Guide to Monthly Parking: Downtown Minneapolis

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Moving to Minneapolis or starting a new job in the city? Getting a secure and conveniently located parking spot is a must, but it can be hard to find. That’s where we come in! Parking Access will provide the prices, locations, and all the necessary information on monthly parking. Downtown Minneapolis has an array of options, and we’ll help you book the best one. Use the tips from our guide to lower your costs and save a lot of time!

Minneapolis Monthly Parking in a Nutshell

Monthly parking rates in downtown Minneapolis start at $65 and go over $300! The price of a car parking service depends on various factors, including the location, time limit, and whether it’s a covered parking facility or an outdoor lot. We looked into all the options and created a list with all the necessary details. Go through Minneapolis monthly parking services, learn more about each lot, and discover how to minimize your expenses or reach out to a city parking provider.

Monthly Parking Downtown Minneapolis

After going through various parking sites and city parking providers, we discovered a variety of lots and garages across the downtown area. The list below offers all the information you need to easily find what works for you. Parking garages and lots are listed from the most affordable to the most expensive one.

Downtown Parking Area Address Parking Rate Service
First Covenant Garage 810 S 7th St. $120 5 AM – 9 PM
The Armory Garage Parking 500 S 6th St. $130 24/7
Impark Garage 324 S 9th St. $150 24/7
Historic Brownstones Lot 816 S Park Ave. $150 24/7
The Foshay Valet Parking Garage 821 S Marquette Ave. $175 Mon-Fri 7 AM – 7 PM
Centre Village Garage 700 S 5th Ave. $220 24/7
RSM Plaza Garage 800 S Marquette Ave. $250 24/7

Some facilities—including the First Covenant Garage and RSM Plaza Garage—require a 3-month commitment.

Contract Parking Downtown Minneapolis

Regular commuters can save money on monthly parking by signing up for a contract. Over a dozen parking structures allow this kind of agreement, including 11th and Marquette, Jerry Haaf Memorial, Mill Quarter, Riverfront, and ABC Ramps. Ramps are among the most popular options—they offer month-to-month contracts with no refunds for partial months. Here are the monthly parking rates:

  • Ramp A: $140
  • Ramp B: $160
  • Ramp C: $160

To reach any car parking structure, use the driving directions or check the map below:

How To Cut Your Parking Costs

Budget-conscious people have a few ways of saving money on monthly parking. Downtown Minneapolis has several parking services available at a lower price that are suitable for those who need parking for work only. The First Covenant Garage is one such facility. Alternatively, you may look into parking near transit stations—it tends to be cheaper and allows you to hop on a bus downtown. For instance, the Puzak Lot is close to the Cedar-Riverside station and has monthly rates starting at $65! Look it up online or go through the contact details below and call a parking operator for assistance.

City Parking Providers

Contact any Minneapolis parking company or garage for more information or to ask for potential deals and discounts. You might even get a lower price! Here are the most popular parking providers and their phone numbers:

Parking Company Phone Number
ABC Ramps 612-343-7275
Impark 612-341-8000
InterPark 612-746-3045
Loop Parking Company 612-333-2293
SP+ 612-371-0938
Denison Parking 612-746-2665
MPLS Parking 612-343-7275
Gateway Parking Ramp 612-338-2643
Plaza Municipal Parking Ramp 612-339-9061
Allied Parking Inc. 612-332-0391

Long-Term Minneapolis Airport Parking

If searching for a monthly parking spot near Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, we have a few tips for you! The smoothest way to find convenient parking is by going through both on-site and off-site parking lots and comparing the features and rates. That may be time-consuming, but we can speed up the process—check out the guide to MSP Parking, which offers all the information on parking at and near the airport! On-site facilities are more suitable for short stays, so we recommend off-site lots, such as PARK ‘N FLY. You could also look into hotels near MSP with free parking that provide an array of great long-term deals for airport passengers.


  • How much is monthly parking in downtown Minneapolis?

Monthly parking rates in Minneapolis range from $65 to over $300! The First Covenant Garage is one of the best options in the area with a monthly rate of $120.

  • How to reserve a monthly parking spot?

To pre-book a monthly parking space, you may use various platforms, such as SpotHero and ParkWhiz. To learn more about their services and features, check out our SpotHero Review or ParkWhiz Review.

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