ACE Rental Car Parking

ACE Rental Car Parking

$9.95 / day
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3.4 miles from MCO
5757 S. Semoran Blvd, US



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5757 S. Semoran Blvd, US
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ACE Rental Car Parking
1 2 3 4 5
5757 S. Semoran Blvd, US


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Joey Grifka
1 2 3 4 5
Great service from Jon, Unfortunately I didn’t leave with a car due to the price but I would definitely recommend coming here, quick and easy. Thanks Jon for the help. The management and staff were friendly and helpful.
Heather Lopez
1 2 3 4 5
Read many reviews of people being dissatisfied, but after being in Florida for a week I extended my vacation, and was able to rent out another car with no problem. Jon, one of the employee’s was very helpful and made the experience go very smoothly. He explained details and prices clearly to us and when he dropped off the car to us, he even helped me with installing my sons car seat in the car. Planning many more trips to Florida in the near future and will be renting from Ace and Jon again 😊
Patrick Gamble
1 2 3 4 5
Upon arriving to Orlando on Jul 26th, it was discovered that my wife had left her phone at he airport😳😫 (which was recovered the next day😊)...needless to say, that revelation, coupled with anxious kids ready to get vacation started, caused the stress level to rise exponentially, and made it difficult to concentrate on the information being disseminated from the ACE representative, Jon. However, Jon read the situation perfectly and treated me like a human being, and not simply a transaction. He was extremely patient and calm throughout the whole time I was busy trying to secure our rental, manage the internal stress of a missing phone, and the external stress of having to “referee” kids. His positive attitude and calm demeanor helped immensely. Thanks Jon...much appreciated!
As S
1 2 3 4 5
Worst rent a car place on earth. 40 minutes in the shuttle. 2 hours in the place. Then it gets worse. They offer you a low price initially but then force you to pay for all of these extras that you don’t need. If you don’t take the extras then they make you wait even longer. This place is a big scam. Beware!
Lauren C
1 2 3 4 5
This place is suchhhh a SCAM!!! If I can give no stars I would but unfortunately I have to in order to leave a review... The final bill was almost TRIPLED the amount I was given for the estimated quote! Obviously it’s going to be more than what was estimated due to fees and insurance, but we were charged for 2 different insurance and things we never even agreed to! They never gave us an itemized agreement until after we signed and left with the car and the same thing happened upon returning the car. We were also told there was a $250 hold on the card and was assured it would be refunded, which clearly never happened. How does it go from an estimate of $116 to a final bill of $340!??! Would’ve never booked with this joke of a company had I had known and I highly recommend no one else does either! Also, been trying to contact management for 2 days now and no one can seem to direct me (also huge red flag)! Please do your research before going with a sketchy company like this, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
Javier Montoya
1 2 3 4 5
I. Get. . Car. From. This . Place. The. Ca . Was. Dirty. Has. Scratches All. Around. Missing. A. Wheel. Cap . Do. Not. Recommended. 0. Star.
edgar trujillo
1 2 3 4 5
Very affordable, and good service, thank you guys. I recommend this place in and out fast.
Sandrina Lima
1 2 3 4 5
OMG horrible!!!!!. I made a reservation in Orlando near the airport. I Went there, they asked for so much documents. When it came down to pay them, they requested for a major credit card for Floridians only unless you are flying in from another state, really 😥. I begged them to take my bank card, the manager refused and was laughing about. I'm very disappointed. I'm now screwed, and not able to make it over my nursing assignment because my car was at at the shop. My daughters car has no AC and she needs it for school. I cried and begged for pity. I was not aggressive, I even showed her my nursing license so she could help me. I'm screwed!!! Lord knows I tried. She called the cops on me to leave the place. All I wanted was the headquarters phone number to ask for help. I offered my bank statement in case they were thinking of fraud. Not everyone has a major credit card people. It's an option to carry on. Why are you forcing people to have a major credit car or no rental!!!

. I left without a car. The manager was not helpful at all. She call the cops because I asked to speak to the owner after she told me herself ACE is a franchise. God bless you💗 I hope she was able to sleep that night.
Reyna Avila
1 2 3 4 5
Giving 3 stars since the person at the counter and shuttle

Person where very nice. Paid over $500 when I was quoted online $199. It’s been 3 weeks and still have not received my deposit back. Called to speak to someone was on hold for over 10 minutes no answer. Will never use again.
Chris Ottum
1 2 3 4 5
My mom tried to rent a car due to hers being in the shop. Despite being a Florida resident for over 40 years, they wouldn't rent a car to her. She has a Florida ID, auto insurance at the same address for 40 years, yet despite that they still asked for a copy of a utility bill, which is in my dad's name. They then said if my mom called her auto insurance company, they would consider renting to her. My mom then decided to leave and rent elsewhere.

I definitely recommend avoiding this company, and renting a car from another one that actually wants your business.
Rick Wilson
1 2 3 4 5
They did not disclose many hidden fees when I booked my reservation. When picking up my rental, they wanted to charge us $7.00 per day for a Sun Pass for a week and threatened us with fines if we did not purchase it. They also wanted to charge us $10 per day for having a second driver on the rental agreement-my wife. They also wanted to hold $500 on my debit card as security for up to 14 days! I ended up leaving, going to Enterprise to rent a brand new Nissan Rogue in perfect condition for less money and NO HIDDEN FEES! I would never rent a car from Ace!
Kimberly Hiltz
1 2 3 4 5
What a nightmare! I rent cars frequently and this is the worst experience in my life. Do not be fooled by cheap rates. Waited 55 minutes for shuttle from airport. We waited 2 hours in the office and then they would not take my license since it expired during COVID. I brought up the DMV website showing valid license and they refused to honor it. Terrible customer service. Dirty and damaged vehicle received after having to ask another person in my party to rent the vehicle. They would not even let me pay the fees so my friend had to use their card. Wish I could give them negative zero rating.
1 2 3 4 5
I was referred by priceline to this car rental, this is my day one out of 4 and so far has been a horrible experience, the customer service was horrible and it seem that they don't care , not even on the reviews people are giving them, they don't respect the COVID19 safety measures, they let people gatherings in a very small room and without face covering, the sales associate lied to me in my face and made extra charges with additional insurance that I told him not to add, I only ask for the CDW, regardless that I pointed out that I did not wanted any additional insurance he said it was a bundle that total $ $20 a day when it was actually $34 (20+14), furthermore the car was already dirty with sand all over the car it was not even washed and it has a rare smell. Besides all this, there is a blinking light in the dashboard. I was going to return this car as soon as possible, but they have a modified schedule. Please avoid this place.
Alex Ehly
1 2 3 4 5
May be the worst attempted rental experience I have ever had. Booked for a family vacation & it made for a rough start. Had to split up on 2 shuttles to the place located not on the airport. The place was packed and dirty. Was scared for safety with COVID-19. Staff was not very present & it’s a “take a number system” we had a reservation for 2pm and arrived beforehand. I could tell something was going to be bad when arriving and seeing droves of families sitting outside looking insurance saying “good luck” Some said they had been waiting for 2 hours already at that point to even get served. I ended up taking an UBER back to the airport to get a rental car company that had at least a hint of customer service, cleanliness standards & desire to serve a company. I am leaving this review hoping to save someone from this experience. The low cost is not worth it!
Jessica Lawson
1 2 3 4 5
ZERO STARS! WORST Customer Service ever at Orlando MCO!!!! BEWARE! The two employees I interacted with were awful and condescending toward me for no reason at all. Employee I worked with upon arrival actually made fun of me because I didn’t understand what she was saying exactly about an extra fee that was no where in the booking info to be found. Car was fine and clean, but in future will pay a little extra for a more reputable company that provides better customer service!
Nicholas Roedell
1 2 3 4 5 we rented a van today. Shuttle driver was great. Got to the off site lot and didn't have proof of insurance (never even been asked for that before). We took their insurance instead. Then found an insurance card, called back and they told us to come back so they could redraft a new contract. So that's another $5 toll fee. Got there and the lady told us she couldn't do what we were told they would do for us, which is we pay for theirr insurance for that day and then ours would start the next day. Then she told us she didn't even have a vehicle to give us (mind you, the one we had was still in our possession. Come to find out from a guy outside that they're paid on commission and they just WOULDN'T do what they said they would because the person who took care of us at the counter wasn't there anymore. I find that odd to begin with since you'd think you'd get commission on the back end, not the front. So, long story short, we got charged for a full day for 3 hours, canceled and had to take the shuttle back to the airport, another shuttle to the new place we were getting a car from. Absolutely ridiculous. Why say you're going to do something and then don't? Poor business practice and poor customer service. The two guys outside were cool though.
Wendy Pelletier
1 2 3 4 5
I would give them a zero if I could! It doesn't even deserve one star! I had no idea how horrible this company was. It's not near the airport we have to wait for a shuttle to drive around and pick other passengers up and then you finally get to the rental place. You will wait forever and ever there they give no explanation nobody knows what they're doing you wait forever to get a car. I could go on and on do not rent from this company!
Robert Foster
1 2 3 4 5
After reading one bad review after another, I think I'll move on to different car rental company. The same issues came up over and over again, the place was dirty. bad customer service, long wait times and finally, failed responses back to customers who wanted the security deposit back but cannot seem to get anyone to respond.

This is the power of reviews. Because there were more bad reviews then good. I have no intentions of renting a vehicle there. And because I read this from customers who experienced these issues there. I am making a choice not to do business there.
Sergio Martinez
1 2 3 4 5
Very dirty facility, all trash cans were over filled at 9 am .. why?

Can not somebody , management,

come in early to clean up the place?

The restrooms were out of order when we arrived on a thursday night and when we left on Tuesday they were still out of order...

We were told that they were actually operable but that there was no one to clean the restroom so they were very dirty and to use at our own risk..

Travelling with 3 kids and waiting an hour and a half for the shuttle back to the airport was nightmarish.

Other than that everything was ok..
Brianna Ragsdale
1 2 3 4 5
If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. Absolutely horrible service. Cheap for a reason I guess. We waited an hour and 15 minutes for a shuttle from the airport and told it was because they “only had one driver,” which was amazing considering the driver sat and BS’d with the security officer for 30 minutes once we got to the location. Then when we got there we waiting TWO HOURS for our # to be called. They were on 40 when we got there and we were #43. After waiting that long in a hot, muggy, crowded, dirty, gross, small lobby... we left to go next door to OMNI car rental. Got a car in 20 minutes in the comfort of AC.
Mustafa Radhi
1 2 3 4 5
The worst place you can rent from! Rude and bad service!!!!!!!!


The lady raised her voice on me and told me that she will call the cops, just because I was looking at the cars.

I was gonna rent 5 cars for my wedding.

The office was hot and dirty.

The cars were in terrible shape.

They are failures!!!!!

I will go to another company that has better service.
Tamara Melchert
1 2 3 4 5
Still waiting to hear back and it’s been over a month. Due to corona covid19 my trip got cut short and I returned the rental early... still was charged the full amount, no refund, no call / email, there was no shuttle to the airport and had to call and pay an Uber. I called the customer service person and they said they are in a different state and there’s nothing they could do. Only 1 guy there to accept the car... entrance was barricaded and had to drive through the exit... I’ve tried calling emailing contacting ... nothing
Makhdoom Mohiuddin
1 2 3 4 5
0 stars - left 1 because zero is not an option! Our shuttle was 45 minutes to an hour late. Upon our arrival we noticed that the office was extremely dirty. It's almost hard not to notice. The staff doesn't have basic customer skills. They have absolutely no etiquette. They talk to people in a very harsh manner. After a two hour wait our number was called. The woman who helped us was so rude it was uncomfortable. She kept pushing insurance on us, despite the fact that we have great insurance that would cover a rental situation. She wouldn't take no for an answer and started to hike cost up with make believe needs. So now an hour into politely asking her to stop adding things on that we don't need we end up canceling the entire thing. Rough start to our vacation. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. On my way out I saw how they were keen on examining returned vehicles. Microscopic examinations! Customers were pleading with them explaining they had photos and videos prior to even driving off the lot and were not being heard. This place is a scam. Do not give these people your money. My vacation was a few weeks ago and this is still on my mind. That alone speaks volumes.
Steven Aponte
1 2 3 4 5
Shuttle took about 20 min, not to bad of a wait. When I got the location. I got service within 10 min. Rental agent John did a great job explaining everything to me. I did have an issue with the first rental car that was given. I was worried I would have to wait the line again to get an exchange. Thanks to Yale she did the exchange as soon as I got there and got me into a brand new highlander. My rental experience was great, I will be coming again next year when I go on vacation. Just make sure you have proper documentation and you’ll be set to go!
Roland Williams
1 2 3 4 5
I had an amazing and fast experience at Ace Rental in Orlando. It was quick and fast and we were in an d out just arriving! The representative/Employee name RED, was the employee who actually was amazing and very detailed with the rental reservation..... I would recommend anyone who travels to Orlando, uses Ace
Ekanth Ramesh
1 2 3 4 5
This agency is owner operated. This means that the owner has more power than Ace rental agency itself. upon calling Ace rentals, one gets routed to the local agency ( owner operated) and ace rentals does not mediate. Do not go to this place. Did not have a good experience.

There are multiple rip offs. To start with they did not rent cars out without seeing auto insurance declaration page. Waits are pretty long (Took one hour to get to the counter + fifteen minutes to get keys). I saw people getting conned left and right for insurance offered by the agency itself. Owner operates as if people google their place and come to rent cars for them. ACE is completely out of the picture.

P.s. foreign travelers, please do not consider cheap prices on paper over real peace of mind during vacation.
Lisa Ruiz
1 2 3 4 5
The wait for the shuttle took way to long i ended up taking a taxi. When I got to the business there was 23 people ahead of me. So a very long wait. Almost 2 hours to get my car which I booked and paid before I got there. The lady that helped me was very nice. The price of the car was good and The car is nice and clean. You just have to not be in a hurry at all. . Just think they are way under staffed for the amount of cars they rent.
Michelle Kidd
1 2 3 4 5
The review below were exactly my same issues. No need to rewrite. Warning to all, save time you are not saving any money by using ACE.

I constantly felt like they were trying to take money from me. I couldn’t get out of their fast enough.

The place could use a good scrub and was nasty.

No one was helpful, and everyone employees and customers alike all seemed to be annoyed or angry.

The insurance was such a scam, luckily I picked up on the negative vibe and all the customer’s chatter that you need proof of insurance coverage....really???

I was lucky to get in touch with my husband and he was able to send it to me before I was called.

Was not a great way to start a vacation.

I also didn’t realize they are not even in the have to wait for a shuttle.

I compared my last trip where I rented from a company inside the airport and the difference in amount was $3.73 more, but I saved over an hour, plus I didn’t have to feel like someone was haggling me. I would pay way more than 3.73 to not experience this again.
Ray Spees
1 2 3 4 5
Do not rent here. It is a 2hr wait to get your car. They were servicing number 76 when I arrived and it stayed that way for 10min. My number was 99 so I just left. Calling Hotwire to refund my money and then the credit card company. I should not have to wait 2hrs when I have a reservation.
Sara Donnelly
1 2 3 4 5
This place was a bit rough around the edges. We had to wait at least 30 or more minutes even with an existing reservation and the place was also pretty dirty and gross feeling- like a cross between a dmv and a waiting room for a garage while your car is fixed. They is also some shadiness regarding insurance coverage. The insist that they inform you that you need to bring proof of personal full coverage insurance or purchase theirs. They stated it was in the confirmation email which I reproduced and it was not. Every person that went to the counter had the same issue with this part. Who travels with proof of car insurance? No one, luckily for them so they make money off it. I have proof of mine accessible online but it’s expensive to purchase when you don’t.

When we finally got the check in process complete we still had to wait for our car for another 15 minutes or so. Once we got the car we couldn’t pull out of the place because there isn’t even an inkling of organization to the system they have for pulling cars up and having people load in and drive off. A very helpful employee noticed us needing to leave and helped direct other cars out of the way.

The redeeming pieces of the experience were the gentleman that helped us check in, Leo. He was very pleasant and very helpful, and the car was nicer than what we had planned on and had more room than we had planned- a very pleasant surprise for a budget rental place.
Cheryl Wetmore
1 2 3 4 5
Although the rates for ACE were competitive, I cannot in good faith we recommend this company to other customers. The shuttle is 15 minutes from the airport and wait time to be picked up was 25 minutes. In addition, the gas tank was not full, the car was only marginally clean, and the check in process took over 45 minutes. In addition, the company refused to rent to me unless I showed them an insurance card from my home state, something that I was not expecting to hear at midnight when I arrived. This company is not worth the hassle.
Babak Shahid
1 2 3 4 5
This was my first ever experience with any rent a car company and I was a bit afraid, but after spending my day with them I am glad and happy I choose them. The staff was very friendly and efficient. I am glad I took my friends recommendation. Great experience. Highly Recommended!!!
Keith B
1 2 3 4 5
Pro: The price was very good and the customer service was good. Con: The rental office is very far from the airport. We had to wait 30 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up. When the shuttle dropped us off we had to wait in a long line to get to the counter. It took us over 2 hours from the time we got our luggage to when we got our vehicle.
Joan Landers
1 2 3 4 5

What rock did this place crawl out from under? These guys are totally crooks. Don’t fall for the cheaper prices. Go to a known name auto rental for sure!

Rented a car online. When we got to the car rental place, the line was already out the door. Each person at the counter took at least a half hour to finish. We were wondering what was going on that took so much time.

When we finally got closer to the front counter, we saw the signs that asked for “drivers license, major credit card, and proof of auto insurance.” We ultimately found out that not only were they asking for proof of car insurance, you had to actually show The Declaration of car insurance. If you did not have that, they were making you pay an extra $11 a day for their insurance! And people were trying to show them they had insurance, and it was not good enough. There were arguments breaking out, tempers flying, security guards even called.

Thank goodness my husband was able to email a copy of our Declaration, or I would still be there. The agents also were rude and abrasive.

From the time we got on line, until the time we left the line, 2.5 hours had passed! And to make matters worse, they messed up the VIN number and our license plate number three times, which meant I had to back to the counter three more times.

When I finally got the car key in my hand, we flew out of there.

In all my years of renting cars, I have never encountered a situation like that, either the wait and especially not the proof of car insurance. This is an absolute scam, a money maker, and it sucks up people’s time and patience. Stay far away!!! If I could have given negative 10 stars, I would have. You can’t post without at least 1 star!!!
Aaron Moore
1 2 3 4 5
If I could rate you zero i definitely would. I booked a large SUV for the Christmas holiday at a very reasonable rate. We arrived at the airport at 10:30 PM, did as told and called the shuttle line, and proceeded to wait for 90 minutes while no shuttle showed up. We ended booking with Payless/Avis/Budget and have no complaints about them at all. Ace Rental Car = Super Trash!
Susan Blaesing
1 2 3 4 5
When we arrived in Orlando we called for the shuttle to pick us up. On the phone they informed me that they didn’t have the mid sized car I reserved and only had compact cars. I asked if they were going to compensate me for the inconvenience and she said she would give me 10% off. We then went to the pick up place for the shuttle. The shuttle was full but the driver said another one was on the way. We waited about 50 minutes with 3 other groups. Someone from another group called to see the status of the shuttle and was informed they were not sending the shuttle because they were out of cars. Totally unacceptable business. We went into the airport and were helped by another company. It was actually cheaper than ace’s rate. I will NEVER book with ace again. After a long day of traveling the last thing I want to deal with is not having a car after I made a reservation!!
Davon Price
1 2 3 4 5
Although I actually didn’t go forward with my rental, I was not please with how long it took ace to come pick us up. We was forced to rent from another rental agency. The price was way cheaper for a full size car almost by $100. Someone called 3 times before I even got off my plane and I called twice. Without a response after waiting a hour and time to rental another vehicle ACE finally showed up. The other rental agencies stated this was a constant issue. If you are willing to wait for the shuttle to take you off site and to you vehicle ACE is way cheaper. We had a 2 year old and been traveling since 10am. So at 3pm we were just ready to be at our resort.
April Y. Zhang
1 2 3 4 5
Not a smooth rental experience.

When we first got here, we were told that they cannot honor the booking price at Hotwire due to a system glitch after 1 hour’s wait. So we had to rent brand-new on spot which was twice as much. We understand that system glitches happen all the time, it would be nice if they could inform the people waiting in line beforehand, instead of having everyone wait infinitely then bomb-dropping the bad news, leaving one with no other choice than renting on spot. Surprise!

When we returned the car, they found a mysterious crack in the window, which neither me nor my partner noticed at all during our 6-day trip. Another surprise! Then we missed our flight because they force us to file a claim in front of them before we could leave.

We get it that one needs to prepare for the unexpected when traveling, it seems impressive to me that for this car rental place, they are so ready to have the customer absorb it all if something bad happens. It’s all on you, absorb it, spend more time to make numerous calls to your booking agent and insurance company, and pay much more. They will not do anything for you except charging you a lot.
Ashley Milligan
1 2 3 4 5
If I could give them no stars I would. The most unprofessional rental car location that I have ever experienced.

1. Tolls- they claim that they make it known in their contract that you cannot purchase your own transponder and that you have to get theirs for $9.99 per day. Which is FALSE! Nowhere on the contract, as far as I can see, does it say that you can’t use your own transponder. So this company is so trifling that they purposely don’t pay their toll bills on time to prevent customers from being able to use their own transponder. Bottom line is if you purchase a suntrust transponder in Orlando and try to register it to a car from this location, you won’t be able to because the company owes money for tolls 🙄.

2. “Supervisor”- when we called there was a very immature person on the line that claimed he was the highest in charge and that there was no one else we could speak to at the time to resolve our issue. We basically wanted to get a transponder from ACE at a discounted rate because there was no way in hell that I was gonna use up to $40 in tolls my duration of the trip. So this “supervisor” went back and forth with us about how all the information was in the contract and how the woman who rented us the vehicle told us we couldn’t use our own transponder. Which is FALSE! All she said was if you decline to use our transponder, you could possibly incur up to $25-50 in charges when using the tolls without a transponder (which is in the contract). Does that sound like you can’t go out and get your own transponder??? NO! Not to mention, you’re not given the full contract until after you pay and are leaving... so even if the information was in the contract, the rental car company already has your money so you can’t make an informed decision as to whether you want to proceed with the rental before swiping your card. The “Supervisor” that we dealt with is David Cruz. He didn’t seem like an honest person, so I’m not sure if that’s his real name. If he is the supervisor, I recommend the company provides him more training on how to be a supervisor or let him go.

Only thing positive I would say is returning the car was seamless. None of the clowns were there from the other day when I picked the car up. And the shuttle back to the airport was prompt and clean.

Bottom line I would avoid this company at all cost. And for the record we discovered that most of the tolls we needed took cash... so don’t bother getting the toll pass unless you plan to use $10 or more per day in tolls.
Hossein Ravanbakhsh
1 2 3 4 5
Ace car rental at MCO airport (Orlando): The worst ever car rental experience!!!

1- They charge you for a mandatory liability insurance regardless of which credit card you have. I reserved an economy car for $145, but ended up ~$310. Don’t believe their low prices. Their excuse: MANDATORY LIABILITY INSURANCE IS ACE COMPANY’S POLICY!!!

2- I was waiting in the line for 2 hours. They try to slow down the pick up procedure so you don’t have time to bargain about the ridiculous mandatory insurance.

3- Without asking, they charge you $250 deposit.

4- The owner will probably write a short answer to this review and pretends to be nice. To the owner: You charged me $160 more than my reservation’s price. This happened to several people during the time I was standing in the line. You are definitely aware of this systematic problem in your company as all of the agents were doing the same thing. You will absolutely lose your customers if you don’t change this.
Nate Phillips
1 2 3 4 5
After a long day of traveling with 3 kids under 7 we had finally made it to ACE. They provided a shuttle from the airport that arrived very quick after we called. Mary at the front desk was very helpful and accommodating. She made the whole process very easy. We got our car in a timely manner and were on the road quick. Will definitely be using this company when we come back in the spring.
Kim LaRocca
1 2 3 4 5
This should actually be negative starts! Run far far away. Shuttle took 45 minutes to come to airport. I was not given the type of car I reserved. Car had soaking wet seats inside and I had to press for another car. I was told tolls in Orlando are no longer cash or change and was forced to pay additional $58 despite telling them I was head out of Orlando and wouldn’t have toll roads aside from one stop. Upon return, every toll on the highway to exit was cash pay. I ask for supervisor and was told I could talk to the billing dept tomorrow. I had to press for his name and he replied it know what you are trying to do.’. He along with another women both told me I’d have no cash tolls and then he denied it. Leo claims he is new and didn’t know. Fraudulent business practices. I videoed my entire car upon pickup and drop off. Videoed then telling me car was in great return condition. Cover yourselves and know it isn’t cheap for a reason. There are loop holes and they trap you.
Tina Atkins
1 2 3 4 5
I rented a mini van for our family vacation and when we finally got our shuttle to the place it was a filthy and the boss was yelling at one of her employees in front of everyone. We waited an hour 1/2 for the mini van that was reserved 3 months in advance. When I asked how long the wait would be the manager was rude and just said that she did not know, no other information was given. When we went for breakfast the next morning the rear tire was almost completely flat, so we had to skip breakfast to find somewhere to put air in the tire. Turned out to be a slow leak and we had to add air every other day. They didn't even say they were sorry for the inconvenience when I told them upon returning the vehicle. Today, I received a toll bill for 2 tolls at 2.50 each and $50 admin fees. I never saw any toll booths, or I would have paid them. They did offer me to pay $9.99 a day for tolls, but I informed them that I would pay any tolls myself. It would have been nice of them to tell me that there was an electronic toll going to the rental place and coming out of the rental place. Never again, will I rent from this place again!
VIKTOR Tarasenko
1 2 3 4 5
It was the worst car rental experience of my life. It all started well I got a car a class higher than I ordered for the same price. I got a very dirty car under the dirt there were no visible minor scratches. when he returned the car immediately strange situations began. the girl who took my car as if she knew where he had minor scratches. she quickly found small scratches under the dirt, it is not clear how))) I was informed that they keep a deposit of $ 250. They didn’t even ask me what kind of insurance I had and where I did it. As it turned out, when registering a car, I took into account all possible insurance. making sure that I did insurance with them they did not take a deposit from me. then then I looked at the bill that they gave me for renting a car, I saw a lot of obscure positions that I paid and I was not told about them. In addition, the invoices that were provided to me were a completely different car plate number than the one I rented. I already noticed this later. they take advantage of the fact that people are in a hurry on a plane and I don’t have a desire to interfere with some subtleties when returning a car. My advice to all people to never use this car rental location ....
Levi Kaplan
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I did not experience the customer service I was expecting based on your reviews.

I arrived at the office which unfortunately was very dirty and unkempt, to find four people in line. I waited one hour and twenty minutes to speak with an agent. The agents were moving slowly because they were not accepting any of the documents I or the guests in front of me were providing. The three agents were not sure what to do with the standard auto insurance declaration cards we all presented. They insisted that guests would have to step aside and call their insurance companies or purchase the full coverage the agents were offering. Unfortunately this felt very much like a ploy to get us to purchase extra insurance.

I showed the agent my insurance declaration card and it wasn’t until I pulled up my private account information in my phone that she was satisfied. I have rented with many car companies and the standard across all of them has been to accept the standardized documents we as customers are provided for this purpose. If your company policy differed from the industry standard, we should be made aware, and a better solution for processing guest should be found.

The agent asked questions about my personal finances which I found to be a violation of my privacy such as “is your car fully paid off or do you owe money?” I found this inappropriate.

The vehicle itself was fine and as advertised. The car was clean, new and reliable.

After returning the car I received an invoice which included a charge for “early termination” and a second charge for “late fee”. While I’m not sure how these are both possible on an invoice, neither should have been there as I returned the car at the scheduled time.

I cannot recommend your company and feel the need to post my reviews.

I hope that you will find this as one customers thoughts, and take them in order to improve your customer service in the future.
Russell Benton
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Management has changed I am guessing because I had a WONDERFUL time renting from here.

I did have an issue with a shuttle bus which was NOT their fault at all. But they still upgraded me to an Amazing dodge charger, and paid for a full tank of gas. Customer service here was through the roof. Thank you so much to the folks who helped out.
Skwashua76 .
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I would not recommend ACE to anyone! I was traveling out of state and booked a rental car with Ace through Priceline. By the time I got the the counter at the Ace the total price for the car had gone up $200 from what I was originally quoted. There documentation requirements are far more strict than any other major rental car company I have ever used. Best advice, stay away.
Brenda Orffer
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The ACE car rental facility is off site from the airport. Be prepared to wait a long time for shuttle service. They charge a flat rate per day of $9.95 for tolls, but we did not see a Sun Pass decal. We have no idea if we were really legal. If you are going to Disney area, there are very few tolls; we recommend packing some quarters and ones and pay on your own. The vehicle was not clean, and it took several minutes to do a walk around because it had so many dings and dents. When visiting Orlando again, we will make sure we use a rental company at the airport. They also hold a $250 deposit on top of the full charge for the rental. That is a lot. Not the best experience, for sure. All that said, with toll fee and the rental fee for six days was $275...a lot higher than the $17/day they advertised.
Alesha Sanders
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Purchased recommended insurance when I rented the car online, and was told at ACE when I picked up the car it wasn’t the right insurance, and had to purchase over $100 in insurance there in addition to my insurance. And then she tried to sell me a $110 dollar toll pass, they are definitely taking advantage of people there. Just pay a little more for a better car rental place.
Stephanie Pike
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Worst rental car location. They force you to add insurance u less you have it on your own ins. Can’t be waived. Took forever to get my car!!! Much longer then 25 minutes. and to top it off didn’t have the type of car I rented. They ran out of standard size cars!?!?! Just noticed a charge 2 weeks after my visit to my credit card. No email or notification, just a charge. I’d give negative stars if I could.
Ben Knerr
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The timeline during my pickup was the worst thing about this process. The time from arriving at the pickup location at the airport to actually getting my car was an hour and 45 minutes. The drive from the airport to the rental location is no more than 10 minutes, which equates to a very long wait time with a bunch of grumpy people in front of me. The front desk personnel assured us that our wait wasn't that bad compared to past waits, which doesn't seem like a positive thing for them to mention.

It did not seem like the check in process was very efficient. The front desk personnel were frequently attending to other tasks associated with your rental away from the desk which just adds unnecessary delays. There should be other personnel to tend to the vehicles instead of my front desk personnel having to personally check on my car. It would make the line move faster.

Returning the car was a simple process and the shuttle was immediately available which was great! This is the only reason this isn't a one star review.

Overall, the prices are very cheap and I understand why. If you value your time, pick a rental agency actually located in the airport.
Susan Statton
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So, Ace and another rental company are in the same building with the same address. So we arrived at location via uber. There was a huge line, 2 hrs and 15 minutes later we get up to the counter and are told the company we need is next door! What do your mean next door, its only one building. So have sweating to death, we go outside, look at the door, there is paper taped to the front of it, we go inside. Not a single person in line. We go to the counter, explain what just happened, and are told"well there is a sign in the door, what sign the piece of paper. Your sign says 3 names on the billboard, and shuttle bus . For one location. So, the gentleman took great care of us, easy, pick up and drop off after that...I will post photo of sign....I posted the outside, the address o v the building and the sign....
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