Ultimate Guide: SF Parking Tickets (Avoid + Dispute)

SF parking tickets

With San Francisco’s tricky roads and complex parking rules, it can be easy to get a parking ticket in the city. This guide shares everything you need to know about SF parking tickets including how to avoid them, where the most ticketed areas are, how to dispute, and more.   Avoiding Tickets Similar to Los Angeles … Read more

How to Avoid + Dispute an LA Parking Ticket

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Not only can driving in Los Angeles be a hassle because of all the traffic and crazy drivers, but you can also collect a nice portfolio of LA parking tickets if you’re not careful. This guide shares all you need to know about parking tickets in Los Angeles including pricing, the most common areas for … Read more

Baltimore Aquarium Parking Guide

Baltimore Aquarium Parking

With over 1.5 million visitors annually, the National Aquarium is Maryland’s most popular tourist attraction. During weekends or holidays, the number of guests peaks at the National Museum which might make parking a challenging endeavor. Our guide offers comprehensive insights on the best places to park in the Inner Harbor, with tips on how to … Read more

Boston Parking Tickets Guide (Plus, How to Dispute)

Boston parking tickets

As wonderful as Boston is, parking isn’t the best. With the lack of free parking, especially at Boston Logan Airport, it can be hard to avoid tickets. Boston has been making a large chunk of its revenue from parking tickets after the city increased fines in 2018. Keep reading to learn about paying, how much … Read more

Hershey Park Parking – Top Options & Alternatives

Hershey Park parking

When visiting Hershey Park, it’s smart to inquire about parking before you get there. While their designated parking lot isn’t overly expensive, these fees definitely add up, especially if you’re visiting the park on multiple days. With a bit of research, you can easily find a parking tip or policy that saves you money. Keep … Read more

Tips for Easy UF Parking (and Appealing Citations)

UF Parking Tips

The University of Florida is located in Northern Florida (on the opposite end of Miami and the Everglades). If you drive to school, you likely know that UF parking is ridiculous. The school makes over $1 million yearly from parking citations! Many students aren’t surprised to get a handful of parking tickets every semester.  This … Read more

DC Parking Tickets (Prices + How to Dispute)

DC Parking Tickets

Washington DC, the capital of the United States, lies between Maryland and Virginia. It’s 40 miles south of Baltimore and almost four hours driving distance from NYC. Although it’s not considered a state, it’s not inside of a state either. DC is considered a federal district and has millions of tourists every year. Commuters travel … Read more

Chicago Parking Tickets (Avoiding + Contesting Fines)

chicago parking tickets

If you’re local to Chicago, parking tickets aren’t a new subject for you. Parking enforcement gives out tickets like candy – they are able to ticket every car without a sticker, which costs $87 per year. This has caused an incredible amount of debt (sticker violations are the largest source of ticket debt in the … Read more

Where To Find the Best Staples Center Parking

best parking for staples center

The Staples Center (now called the Crypto.com Arena) is home to the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, NHL’s Kings, and WNBA’s Sparks. They also put on a wide array of concerts and other special events. Whether you’re visiting the Staples Center for a sports game or to watch your favorite musician perform, parking … Read more

Dodger Stadium Parking Lots & Tips for MLB Games & Other Public Events

Dodger Stadium Parking

Dodger Stadium ParkingHome to the Los Angeles Dodgers major league baseball team, Dodger Stadium is one of the largest venues in the city, with a 56,000 seating capacity. The ballpark is located a short drive away from downtown L.A. and is accessible via car and public transit. Our top guide will help Dodgers fans choose … Read more