How To Avoid or Dispute Austin Parking Tickets

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According to several resources, traffic in Austin is often heavily congested. After a nerve-racking ride, delays, and a potentially stressful search for parking, getting an Austin parking ticket would really make you see red. Avoid the fuss with our help! Parking Access offers handy tips on avoiding Austin parking tickets, as well as information on contesting a parking citation if you get one! This guide will also help you learn more about street parking and paying your parking fines.

Our tips can take you through the process of avoiding or disputing parking tickets in other cities, too—learn more about parking infractions in New York City, San Francisco, Denver, or Dallas!

Austin Street Parking in a Nutshell

The City of Austin regulates and enforces street parking in Downtown Austin and several city areas, excluding the State Capitol Complex and the University of Texas campus. Metered parking is perfect for short stays—see the list below for Austin street parking hours in all areas.

Neighborhood Streets Hours
Downtown Austin IH-35 to Lamar Blvd and Lady Bird Lake to 10th St Mon-Tue: 8 AM–6 PM
Wed-Fri: 8 AM–12 AM
Saturday: 11 AM–12 AM
Central-North Austin West of State Capitol, University of Texas West and North Campus  Mon-Sat: 8 AM–6 PM
South Austin Barton Springs Rd and South Lamar Blvd (including nearby areas) Mon-Sat: 8 AM–12 AM
East Austin IH-35 to Chicon St Mon-Sat: 8 AM–12 AM
West Austin Parts of West 5th St and nearby streets Mon-Sat: 8 AM–6 PM
Colorado River Stephen F Austin Dr, Veterans Dr, Atlanta St, Foster Ave, Deep Eddy Ave, and Hearn St Mon-Fri: 8 AM–6 PM
Mueller Aldrich St, Simond Ave, McBee St, Mattie St, Robert Browning St, Philomena St, and Garcia St Mon-Wed: 10 AM–8 PM
Thu-Sat: 10 AM–12 AM

Street parking is free on Sundays in all city areas, except Walsh Landing. Also, note that parking isn’t allowed on 6th Street Thursday through Sunday between 9 PM and 3 AM.

The Austin street parking rate is $2 for the first two hours and $3 for three hours of parking, after which you pay $0.50 per hour. The maximum rate is $5, while a maximum of time in one parking session is 10 hours. Pay at a pay station or via phone app—use codes FREE15ATX1 and FREE15ATX2 to get 15 minutes of free parking.

Individuals with a disabled parking placard or license plate park free of charge. The same goes for motorcycles and scooters—move them after 12 hours to avoid a parking infraction.

How To Avoid Austin Parking Tickets

To park properly and steer clear of tickets, follow Austin street parking rules and read posted signage carefully. You may also park in one of the city parking lots or garages. Finally, you can avoid Austin parking citations by avoiding parking altogether—use public transportation.

Austin Street Parking Rules

Here are some of the most important on-street parking regulations:

  • Park your vehicle completely within the delineated parking space
  • Don’t block fire hydrants, driveways, sidewalks, and crosswalks
  • Avoid parking too close to corners and intersections
  • Don’t leave your car in a paid parking spot legally occupied by another vehicle

Be sure to read Austin parking signs with interest. If you come across a malfunctioning parking meter or sign, call 3-1-1 or 512-974-2000 to report it.

Public Transportation

If you don’t drive at all, you can’t get an Austin parking ticket! The capital of Texas is a great city for public transportation, and public buses and trains are prompt and affordable. Use the Capital Metro bus system or MetroRail to get to the city from countless locations in the area. Purchase tickets and passes online in a few simple steps!

Already Received a Ticket? Can You Fight It?

Appealing parking tickets is the only way to get a reduction or not pay at all. Many factors can help you get your infringement overturned, including:

  • Illegible ticket
  • Wrong date, time, or county of issuance
  • Incorrect or missing information (such as a wrong plate number, type of vehicle, etc.)
  • Unclear parking regulations
  • Faded or not visible sign 
  • Inoperative parking meter
  • Your car was stolen or sold

Even if you think that your chances are slim, you should still contest your citation, and Parking Access will take you through the process!

Dispute Austin Parking Tickets Successfully

When you notice a parking fine on your windshield, you shouldn’t leave right away. Use the opportunity to gather evidence, take pictures of the vehicle or sign, and check if there’s anything that might help you fight the ticket. If you did pay for parking, save your pay station receipt.

To dispute the Austin parking ticket properly, request an online hearing—be sure to fill out the form completely—or send an email at Note that you must request it before the initial appearance date. When they set the date, come to the hearing prepared and bring evidence if you have any.

To contest your Austin parking citation the easy way, use DoNotPay! The world’s first robot lawyer has already overturned countless parking tickets, and it can add yours to the list. Provide the answers to several questions, and DoNotPay will create a letter that you can send or use in court. 

Pay Your Austin Parking Ticket

If they reject your appeal, or you don’t want to deal with the administration, the city gives you several ways to pay your Austin parking fine:

  1. Do it online through the portal
  2. Call the Municipal Court at 512-974-4800
  3. Mail a check to Austin Municipal Court, P.O. Box 2135 Austin, TX along with your contact details, license plate number, and citation number
  4. Head to one of the following locations:
    1. Main Courthouse at 6800 Burleson Road (Building 310, Suite 175)
    2. Jaime Padron Substation at 12425 Lamplight Village Ave.

The city also allows you to request an alternative payment option if you’re unable to pay for any reason.


  • How much is parking in Austin?

The street parking rate is $2 for the first two hours and $3 for three hours of parking, after which you pay $0.50 per hour. The price goes up to $5.

  • What is the 6th Street Austin parking rule?

Street parking is prohibited on 6th Street (between Red River St. and Brazos St.) Thursday through Sunday from 9 PM to 3 AM.

  • How much is a parking ticket in Austin?

Parking tickets in Austin range from $20 to $300, depending on the violation.

  • What is a good reason to appeal an Austin parking ticket?

There are many reasons to fight your ticket, including illegible writing, missing or inaccurate information on the ticket, defective parking meter, and faded parking sign.

  • How do I pay my parking ticket in Austin?

You can pay online, by phone, mail, or in person.

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