Long Beach Parking Ticket Guide

Getting to know the city parking regulations is a necessity whenever you’re visiting or moving to a new place. Whether you’re a soon-to-be resident of Long Beach, visiting the city, or just starting to drive, this is the right place for you! Learn all about the City of Long Beach street parking, regulations, and citations in a few minutes. Use our information, resources, and tips to avoid or dispute your Long Beach parking ticket successfully! Parking Access will also take you through the payment methods in case you don’t want to deal with the bureaucracy.

Long Beach Street Parking in a Nutshell

Many single-space and multi-space meters are available across the downtown area, The Pike, Belmont Shore, Retro Row, and several beach lots. The rates and enforcement hours depend on the location. We discovered up-to-date on-street parking rates that apply to every smart parking meter in all neighborhoods—check them out in the list below.

Neighborhood Parking Rate per Hour Daily Enforcement Hours
The Pike $2.00 9 AM-9 PM
Downtown Core $1.50 9 AM-9 PM
Downtown $1.00 9 AM-6 PM
Belmont Shore (2nd St.) $1.00 10 AM-7 PM
Retro Row (4th St.) $1.00 10 AM-7 PM

The time limit is two hours at all locations except the 4th Street in Retro Row. You can pay using coins or Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards. Alternatively, download the Passport Parking App that allows contactless payment—it’s available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Avoid Getting a Long Beach Parking Ticket

The first step in avoiding Long Beach parking tickets is knowing the nitty-gritty of on-street parking services, which we already covered. The next important step is to inform you of street markings and signs—learn what each colored curb indicates:

  1. White Curb: Stopping only for (un)loading of passengers or depositing mail for up to two minutes
  2. Yellow Curb: Stopping only for (un)loading passengers or freight for up to two minutes and applies from 7 AM to 6 PM
  3. Green Curb: Parking is limited to a time between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the location, and applies from 9 AM to 6 PM
  4. Red Curb: No parking at any time or for any purpose
  5. Blue Curb: Parking for persons with a valid disabled parking permit or placard 

Of course, you should also pay attention to the signs and meters, which contain all the relevant information.

Find and Book Your Parking Spot in Advance

This is the best and most convenient way to park and avoid getting a Long Beach parking ticket—find a spot and make a reservation ahead of time! It will speed up the parking process and give you peace of mind. If you look for a daily parking space frequently or every day, we suggest booking Long Beach monthly parking. It’s simpler and more budget-friendly in most cases. When searching for a convenient parking service near LGB Airport or the Port of Long Beach, check out the following guides:

Several parking sites can also help you pre-book your spot in the city—learn more about these platforms in our reviews of ParkWhiz and SpotHero.

Got a Ticket? See If You Can Dispute It!

Before you decide whether to fight the infraction or pay the Long Beach parking ticket, make sure it’s valid! Believe it or not, you can overthrow your parking citation if the writing on it is illegible, and there are many other reasons, such as:

  • Incorrect date or time
  • Wrong or missing details regarding the vehicle, such as model or color
  • Inaccurate or missing address of the parked car
  • Malfunctioning parking meter
  • Faded or not visible parking sign
  • Your car was rented, stolen, or sold

As soon as you see the ticket on your windshield, make sure to stay for a little longer and check if there’s any evidence you could use. For instance, you could take a picture of your vehicle, sign, or anything that may be helpful.

How To Contest Long Beach Parking Citations

To dispute your ticket successfully, initiate the request within 21 days of the Long Beach parking ticket issuance date. The easiest way to fight your parking infraction is online—indicate the reasons for requesting a review and add copies of all documents, including photographs or statements. The city gives you a couple of additional methods of disputing the ticket:

  1. By mail: Send the same documents, photos, and statements to the following address: Parking Citations, PO Box 22766, Long Beach, CA 90801
  2. In-person: Head to the Long Beach City Hall at 411 West Ocean Blvd, and look for the office on the Lobby Level

Alternatively, you can pick up speed and smooth the process by using the world’s first robot lawyer—DoNotPay. Provide answers to several chatbot questions, and DoNotPay will create a review request on your behalf. This way, you’ll most probably get at least a reduction, if not dismissal.

How To Pay a Long Beach Parking Ticket

Long Beach parking ticket payment can be made online—enter your citation number, which is written on your ticket, and the time of the violation. You can also pay by mail or head to the Long Beach City Hall between 8 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday. Be sure to book your appointment online. For any additional info regarding the City of Long Beach parking tickets, call 562-570-6822.

Additional Parking Guides

The Parking Access team helps you find convenient parking in Long Beach and stay away from a Long Beach parking ticket, but we offer much more! With our assistance, you can discover how to avoid, contest, or pay:

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