Avoid or Dispute a Milwaukee Parking Ticket

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The cost of Milwaukee parking citations ranges from $22 to $200, and it increases every 14 days if you don’t pay them! Avoid spending money on parking tickets by following the regulations, paying attention to the signs, or choosing alternatives to on-street parking. This guide will teach you how not to get a Milwaukee parking ticket, but we will also explain how to dispute tickets easily in case you receive one. Apart from avoiding and appealing parking citations, you will learn more about street parking, its alternatives, and payment methods.

Milwaukee Street Parking Meters

The City of Milwaukee has smart meters that service up to two car parking spots. Time limits vary according to the neighborhood and range from 15 minutes to 10 hours. Check the parking sign next to a meter to find out both the time limit and hourly parking rate. The parking cost will be between $0.75 and $2.00 per hour, depending on the location. You can pay with coins, credit cards, online, or through the MKE Park App. Parking is free on Saturdays in the 3rd Ward and on several downtown streets, on Sundays, and major holidays.

If you come across a defective parking meter, you can report it online with a few clicks!

Avoid Milwaukee Parking Tickets

Whenever you leave your vehicle on a street, make sure you thoroughly read the sign next to the parking meter. If you follow the posted regulations, you won’t have to worry about getting a Milwaukee parking ticket! In addition to the time restrictions and other information on the sign, make sure you adhere to the general parking rules. For instance, don’t park your vehicle in an intersection, sidewalk, or bike lane. To discover how close can you park to a driveway, fire hydrant, or crosswalk, check out the following picture:

If a street has no posted time limits, you can park all day, while night parking hours are between 2 AM and 6 PM. Most residential streets in Milwaukee limit parking to one side of the street during the night hours. Note that you cannot leave your vehicle on a city street between 2 AM and 6 AM unless you have an overnight parking permit or temporary night parking permission.

City Parking Garages and Lots

The City of Milwaukee offers plenty of downtown parking facilities where you can park for a competitive rate without worrying about parking tickets. Before you leave your car in a downtown parking garage or lot, you can pre-book a spot to get the best deal! Many parking sites allow you to do that—you can read our reviews of ParkWhiz and SpotHero to learn more about their features. Daily parking prices in Milwaukee start at only $5! If going to Fiserv Forum or looking for a spot near the arena, check out our guide to Fiserv Forum to find a spot for as low as $5. In case you need a discounted parking space at or near General Mitchell International Airport, go through the Milwaukee Airport services to find what works for you.

Milwaukee Parking Violations & Costs

Depending on the type of Milwaukee parking ticket, you will be charged at least $22 or as high as $200. If you don’t pay soon enough, most citations will increase by $5, $10, or $15 every two weeks. After the third increase, you will get a notice to appear in court and pay everything you owe. The list below gives you a glimpse into the parking ticket costs.

Milwaukee Parking Violation Original Fee After 14 Days
Meter Parking Violation               $22 $6
Parked in Intersection, Crosswalk, or Sidewalk  $30 $10
Parked Within 10′ of a Hydrant $30 $10
Parked in School Zone $30 $10
Parked on Public Property Without a Permit $33 $5
Parked in Loading Zone $35 $5
Parked in a Tow Away Zone $60 $5
No Parking Tow Away & Relocation Fee  $110 $5
Unauthorized Parking in Handicapped Zone $200 $5

Already Got a Ticket? It May Be Invalid!

If you already got the City of Milwaukee parking ticket, don’t panic—you can still get away with it! Several factors and reasons can help you overthrow your parking infraction. We will list all of them to help you check if your ticket is valid:

  • Indecipherable handwriting
  • Wrong date, time, or county of issuance
  • Incorrect or missing vehicle details (license plate number, model, color, etc.)
  • Inaccurate or missing address of the parked vehicle
  • Unclear or faded parking sign
  • Defective parking meter
  • Your car was sold, stolen, or rented

If any of this applies to your case, or you have another plausible reason to contest your citation, see below how to dispute it successfully!

Dispute Your Milwaukee Parking Ticket

Before you initiate the process, prepare all the documents, write down your license plate number and citation number, and take photos if necessary to prove your point. Call 414-344-0840 to schedule a meeting with the Parking Citation Review Manager and find out more info.

You can fight your citation online, too—enter the numbers of your citation and license plate, click on Search, and follow the listed directions. If you received a parking ticket for an expired meter, you need to dispute the multi-space meter citation. For additional assistance, use the above-listed phone number and reach out to the Milwaukee Violations Bureau.

Another—much simpler—way to fight your Milwaukee parking citation is with the help of DoNotPay, the world’s first robot lawyer! All you have to do is to provide responses to several ticket-related questions and take a photo of it and send it to the chatbot. DoNotPay will create a template with all the details you need to win your dispute and email it to you.

Milwaukee Parking Ticket Payment

The City of Milwaukee gives you an array of options when it comes to parking ticket payments! If you wish to avoid dealing with the dispute process or administration, use one of the following ways to pay:

  1. Online—type in the number of your citation, license plate, and your state, and then follow the directions to pay with a Mastercard, Visa, or Discover credit card
  2. Via phone—call the Milwaukee Violations Bureau at 414-344-0840
  3. By mail—send your check or money order to City of Milwaukee Violations Bureau, P.O. Box 346, Milwaukee, WI, 53201-0346
  4. In-person—head to the downtown Police Administration Building at 951 N. James Lovell Drive; you can also visit the Violations Bureau at 6223 N. Teutonia Ave. or 2980 S. Chase Ave.
  5. Through Automated Payment Centers—go to any Police District at any time and pay via cash, check, or credit cards

Note that a $2.00 transaction fee will be charged for all credit card payments.


  • How much is a parking ticket in Milwaukee?

The cost varies from $22 to $200 based on the violation. See the list of Milwaukee parking violations and costs for more info.

  • How to dispute a parking ticket in Milwaukee?

Call 414-344-0840 and schedule a meeting with the Parking Citation Review Manager. Alternatively, use DoNotPay.

  • How to pay for Milwaukee parking tickets online?

Access the City of Milwaukee website. Enter the number of your citation, license plate, and your state, and then follow the directions to pay with a Mastercard, Visa, or Discover credit card.

  • Is parking still free in Milwaukee?

As usual, free parking is available on Sundays and major holidays, but Milwaukee also offers limited free parking spots on Saturdays in the 3rd Ward and some downtown areas.

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