 30 minutes after they tell you they will be there in 15 minutes. Don't let the low prices fool you, I rather pay a reasonable price and have great service with no hidden fees. I'm surprised they are still in business. They are very misleading. TERRIBLE!!!!
Doug Olave
1 2 3 4 5
Went to Zezgo tonight, we flew in from Las Vegas and it was late. They were so helpful and professional. They helped us overcome an issue so quickly. We loved our experience! We will use them again!!
Donald M
1 2 3 4 5
I booked through Expedia got a great deal, until you get to the rental center.

That's when you find out about the loss of use insurance at a cost of $70, then we have the optional $7 a day for toll use, per day.word to the wise there's a better value at pay less or any other major chain. Would not recommend!!
Teresa Tucker
1 2 3 4 5
The customer service is awful! They threatened to leave me at the airport when I called for a shuttle because it took so long to get my baggage. They called me 3 times in 10 minutes and they were very nasty to me. They don’t take debit card; credit only. They have a $1000 deposit when you use a credit card. When I realized they weren’t going to take my debit card, I asked to use my husbands credit card. They said no because the reservation was in my name and they refused to transfer the reservation to my husbands name or refund my money. I ended up taking an Uber to the hotel and rented a car there. I then had to have Travelocity fight to have my refund issued. Very shady! I would not recommend.
Jon Adcock
1 2 3 4 5
Hidden fees, bogus vehicle damage. Poor customer service. Buyers beware. Go to a reputable rental company, not someone who is trying to rip you off.
Jake Conradi
1 2 3 4 5
The worst customer service I’ve ever had, multiple hidden fees that they lied about, such as a $250 hold on our card that they said would fall off after 1 to 2 days, but after 4 days it was still on there and after calling and complaining to an extremely rude person they said it would be 7 to 10 more business days. The worst rental experience I’ve ever had, spend the extra $10 and book a car through a reputable company. I’ll make sure that I can get anyone I know who rents a car in Orlando or anywhere else will never use this company and will help spread the word to avoid them at all costs.
Anna Donets
1 2 3 4 5
Like others says it is a rip off, they charge you for everything even when you have your own car insurance! $500 deposit and $300 on the top of what you paid already. Worst car rental ever had to deal with. They do not deserve even one star.
Do'Monique Alston
1 2 3 4 5
Local renters capped 50 miles per day, $500 deposit plus rental amount on CC, and full coverage required. Good luck
Asia Kern
1 2 3 4 5
DO NOT GO HERE. Waste of time. They said we needed to give them a 500$ deposit which was not stated before. They said that we didn’t need a credit card but when we got they apparently we did. Woman in front of us had insurance problems which they did not inform her about. It’s a scam don’t waste your time.
Edith “Jay” Rojas
1 2 3 4 5
Honestly it’s a scam. It seems cheap but they’re expensive. They don’t take your own personal insurance. Not only that they try and tell you that you need the sun pass( which is 50 to active and $13 every day after), but you don’t. They also tell you that if you use your own sun pass they’re going to charge you an additional $25 per toll (even though you purchased your own sun pass). Honestly try any other car rental place.
Pauline Lefranc
1 2 3 4 5
This place is a scam big time! DO NOT BOOK HERE! They deny your insurance if you don’t have $500k in insurance. That’s right $500k. No one has that kind of amount covered! All they want is to charge you their own insurance for minimum $39 a day! Other brands are at $11 a day for insurance and I just looked!
Linda Flores
1 2 3 4 5
Stay away!!!! Plenary of other places to rent. Charged me $250 to clean a stain of gum my child left on floor. On top of that They charged me $350 for a compact car. Again stay away and rent from a reputable car rental Business. You will be charged for hidden fees.
Toni Hinson
1 2 3 4 5

What look like a good deal is definitely not. I have always traveled for years with my own SunPass, it saves hassle and money when renting cars throughout Florida. They charged me $250 for using my own toll pass! We were 6 minutes outside of our grace period and they charged us another $45 for being late. I asked to then keep the car for another hour since I was being charged anyway, they said no you are here, it is checked in. Then when dropping us at the airport he purposely dropped us furthest from our gate as possible. Never trust a good deal.
Linda Flores
1 2 3 4 5
Stay away!!!! Plenary of other places to rent. Charge me $250 to clean a stain of gum my child left on floor. On top of that charged me $350 for a compact car. Again stay away and rent from a reputable car rental

Business. That will over charge
Lighting Jobs
1 2 3 4 5
Stay far far away from this company! Their rates are gimmicks. You will be very surprised to see that there are many additional charges. Of course your credit card insurance or personal insurance will not meet their insurance requirements and they will make you purchase additional insurance coverage which of course they make money on. Next they will try and tell you that you have to buy their sunpass for $13 a day or get fined $25 every time you use a toll road. Apparently "all roads leaving their facility are toll roads." Guess what? That's a lie! You don't need to take toll roads to leave. How about you don't lie to customers?????
Pam Poust
1 2 3 4 5
DO NOT DO IT ! SHADY ... and that's an understatement! I'm the QUEEN of cheap car rentals, and I couldn't even stomach this one.

It pains me to click a single star. I promise you that if you are reading a positive review about this company, it is a fake.

Things that happened to me at Zezgo in Sept 2020 that I COULD HAVE dealt with to get a cheap rental:

1. Waited almost an hour at the airport for the shuttle.

2. Shuttle ride was longer than most offsite rentals.

3. Shuttle driver was also the ONLY employee in the office who then had to process the rental.

4. Extremely high pressure pitch to purchase tolls package and extra insurance, including not-so-veiled threats of exorbitant fees if I accidentally encountered a toll road or returned the car with less gas than I started with.

5. A $1,000 deposit charged to my credit card for damages. (I've paid this before, although ONLY in third-world countries.)

All of that - I would have dealt with.

And here's where I decided to draw the line:

1. The man behind the counter swiped my credit card once for $1000, said it was declined. I gave him a different card, he repeated the process. Said it was declined as well. Swiped it again, and said it went through.

2. After returning my credit card to me, he said he needed it again, at which time, he scanned both sides of my card with some other device, I assume taking a picture of both sides of my credit card. I objected and said he can’t do that, but he proceeded anyway. At this point, I’m super angry, but I just wanted to get my car and go so I could freeze the credit card and report it stolen.

3. Now he is ready to take me to my rental car. It is parked right out front, and it is the only car in the lot. It literally looks like his personal vehicle .. disgustingly dirty inside and out and smells like smoke and bad food. The seats look like they had been sitting outside in the weather for weeks and then put back into the car.

I immediately said I would not in a million years use this car for a week and that I need a different car. He told me that this was the ONLY car. I demanded he cancel my reservation, refund my deposit and drive me back to the airport.

4. We went back inside and he was clearly angry so he ripped off his face mask and got on the computer to process the refund. He refunded $1000 and handed me a receipt. I said I needed proof that I canceled the rental, but he refused to give me anything else. He said I would have to handle it through Expedia.

5. I checked my credit card balance online and, needless to say, it showed that he had charged me TWICE for the $1000 deposit, but only refunded it ONCE! I told him this and he denied it. By now I just demanded to be driven back to the airport.

Lesson learned the hard way. I got in line for an Alamo rental and I was behind the wheel of a nice, new, extremely clean rental within 40 minutes.

I paid $280 at Alamo vs $74, and it was worth every single penny. Save yourself time and drama .. stay away from this disaster.
Victoria Jacobs
1 2 3 4 5
These people are shady as hell. Don't go here. No exaggeration. Listen to the reviews.
1 2 3 4 5
Zero stars!!!! Negative ⭐️

Do yourself a favor

Don’t walk ....run from this rental company

You will have to purchase their insurance and it is a trap

And please check your cars I had to check my car during the rain it was wet

Checking my car in they found 2 dings from before but because the car was wet it didn’t show and today nice sunny day damaged to the tune of 395$

On top of a 327$ car rental that was pre charged. Of 108$

Going to contact Better business because because this is nothing more than unethical business practice and what you reading on these reviews are true and not embellished

They are truly a rip off

Shame on this rental company!

Run run run as fast as you can

If you see any positive reviews please know that it’s all lies this company is HORRIBLE!!!!!!! And the Negatives are TRUE!!!! You have been warned I wished I was!!!
Jason England
1 2 3 4 5
Most Dishonest and deceitful company I have ever delt with. Fraudulent charges to my credit card. Booked through Expedia, they should be ashamed of themselves for dealing with a low life operation like Zezgo. and Franco Carri, Never again. Shame on you Expedia
Meli D
1 2 3 4 5
I rented a car from Zezgo near MCO last weekend. I was hesitant due to the reviews but I had a great experience with this company. I rented a really cute Mitsubishi Mirage that was great on gas. I had no issues with pick-up or return.
Cathy Juarez
1 2 3 4 5
I went through orbits and this was the cheapest and partly my fault because I didn’t go to the company page a read the ratings or terms and agreements I’ve rented a number of cars and never had an issue but when we got there we called the number like they booking paper said realized it was not at the airport like I thought but they did pick us up and when we got to the office they wanted us to get the sunpass package and told us if we refused we can’t go through tolls at all and if we did we will be charged cost of toll plus $25 I also have insurance that covers rental have always used it when renting and usually put a $250 deposit and they said if I didn’t get the insurance through them the deposit would be $1000 so I ended up paying over $100 extra for the insurance after paying for the car. He got the key and walked out with us wrote down gas and left when we got in the car was stained and and sensors kept going off saying tire maintenance needed and when we were on the way to Disney the next day on the passenger side door handle came off when my husband opened the door it rained while driving back to the hotel and another sensor came on looked like a crash icon saying a sensor was missing or undetectable. After the trip we returned the vehicle and it was a different person she was Inspecting the vehicle Closer then I’ve seen at any car company and questioned me about a scratch she said she saw. After I told her I’m not sure what she was talking about she dropped it but after reading some of the comments I’m wondering if I’ll get my deposit back. I regret just going for the cheapest car on orbitz should have just went with A company I’ve been with before. When we were there both times picking up and dropping off each customer seemed to have some issue with them either about the deposit or the tolls so I don’t feel like it was only me.
Raed Abdul Khalek
1 2 3 4 5
The WORST rental company I had the chance to deal with! I rented a car for a week, and didn't take the toll option for Sunpass for an extra $25 charge. I drove the car 2 times, first from the rental office to my house, then from the house back to the office, and I am 100% sure there are no tolls on that road. They charged me for a toll and penalty, it's been 5 months I'm calling them, every few weeks, to either provide a toll photo or letter about the charge, or to return back the money, still nothing! It's not about the money, I just wanted to get to the bottom of it. They're giving me the excuse that sunpass company was closed due to Covid and they can't reach them, I called sunpass today, they said they've been open all this time!

Do NOT rent from them, they WILL charge you extra for something, their reviews speak for themselves.
1 2 3 4 5
I was hesitant to rent from this place due to the reviews. To my surprize, my experience was totally contrary to many reviews. I had no additional charges, the car was clean, staff was very professional, they accepted my insurance which covers car rental and billed only for the agreed fee. My only issue was they did but a $2000 hold on my charge card. When I checked my card, there was no charges other than the rental fee. I asked the manager what was up with all the negative reviews, she said, "People come here trying to change what they agreed upon." I already had a Sun Pass from previous Florida trips, so I used it with no issues.
Thelma Wells
1 2 3 4 5
Car was dirty windows were nasty inside. Stains on the seats. Had one person doing the airport pick-up and the car rental check out. Wasnt given a choice to pay my own tolls had to purchase their stuff which is 10x the price I would have had to pay in cash. Then was advised they had to do a $500 hold on my credit card. None of this was advised before hand. We waited at the airport for a long time before we were picked up. So lesson learned for sure. Also they don’t want to take your Apple credit card because there are no numbers on it.
Billy Brown
1 2 3 4 5
Worst experience with a rental car company PERIOD!

Booked through the Expedia app and paid $60 bucks and that was just for the car. Took the shuttle from the airport to their location and had to pay another $500 for a deposit and $80+ for sunpass and insurance through them with a debit card, and to top it all off, the car gets hit on the rear passenger door while parked in the lot while my wife and I were sleeping after not even having the car for 24 hours. So we ended up paying upwards of $700 for a rental car for not even 2 days in Orlando. We will NEVER book through this company again!
Ted Dunnavan
1 2 3 4 5
Booked through AARP. Arrived at airport and waited 35 minutes for transportation. When we arrived at the office we waited for about another 30 minutes to be helped because the other two customers seemed to have trouble with their rental pickup. We were finally confronted by a rude girl who said she needed $1000.00 deposit held on my credit card. I also bought a full coverage insurance policy through AARP when booking, I still had to show them my declaration page from my personal car insurance. Tried to charge me $58.00 for road side assistance and additional insurance for loss of use, then $7.00 a day for transponder plus tolls. When I questioned why I cant go through the cash lane the girl lied and said the cash lanes are closed because of Covid19, I reluctantly paid another 49.00. I found that to be a lie at our first toll crossing, cash lanes was indeed opened with an attendant present.

Also when we finally got in the vehicle after check in, we found the engine light and tire pressure light was on, not to mention the van needed an alignment. The key fob stopped working halfway through our vacation. I will post photos of their policy that is not on the website to my knowledge, I found a copy posted on display at the front desk. This may be helpful should you not heed this review!

Upon return, we were meet by a man who was very helpful in our return. That was the only pleasant encounter we had. Tipped him $20.00 on our return to the airport.
Jasmine Smith
1 2 3 4 5
I purchased a rental through Expedia. I also bought collision insurance for the vehicle online. When my flight landed I had to wait outside with my children for a half hr. Once we arrived to the car rental office the workers said I needed to purchase more insurance and A $1,000 deposit. I was not willing to leave a $1,000 Deposit so I asked for them to return my children and I to the airport. I ended up renting a car from Alamo at the airport for $210 total. This rental place is a scam and only care about money
Angela Jones
1 2 3 4 5
Listen to the bad reviews. It's all true. I had a reservation booked through and paid in advance via expedia. I have full insurance and have never had to pay for insurance through a rental car company. Not this time. They refused to give me the car until I paid $90 for something called "loss of use". Supposedly if I wreck the car, I have to pay for the time the car is in the shop and unavailable to them to rent out. I said, sure. I'll do that if I wreck your car. But no. I have to pay regardless before I get the car. And it's nonrefundable (I didn't wreck their car so they obviously banked on that one). None of this was mentioned in advance. A total bait and switch. I will never return. Do yourself a favor and AVOID!
David Grunt
1 2 3 4 5
I traveled during the covid spread for work, most car rentals were closed and I ended up with zezgo. They gave me great service and car was sparkling clean which was one of my main concerns. Staff was using masks and gloves, anti bacterial was offered as courtesy. I have to say I felt very safe and pleased on how they were handling during these times.
Skinny Logan
1 2 3 4 5
I wish that I could give this place no stars. Zezgo is the worst rental car agency in the industry hands down. Upon arrival the lady at the front desk was beyond rude and unfriendly. I was forced to get insurance (after providing proof that I have insurance) and a toll pass. I was told that the toll pass was already in the car so I had no choice but to pay for it even if I had no use for it. Even the vehicle I was given sounded as if the engine components were grinding together. I was also lied to and told that there was no manager or anyone else that I could speak to about these issues. The overall customer service, fees, inconvenient location and vehicle quality led me to leave this review. I’m in Orlando at least 4 times a year but I’ll never recommend or rent from this place again.
Sunny G
1 2 3 4 5
I had a great experience with this car rental. !! Great car and great service. Not in the airport but they do pick you up. Thanks Andrea (she’s hot ) 🔥
Jesse Teague
1 2 3 4 5
Be careful they will overcharge you be there are cheap
Debra Burns
1 2 3 4 5
Communication is very poor. We prebooked a car but were told to sign papers my husband thought were to say we didnt need the insurance as we already have full coverage. I called and talked to multiple people and was told to email as I did, twice and still have not gotten any kind of response. They dont care about anything once they get your money. If I could give zero stars I would.
Teresa Anderton
1 2 3 4 5
The office was not at the airport. It was about a 20 minute drive and you have to wait for the driver.

The office was dirty and the bathroom out of order.

I’m still waiting for my refund after 7 days since I returned the vehicle. Don’t forget the sun pass charge of $70 that we were surprised with. We only used sunpass to get to and from the office which as I stated, was not at the airport. Don’t use this company!
Jennifer Anderson
1 2 3 4 5
Great prices & great service!

From start to finish, Zezgo was friendly, attentive and straightforward on the pricing. We had a great time in the Lambo. It was well maintained and they were able to show us how everything works so we weren't figuring it out on the go. I'd highly recommend them over other places I talked to.
Shane Quigley
1 2 3 4 5
Worst car rental company around. First we paid through Expedia and added insurance. when we got there we were required to add more insurance according to them so add another 120 dollars then they add sunpass 38 more dollars even though I declined. Best part was when we dropped the car off the damage claim. The damage is a small and I mean small chip in the windshield. Rep tried to tell me that it has to have to whole window replacement and it a hazard. Well sir I do DOT inspection daily and that is not even close to a hazard on a semi trucks but nice try. 100 dollars that all the insurance I purchased wont cover. Hmmmm sounds like a scame to me. Now trying to charge another 100 for a windshield they wont replace. I'm not stupid. I will be fighting all extra charges and will worn all to stay away from this scam company.
Jessica Smithers
1 2 3 4 5
The absolute worst rental car company I have ever been to. Had to cancel because Cisco, who was our “agent” was incredibly rude, incompetent and made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. After denying insurance, the toll tag and fuel (all incredibly overpriced and insurance doesn’t cover anything). Cisco has the audacity to film us getting in the car and take incredibly inappropriate pictures of my one year old son and husband. He said he was documenting us getting our vehicle. WHO DOES THIS?! Btw, another family was picking up the exact same thing and weren’t treated or documented like that at all. The woman, Sandy had to apologize for how unprofessional he was. This company isn’t even on the airport and to give us a beat up 2011 Camry? Book in the airport. This place is horrible and Cisco is a CREEP.
Rajesh Panthi
1 2 3 4 5
First thing to those people who are planning to rent car from this place, take these reviews pretty seriously and understand that these are not fake. Ignoring the bad reviews was my biggest mistake. This is a place where you are forced to pay way more than the rental cost. Examples: Toll fees, $9 per gallon if the tank was not Full while returning, Insurance Cost even if you have a full coverage on rental car, and biggest thing the Face and attitude of people at front desk.

I had a full coverage insurance on my vehicle. My insurance covers my rental car too. When I came to pickup my rental car at Zezgo, the lady on the front desk asked me to show the insurance which I did along with my ID. She looked into it and asked me to call the insurance so that she could talk to them to verify. I was standing right there, when I gave my phone with insurance agent online. She talked to the insurance agent and asked whether this covers collision, road-side assistance, etc, and answer was all Yes. And at the last she asked whether this insurance covers something I don't remember now. My insurance agent was confused with this unusual question, and agent said she was not sure. Then zezgo lady hanged up and charged me $25.68. This was such a disgusting and SCAM that I had to face ever. I was not new to Orlando and this was not the first time renting a car in Orlando. NONE of the places have charged me this way. This is totally unethical and rude. If you want to earn more money do some other Scam. Additionally, you cannot force me to charge for Toll. It's okay to tell me the possible fine but making angry face after I said I wouldn't need Toll coverage and I denied the coverage was totally unethical. You should stop fooling people. Even though I had paid online for the rental car, it took me more than 45 minutes.

Only good thing about this place is the driver of the shuttle to and from the airport. He was super nice to me.
SacredMounds .
1 2 3 4 5
DO NOT use this company!!!!! Absolutely biggest rip off!!!! You lose!!!! Instantly. Scam scam scam!!!!! Tell everyone no!!!!! I can’t say this enough! You get so many hidden changes!!!!!!! DO NOT Use this company!!!!
Glenda Negron
1 2 3 4 5
ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!! This place is a complete scam! Their customer service is degrading. Beware of their policies and rules. They are not helpful and will not honor any misunderstandings. The guy and the girl got into a one on one argument with my husband. This place is not near the airport. They are not a reputable car rental company. Please go elsewhere! Everyone that goes to them comes out with an exaggerated bill at the end. We witnessed a total of three people get into verbal disputes with them. They are hesitant at accepting debit or bank cards.They WILL FORCE YOU TO PURCHASE THEIR DAILY CAR INSURANCE! At the end of your vacation it will add up to a hefty bill. They do not accept your own car insurance like all other car rental agencies. Any other reviews where they add or type a high mark review must be employees or friends of the rude people that work there. Save yourself the aggravation and go with a real reputable car rental place elsewhere.
Melanie Guedez
1 2 3 4 5
As a Florida resident I'm used to renting cars all the time, I've found out during the years that all companies that have affordable rates have mileage restrictions for Fl residents but when doing the math even paying $10.99 extra per day for the unlimited package prices are still lower than big brand companies so I tried Zezgo and adding this total was around $21 per day which is much lower than airport pricing. Compared to other small companies this car was in much better condition and agents were polite. Give it a try, just have all your documents in order
Manuel Pita
1 2 3 4 5
Very deceitful company. They offer a cheap price for the car rental on line or thru different travel platforms, (that's the trick)(if you don't read the terms and conditions of the booking (like I didn't do it), when you get to the place to pick up your car (I paid when booking on Travelocity) if you are American or Canadian citizen, they ask you to show proof of insurance in the amount of $300 000 of coverage, or they force you to buy theirs (otherwise I couldn't get my car at 9.00pm and far from the airport after a long flight.) within a range of prices, they charged me $252 on top of my week rental of $109, but I read in other comments people were charged higher amounts than me.

They also push very hard for you to buy their sunpass service which is higher than average companies in the area, almost threatening you not to use any toll when you waive theirs,(very awfull practice).

I tried thru Travelocity to obtain a refund of the insurance coverage I was forced to buy, with no success, they said is in the terms and conditions of the booking with the company, but I have rented cars in many other occasions with very different companies and Never Ever was forced to buy extra insurance coverage, I was always covered under my insurance company and credit card policies.

Really believe is a very dishonest practice, and they were even giving another customer a different reason than mine, for them to buy it.

Also believe "Travelocity" should give customers a better advice when dealing with this company, (like read all the term and conditions, especially insurance coverage), otherwise I wouldn't rent with them at all.

The location is a little far from the airport too.

On the other hand I have to say the service was courteous and fast , the car was new and clean, and the Shuttle was efficient.

But was a very unpleasant experience for me and I will never rent with them again, NEVER!!!!!

Attached is 2 extracts from the terms and conditions for the public to be better informed when dealing with Zezgo Car Rental.
M Naderi
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This business has an "F" rating at the Orlando BBB. Unlike reputable national brands, this zezgo office requires that you carry their insurance. We even called our agent who told them our insurance covered rentals. Still, we were charged $89 for their insurance. They also tried to make us pay $14 a day for a sunpass (for toll roads), even though we didn't need one.As one customer pulled away, we overheard the woman who worked there say, " I just made them pay $200 for nothing". Stay away from this place!
Dee Toro Thevortexoflove
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ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!! This place is a complete scam! Their customer service is degrading. Beware of their policies and rules. They are not helpful and will not honor any misunderstandings. The guy and the girl got into a one on one argument with my husband. It’s a place not at all near the airport. They are not a reputable car rental company. Please go elsewhere! Everyone that goes to them comes out with an exaggerated bill at the end. We witnessed a total of three people get into verbal disputes with them. They are hesitant at accepting debit or bank cards.They WILL FORCE YOU TO PURCHASE THEIR DAILY CAR INSURANCE! At the end of your vacation it will add up to a hefty bill. They do not accept your own car insurance like all other car rental agencies. Any other reviews where they add or type a high mark review must be employees or friends of the rude people that work there. Save yourself the aggravation and go with a real reputable car rental place elsewhere.
John Ortiz
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Great experience Franco was a great shuttle driver nice and safe. Got to the location William took great care of me and my family and even gave us a upgrade

Clean cars will definitely rent again thanks guys.
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Anonymous Person
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I rented a car from them in April. I was given a dirty car as an "upgrade." That wasn't really a big deal, though.

Here's the real kicker for me:

I took various photos of the rental car prior to taking it off of their property. I'm so glad I did. When I returned the vehicle, we saw that there was a chip on the windshield (which we didn't notice prior to taking the vehicle). The agent said that he would have to charge me for the chip and insisted that it was not there before we took the car. I then looked at the photos I took before taking the vehicle off the lot, zoomed in on a photo of the windshield, and viola, there was a chip. After proving that the chip was already there (WITH MY VERY OWN PHOTOS), the agent decided not to charge us.


Second incident:

We were charged $26 for going through a toll road. But we never went through any toll roads. I used to live in Orlando and I'm aware when I pass through a toll road. I called Zezgo to dispute the charge, but was redirected to an email. After emailing the company's email to dispute the charge, I never heard anything back. I decided to just dispute the charge with my credit card company.

BY THE WAY, THEY CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD ON 4/28 WHICH IS THE SAME DAY I TOOK THE CAR OFF THE LOT. Usually a rental car company will charge you the day you return the car or sometime after.

Save yourself the hassle and just pay a little more and go with a company that has more credibility. This company needs to go out of business. They're scam artists.
gil karni
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BE WARNED!! This company scams you. Makes you pay $20 per day for insurance even if you have your own. Forces you to pay toll fees of $14 per day. Doesn’t let you know all this upfront during booking. Cars are dented. They make you perform your own car inspection. Ridiculous!!!!.
Rose Mary
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If I could give a 0 star I would. Their drivers earned the 1 star. Scam company. Don’t be fooled by the low upfront prices, there is mandatory fees to take the car. $14.95 per day for liability insurance. $13.95 per day for sunpass toll fee. $29.99 for collision and so much more. They will not accept insurance from your carrier it’s a must that you buy their insurance. By the time you take the car you have a bill of $400 that you have to pay upfront. Plus a credit card hold of $250. Their not located inside the airport, they are in a creepy industrial area. BE CAREFUL
Shawn Budhwani
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They don’t even deserve the 1 star.

Buyer beware of the EXTRA CHARGES which they will say is from the state department, Orlando city fee, state fee.

Better NOT RENT from them very unsafe location, poor service, not professional at all.
Sandra Mcconnaughey
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I have never written a negative review... until now. Worse car rental experience ever. So many added outrageous charges... outlandish price gouging during a pending hurricane on stranded customers. Your guess is as good as mine if I’ll ever see my deposit again... I did video record the check in of my car to prove nothing was wrong with it and it had a full tank of gas. Very rude customer service. Car was clean I will say that. Use any other rental car agency... not ZEZGO.
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