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Traffic and parking tend to drive people mad in big cities, especially during peak hours or important events. That’s where Parking Access comes in! We offer guides to event parking, street parking options, and tickets to help you find the best spot and avoid citations. This one provides all the information you need to avoid or dispute Buffalo parking tickets successfully! Learn about the city parking services, rules, and rates, or discover how to contest or pay your parking ticket in Buffalo, NY.

How To Avoid Buffalo Parking Tickets 

To steer clear of Buffalo parking violations and save your money, you should know more about:

  • On-street parking 
  • Public parking lots
  • Parking alternatives

We looked into each option and singled out the most important details. Go through the following sections to discover the best ways to avoid Buffalo parking citations!

Learn About Buffalo Street Parking

The official government website states that metered parking in Buffalo is enforced from 8 AM to 5 PM on weekdays unless a sign indicates otherwise. However, according to local news, that period is stretched from 7 AM to 10 PM, and the hourly parking rate is $2 on most streets. Wherever you park, please check the sign for the time limit and rates, which don’t apply on holidays. Parking is free on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Find and Book Parking in Advance

An effective way to avoid a ticket is by parking your car in a public parking lot or garage. Various parking platforms may help you find a suitable parking spot in the city, and we can contribute by providing reviews of SpotHero and ParkWhiz. If searching for a convenient parking spot near Buffalo Niagara International Airport, use our guides to learn more about parking at BUF and nearby hotels:

You can also look into Park & Fly Hotels close to the airport in case you wish to stay the night before your flight.

Use Public Transportation

If you’re tired of driving, traffic, and searching for parking spots, using public transit is your go-to choice! Whether you hop on a Metro bus or opt for Metro Rail, you’ll have a safe and prompt ride. The standard one-way fare is $2, while the daily pass is $5 for both transportation services. Plan your trip and enjoy the ride across the city without worrying about your vehicle!

Buffalo Parking Citations

The cost of a ticket depends on the violation and whether you pay it within the designated time frame. Most tickets cost $40, but the price will increase to $65 after 8 days if you don’t pay it. After 75 days, you’ll have to pay $85! For this reason, we suggest that you either file an appeal or make a payment within the first week. Before you decide to pay, discover all the reasons the City of Buffalo parking tickets could be invalid!

Already Got a Ticket? Is It Valid?

There are several compelling reasons you can use to get your Buffalo parking ticket annulled! Here’s what you should check as soon as you get the ticket:

  • Handwriting—illegible tickets are easily overthrown
  • Date, time, and county—if any detail’s incorrect, you have a plausible reason for contesting
  • License plate number, model, color, and so on—see if anything’s missing or wrong

An issue with a parking meter or sign also gives you legal grounds to contest your ticket. Finally, if your car was stolen, rented, or sold, be sure to prove it, and you’ll avoid all the fuss! 

Contest Your Buffalo Parking Ticket Successfully

Searching for up-to-date information on the process of disputing parking tickets? Buffalo, NY, allows you to request three types of hearings:

  1. In-person hearing—Submit your request via phone or mail, and you’ll receive a letter with the date and time of your hearing. Be sure to bring all the documents and any evidence that may help you overthrow the parking infraction.
  2. Telephone hearing—After requesting the hearing, they will set the time and then call to conduct it. If you don’t have any tangible proof, this may be the best option.
  3. Ex-parte hearing—Send a letter or an email outlining your case and add any proof you think the hearing officer has to consider. Don’t forget to include your address and phone number, as well as a photocopy of your license.

Whatever option you choose, you can request it by calling Buffalo Parking Violations Bureau at 716-851-5182 or sending an email to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can schedule the hearing in person—head to the City Hall’s Room 111 at 65 Niagara Square, Buffalo NY, 14202. This is the mailing address, too.

Buffalo City Hall

If you don’t have enough time to fight Buffalo parking tickets, there’s an efficient alternative—use DoNotPay. The robot lawyer will create a hearing request on your behalf and make sure that you win the case!

Pay Your Parking Ticket

Residents who don’t want to deal with the bureaucracy should pay the ticket within 8 days of its issuance. The City of Buffalo gives you several ways to make a payment:

  1. Online—enter your license plate number and follow the directions
  2. Via mail—send the money to Parking Violations Bureau, Room 111, 65 Niagara Square Buffalo NY, 14202
  3. In-person—head to the office located at the above-listed address

If you don’t know the ticket’s amount or need any assistance, call the office at 716-851-5182.


  • How do you pay for your parking tickets online for the City of Buffalo, New York?

To Access Online Payments, enter your license plate number and state, click on Search, and follow the listed directions.

  • What is the time frame to pay parking tickets in Buffalo, NY?

You must pay it within 8 days, or the price will increase by at least $25.

  • How to request a hearing on parking tickets in Buffalo?

Call Buffalo Parking Violations Bureau at 716-851-5182 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also head to the office and schedule the hearing in person—go to the City Hall, Room 111.

Fight Parking Tickets in Other Cities

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