ParkWhiz Reviews – Is This Parking Service Legit?

Forget searching for parking in difficult areas like New York City, big events, or theme parks. Using a service like ParkWhiz, drivers can pre-book their parking spots in nearby garages and other parking lots. Since we’re experts in airport parking, we decided to give this service a shot and share our ParkWhiz review. 

Unlike Spothero and their other competitors, ParkWhiz advertises themselves as the only major source of parking that can guarantee your parking spot will be ready for your arrival. If any issues occur, you’ll get a 100% refund with no questions asked. Aside from this, the service helps you save time and money on parking spots. Their rates are discounted from the garage’s typical rates. 

How Do You Use ParkWhiz?

Booking through ParkWhiz is simple. When you reach their website, their homepage displays a search bar you can use to find parking spots in your desired area. Below this, they share information about their service as well as a few positive ParkWhiz reviews from real customers.

Parkwhiz reviews 2019

Where is ParkWhiz available?

ParkWhiz is available in all major cities. You can book your spot online (or there is a ParkWhiz app in both the iOS and Android store for extra convenience). In addition to major cities, you can also find event parking for large events and some theme parks.

For example, there are quite a few options for Disneyland. However, these are still spendy lots that cost over $15 per day – you can definitely find inexpensive alternatives.  

What happens once you’ve booked your ParkWhiz spot?

Once booked, a link to print or view your parking pass is sent via an email confirmation. You will be able to scan the QR code from your mobile device or print it from a computer.

There are a few easy steps to follow when the time comes to redeem your parking pass:

  1. At the parking location, drive up to the entrance gate and push the button to pull a ticket
  2. Park your car in any open parking spot that’s not marked reserved
  3. Open the ParkWhiz App and select Scan My Ticket
  4. Scan the ticket you pulled when you entered the garage by taking a picture in the app

ParkWhiz Reviews

The company has its ups and downs when it comes to customer reviews. While some love the easy cancellations for whatever circumstance may arise, many others have outlined negative experiences. 

There have been a number of times where people booked their parking space, then arrived at the location and the spot is unavailable. Some people have also complained about ParkWhiz charging more than the prices listed at the parking garage. A few people have even reported booking spots and getting expensive parking tickets. Some others have complained about unclear directions to the spot they booked. 

Although their refund policy is great, it can still be disastrous if something goes wrong and you’re unable to get your spot. You’ll have to spend extra, unplanned time finding another nearby spot. This can cause you to be late for your event, work meeting, or something else that’s important. You might even have to spend more money at another garage or, at the very worst, a parking ticket! 

In addition, ParkWhiz reviews seem to change based on the platform. For example, Reviewopedia is full of negative reviews. On the other hand, there are a wealth of positive reviews for their app in iOs and Android app stores. Their website also lists positive reviews.

ParkWhiz reviews

Overall, their guarantee doesn’t always seem to hold true. In these circumstances, the refund policy might not even be worth it if you’re late for an important event or meeting. 

Does ParkWhiz Save You Money?

Most of the time, the ParkWhiz prices are discounted from the posted garage rates when you book ahead of time. They advertise this discount as up to 50% off. Plus, you can find a ParkWhiz coupon online (such as $5 off your booking) to save even more money. 

Parkwhiz reviews & savings

Side note: Before booking, it’s important to look at how far away the parking spot is from your destination. Even if you type in the correct destination, it might show spots that are miles away if there isn’t anything available nearby. 

Refunds & Cancellations

As we mentioned before, ParkWhiz has excellent customer service. Even if you don’t have any issues, you’re able to cancel right up until the arrival time of your booking. This is great for people who are unsure if they’ll be needing their parking spot. You don’t have to commit until just minutes before. 

Once the arrival time has passed, your booking is non-refundable (except for issues that may arise). A ParkWhiz refund is guaranteed if you don’t get the spot you reserved. 

Their customer service team can be reached at 888-472-7591, or you can submit a question through their “Contact Us” page on their website. They typically have quick response times.

Airport Parking (ParkWhiz vs ParkingAccess)

Naturally, the first thing we noticed is that ParkWhiz doesn’t have many options for airport parking. On the other hand, ParkingAccess is dedicated to providing the best deals for parking at major airports. You’ll find 20+ options for each airport on ParkingAccess, whereas you may only find 4–5 on ParkWhiz. 

All these options make it easier to compare the prices of all the parking garages available for your short-term or long-term airport parking needs! ParkingAccess has a number of features to ensure you get a parking spot tailored towards all your needs. 

ParkingAccess Features:

  • Average time of shuttles included
  • Parking type included (covered, uncovered, garage, etc.)
  • Sort by the closest or cheapest parking facilities
  • Lower rates & many more facilities to choose from

Bottom Line – Is ParkWhiz Legit?

Overall, ParkWhiz and similar parking services are a great solution to save time and money when parking in the city. Plus, you get to avoid the headaches that come with difficult city parking. However, this is only the case if everything goes smoothly. There have been a few negative ParkWhiz reviews, but many others have had positive experiences. Overall, the service is legit and their refund policy ensures you’re protected in case any issues occur. 

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