Avoid Cleveland Parking Tickets

Whether you’re moving to Cleveland, Ohio, or just visiting the city, you must be well informed of city parking regulations to avoid getting a ticket. Parking Access will help you save time and money! Our guide has all the information on Cleveland parking tickets, including tips on avoiding, contesting, and paying them. You will also learn about on-street parking rules, fines, and alternatives. 

Use our guidelines to avoid or dispute your ticket successfully in Cleveland, as well as other major cities like Seattle, Atlanta, San Diego, and Oakland.

Cleveland Street Parking

Street parking meters in the City of Cleveland are enforced between 8 AM and 6 PM, and the standard parking rate is $0.50 per hour. Check the meter and signs when you park your vehicle to make sure your car is parked properly. Single-space parking meters don’t accept dollar bills and credit cards—you may use all denominations of the coin. If you park on West 6th Street, you can pay using a credit or debit card at all multi-space meters. Parking is free on major holidays, including New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Martin Luther King Day. 

How To Avoid Cleveland Parking Tickets

Steer clear of Cleveland parking citations by following the rules or avoiding on-street parking. Downtown garages and lots are a reliable and reasonably-priced alternative. You could also use public transit, but having your own vehicle is a better choice in Cleveland. Whenever you leave your vehicle on-street, pay attention to the city parking signs and what they indicate.

Let’s go over the most important city parking rules—make sure you don’t park your vehicle:

  • in a crosswalk or intersection
  • at a bus stop
  • on a sidewalk
  • in front of a driveway
  • next to a fire hydrant
  • in a disabled parking space without a permit
  • on the roadway side of another vehicle
  • at a broken parking meter

If you come across a defective meter, be sure to call the Division of Parking Facilities at 212-664-3566 and report it.

Cleveland Downtown Parking Lots

City parking garages and lots are great alternatives to street parking that have very competitive daily parking prices. For instance, Canal Basin Lot at 1519 Merwin charges only $2 per day, while parking during events is $15 per day. You can also use Lakefront Municipal Parking for $4 per day on non-event days, which is very affordable. If searching for a convenient parking spot for a Cleveland Indians game, check out the best Progressive Field parking options! If flying out of CLE, see our guide to Cleveland Airport parking to find a suitable spot.

Cleveland Parking Fines

The cost of Cleveland parking fines depends on the violation. If you’re wondering how much is a Cleveland parking ticket, here are some of the most common parking infractions:

  • Standard parking violation: $25 
  • Blocking a bus stop or fire hydrant: $50 
  • Parking in a handicapped parking space: $250 

After you get a ticket, you should either dispute it or pay it within 15 days.

Got a Parking Ticket? Can You Contest It?

Sometimes, even if you’re at fault, your ticket may be invalid due to someone else’s mistake. Check out the potential reasons your ticket could be annulled:

  • Indecipherable handwriting
  • Wrong date, time, or county of issuance
  • Inaccurate vehicle information (wrong license plate number, vehicle manufacturer, color, etc.)
  • Missing information
  • Faded or not visible parking sign 
  • Your car was stolen 
  • You are not the vehicle’s owner

If you think you have even a slight chance of winning your dispute, try fighting your infraction. Read through the section below to learn how to do it properly.

Dispute Your Cleveland Parking Ticket

Disputing Cleveland parking tickets may be tiresome, but it’s worth it if you manage to cut your expenses. You can either overturn your ticket or at least reduce the fine. You have several ways to contest your ticket in Cleveland, Ohio—choose one of the following:

  1. Call the Cleveland Parking Violations Bureau at 216-664-4744 and ask for an in-person hearing
  2. Contest your ticket online: enter the citation number, click on Next, and follow the listed steps
  3. Write a letter: state the circumstances in your own words, write down your contact details, license number, ticket number, amount, and location before you send it to Parking Violation Bureau, 1200 Ontario, Cleveland, Ohio 44113
  4. Use DoNotPay: the world’s first robot lawyer has been very successful and can assist you in disputing your Cleveland parking ticket

If you opt for an in-person hearing or writing a letter, prepare all your documents and evidence like photographs if possible.

Pay Your Ticket

If you didn’t win your dispute or don’t want to bother yourself with the process, use one of the listed options to pay your Cleveland parking tickets:

  1. Pay online—enter the ticket or license plate number and submit your request
  2. Reach out to the Cleveland Parking Violations Bureau by calling 216-664-4744
  3. Head to the Parking Violations Bureau, on the first floor of Cleveland Police Headquarters
  4. Mail your payment to the following address: City of Cleveland Parking Violations Bureau, P.O.Box 99939, Cleveland, OH 44199-0939

Make sure you pay the ticket within 15 days of issuance to avoid additional charges. After 15 days, a penalty of $10 will be added. After 45 days, they will charge you an additional $15, and then you have 20 more days to pay all of it before the City of Cleveland issues a judgment.


  • Do the Cleveland parking meters accept dollar bills and credit cards?

Multi-space meters on West 6th Street accept coins and credit and debit cards, while single-space meters accept coins only.

  • How long do I have to pay a Cleveland parking ticket?

 You have 15 days to either pay or dispute. After that, additional charges will be added.

  • Can you go to jail for unpaid parking tickets?

Parking violations aren’t criminal offenses. They won’t go on your record, and you can’t be sent to jail for unpaid tickets.

  • What is the Cleveland parking tickets phone number?

If you have any questions regarding the City of Cleveland parking tickets, call 216-664-4744.

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