Detroit Parking Ticket Guide

Getting a convenient parking space in the city doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. With the help of Parking Access, you can find a spot easily and avoid pricey parking citations. Our guide will take you through the street parking process, assist you in finding alternatives, and show you how to avoid a Denver parking ticket! If you already got one, learn how to contest it successfully or which payment method to use. 

Detroit Street Parking in a Nutshell

The City of Detroit offers plenty of on-street parking spots in all neighborhoods, and the rate or time limit depends on the location. Every location has a parking sign that contains all the information, so be sure to read it. The rates vary from $1 per hour in city neighborhoods to $2 per hour in the downtown area. You can pay with coins or use the ParkDetroit app, which allows you to pay or extend parking remotely and quickly! Use your iPhone or Android to download it, and note that there’s a 15-cent fee for each transaction. 

Avoid Detroit Parking Tickets

Staying away from parking citations is easy if you follow our tips and advice. Apart from knowing Detroit parking regulations and reading parking signs, you can research to see if any free parking is available in the area you’re visiting. If you’re going to a sports game or concert, pre-booking an event parking spot is the best idea. The same goes for airports! Finally, if it’s possible, you can avoid parking altogether by using public transportation. Learn more about each option below!

Find Free Parking

Free on-street parking in Detroit is available on Sundays and national holidays, so you can leave your vehicle at no charge on these days. Additionally, various locations throughout the city have limited parking spots available at no cost! If visiting the RiverWalk, head to the parking lot at Rivard Plaza, which offers a limited number of free spots. Eastern Market Sheds are north of downtown and provide free parking on weekends between 7 AM and 4 PM. Many properties have designated spots for their guests, so check if any is available whenever you go to a shop, hospital, mall, casino, library, etc.

Pre-Book a Parking Spot

If you’re headed to a ballpark, stadium, or arena and searching for a low-cost short-term parking service, we can help! Whether you plan to watch a Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, or Lions game, the following guides will provide the information you need. Find the best event parking area in no time!

Looking for a budget-friendly spot at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport? Rest easy—our team covered that, too! Click on any link for more information about on-site and off-site parking at and near DTW:

Use Public Transit

Staying away from driving and parking is the safest way of avoiding all the hassle! If possible, we suggest using public buses, which are reliable and affordable. The DDOT is a large public transport operator that offers prompt city bus service throughout Detroit, its suburbs, and surrounding cities. The most cost-effective option is purchasing a 7-Day Pass for $17 or a 31-Day Pass for $50. The DDOT passes allow unlimited bus rides.

All About Detroit Parking Citations

The cost of a ticket varies based on the Detroit parking violation you committed. Tickets for the parking meter and no-parking-zone violations are $45, while citations for parking in a handicapped zone are significantly higher. The discount policy is available for city residents, while visitors have to pay the full price. To avoid additional charges, make a Detroit parking ticket payment or fight your citation within 14 days of the ticket issuance.

Is Your Ticket Valid?

Not sure if you have a legal ground to contest a Detroit parking ticket? Go through the list of potential reasons why your ticket could be overthrown on the spot! For instance, your ticket is invalid if any of the listed details are missing or inaccurate:

  • Date, time, or county
  • Vehicle color, manufacture date, model, etc.
  • License plate number
  • Position of the parked vehicle

Additional reasons include:

  • Unreadable handwriting
  • Missing or faded sign
  • Broken parking meter
  • Rented, sold, or stolen vehicle

If you think you have a chance of winning, be sure to dispute your ticket as soon as possible!

How To Dispute a Parking Ticket in Detroit

If you don’t have enough time to visit the Detroit Parking Violations Bureau, you can dispute your ticket online! Enter your ticket and license plate numbers, click on Search, and follow the steps to initiate the process. Make sure you include all the necessary information and photos that may help you overthrow the infraction. To contest the ticket in person, head to the city government office located at 1001 10th Street.

The most painless way of appealing parking tickets in Detroit is through DoNotPay. The robot lawyer will take a small chunk of your time by requesting answers to several questions and then creating a legal argument script that you may use to fight the ticket.

Pay a Detroit Parking Ticket

Wondering how to pay off parking tickets in Detroit? ParkDetroit gives you the most convenient way to pay them online! Click on Get Started, accept the terms and conditions, and enter the needed details and contact information. You may use any major credit card. If you need additional info, call their customer service at 313-963-9630.

Contest Parking Citations in Other Cities

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