Avoid or Dispute a San Jose Parking Ticket Effortlessly

Whether you’re moving to San Jose or just starting to drive, knowing of the city parking regulations is a must! Our guide will talk you through everything about street parking services, parking citations, and payment methods. You’ll discover how to avoid a San Jose parking ticket or fight it properly if you already got one! Use our handy tips to smooth the way for easy and affordable parking.

How To Avoid San Jose Parking Tickets

Stay away from pricey tickets by learning about San Jose parking regulations, parking meters, rates, and alternatives to on-street parking. You don’t need to search for all the information, though—Parking Access already did that for you! We discovered the most important details about each option and listed them below. Go through them to find out how not to get a San Jose parking ticket!

San Jose Street Parking in a Nutshell

The City of San Jose has over 2,500 metered street parking spots placed across the city but mostly in the downtown area. The parking meters accept both coins and credit cards. Most of them have a 1 or 2-hour limit, and the cost is $2 per hour. When it comes to San Jose parking enforcement, the majority of meters operate from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday. Parking is free on Sundays and national holidays! If searching for a parking space in Little Italy, note that those meters operate until 10 PM. Parking near the Convention Center and SAP center is more expensive on event days, so be sure to read the parking sign or check the meter for more info.

Pre-Book Parking

Pre-booking your car parking spot and leaving your vehicle in an off-street parking area can save you from getting a San Jose parking citation! Many downtown parking garages and lots have reasonable hourly and daily parking prices, while sites like ParkWhiz and SpotHero allow you to reserve a spot in most of them. If you plan on going to SJC and need short-term or long-term parking, go through the San Jose Airport Parking guide to find the most suitable service! The guide will also provide information on off-site parking options, such as Spring Park Airport Parking, AM Airport Parking, and Joy Park Fly.

Use Public Transportation

Using public transit instead of driving your own vehicle is a viable and budget-friendly option. VTA light rail and bus services connect San Jose residents and visitors to many popular locations and tourist destinations. A single ride fare is only $2.50, while frequent travelers may purchase a day pass for $7.50 or a monthly pass for $90. Public transportation offers easy access to SJC as well, but you could also look into San Jose Airport Shuttle providers whenever you need a reliable airport transfer.

San Jose Parking Violations & Penalties

To discover how much money you’ll save by parking properly and following our tips, look into the city parking violations. We listed several common violations, as well as the total penalties.

Parking Violation Penalty
Meter violations $40
Parked in an alley $45
Blocking a driveway or sidewalk $60
Parked in an intersection $60
Parked in a fire lane or next to a fire hydrant $70
Parked on a residential street without a permit $85
Parked in a bus zone $285
Parked in a disabled parking space $410

Dispute Your San Jose Parking Ticket

If you already received a San Jose parking citation, the first thing you need to do is read through it to make sure it’s valid! Here’s the list of potential reasons your ticket may be invalid:

  • Any detail regarding your vehicle is missing
  • Handwriting is unreadable
  • Any listed piece of information is incorrect
  • Your vehicle was stolen, rented, or sold

If a faded street sign or curb is the issue, take a picture of it since you’ll need proof to overthrow your parking infringement. 

The City of San Jose gives you several ways to contest your ticket, and each has to include documentation, an explanation, and a piece of evidence if you have any. After you prepare everything for the dispute, choose one of the following methods to initiate the process, and do it within 21 days:

  1. Online: through the City of San Jose parking website
  2. In-person: go to the Office of Parking Violations at 210 N. 4th Street, Suite 150
  3. By mail: send the listed documents to the City of San José, P.O. Box 11023, San José, CA 95103-1023

You could also use a famous robot lawyer, DoNotPay, and let them take care of the process! Answer several questions, and the robot will provide you with the argument you need to win the case.

Pay Your Ticket Within 21 Days

To avoid additional charges, pay for the ticket within three weeks! The city gives you several payment methods so that you could choose the most convenient option:

  1. Online: via the official City of San Jose website
  2. In-person: at the Office of Parking Violations at 210 N. 4th St. between 9 AM and 4 PM
  3. By phone: call (888) 442-4088 and pay by your credit card
  4. By mail: send a check or money order to the City of San José, P.O. Box 11023, San José, CA 95103-1023

If you need additional information or answers, call the San Jose Office of Parking Violation at (800) 294-8258.


  • How do I fight a parking ticket in San Jose?

Prepare your documentation, write an explanation, and provide any evidence if possible. Contest your San Jose parking ticket online, by mail, or in person. The Office of Parking Violations is at 210 N. 4th Street. 

  • How do I report a broken meter in San Jose?

Call (408) 534-2922 to report any meter issues.

  • Where to pay for my parking ticket in San Jose, CA?

If you wish to pay in person, head to the Office of Parking Violations at 210 N. 4th St. between 9 AM and 4 PM. You could also pay online or by phone—call (888) 442-4088.

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