Avoid + Dispute an Oakland Parking Ticket

Whether you’re searching for Oakland street parking information, ways to avoid parking tickets, or how to contest your parking citation, you’re in the right place! Parking Access will provide you with all the relevant info! Learn about on-street parking meters, parking regulations, violations in the City of Oakland, and parking appeals. Go through our guide to see how to avoid or contest your Oakland parking ticket the easy way!

Use our handy tips to avoid or dispute parking tickets in other major cities, such as Seattle, New York City, San Diego, and Austin.

Oakland Street Parking in a Nutshell

Oakland offers 3,800 smart parking meters located throughout the city. The hourly parking cost is $2. Parking is enforced Monday through Saturday, from 8 AM to 6 PM. Just like in most U.S. cities, street parking is free on Sundays and several national holidays. All Oakland parking meters accept coins, credit cards, and debit cards, but you can also use the Parkmobile app. If you pay at a parking kiosk, be sure to put your receipt on the dashboard so the date and time are visible. To make it simpler and expedite the process, pay by phone!

Oakland Parking Violations & Fines

City Ordinance has established parking fines, and the cost depends on the infraction. Here are some common violations and corresponding fines for each one:

  • Double parking: $41
  • Parking in the wrong direction on a one-way street: $48
  • Parking in the wrong direction on a two-way street: $63
  • Expired meter: $58
  • Parking in a Red Zone: $83
  • Parking in a Bus Zone: $265

How To Avoid Oakland Parking Tickets

Being familiar with parking regulations and paying attention to the parking signs and colored curbs is crucial. Make sure you don’t block driveways, crosswalks, sidewalks, and fire hydrants. You should also refrain from parking too close to corners and intersections.

If you’re not sure what each colored curb means, see our list below.

  • Red Curb: No stopping or parking at any time
  • Yellow Curb: (Un)loading passengers and goods between 7 AM and 6 PM
  • White Curb: Passenger loading and unloading
  • Green Curb: No parking for longer than 12 minutes
  • Blue Curb: Disabled parking

Got a Parking Ticket? Can You Contest It?

Fighting your ticket is a good idea, but you have to do it properly. Here are some of the reasons you could use as a reason for your dispute:

  • The date or time on your ticket is incorrect
  • Vehicle details are wrong or missing
  • Parking signs were unclear or non-existent
  • The parking meter was broken
  • The vehicle was stolen, sold, or rented

The City of Oakland allows you to dispute your citation within 21 days of receiving it. You have several ways to do it—see your options below.

Challenge an Oakland Parking Ticket

If you decide to fight the parking citation, note that you shouldn’t pay your ticket. Prepare personal documents, as well as evidence that supports your case, and initiate the process in one of the following ways:

  1. Online—enter your citation number into the review request form, click on Submit, and follow the listed instructions
  2. By mail270 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612
  3. By fax—(510) 986-2699
  4. In person—head to the Parking Citation Assistance Center

If you choose one of the last three options, the process is the same. Fill out the contest form or compose a letter explaining your case. If you draft a letter, be sure to write down your contact details, current mailing address, and parking citation number. Go to the Parking Citation Assistance Center and bring your Oakland parking ticket or any other evidence. To send the request by mail, use the above-listed address.

How To Speed Up The Process

You can save plenty of time if you use the world’s first robot lawyer! DoNotPay is extremely helpful in these situations—all you need to do is provide responses to several questions and add pictures of your ticket. It will compose a letter on your behalf and help you dispute your Oakland parking ticket effortlessly!

Oakland Parking Ticket Payment

If your appeal is rejected, or you don’t want to deal with the bureaucracy, the city gives you several payment options:

  1. Pay your ticket online
  2. Call (800) 500-6484 between 9 AM and 4:30 PM
  3. Go to the Oakland Parking Citation Assistance Center at 270 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
  4. Mail your ticket along with a check or money order made to the City of Oakland

The mailing address is Parking Citation Payment Processing Center, PO Box 54916, Los Angeles, CA 90054.


  • What happens after I challenge an Oakland parking ticket?

The request will be reviewed, and you will get a letter with their decision soon. If the ticket is upheld, you have 21 days to pay or request an Administrative Hearing.

  • Are there payment plans for Oakland parking tickets?

Yes! Go through Parking Ticket Payment Plans to find out more or request one.

  • How to pay for Oakland parking tickets online?

Use the Parking Citation Payment form. Enter your citation number, license plate number, or payment plan, and click on Submit. 

  • How long do I have to pay a parking ticket?

The City of Oakland gives you 21 days to pay or dispute your ticket.

  • What happens if I don’t pay my ticket?

If you don’t pay, it will lead to additional fines, and your car may even get towed or booted. Also, you need to pay all tickets and fees if you wish to re-register your vehicle.

Have more questions about your Oakland parking ticket? Don’t hesitate to call the Oakland Parking Citation Assistance Center at (800) 500-6484.

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