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Moving to Miami or starting a new job in the city or its suburb? You’re in the right place! Parking Access offers fresh long-term parking information that will help you find the most suitable spot. Learn all about Miami’s monthly parking options in the downtown area, Brickell, Miami Beach, Wynwood, North Miami, etc. Discover a wide selection of city parking structures and their monthly parking prices. We’ll also provide airport parking details, money-saving tips, and a few useful links to other Miami parking guides.

Miami Monthly Parking in a Nutshell

The City of Miami offers an abundance of public parking services! Each neighborhood and most suburbs have at least a couple of convenient long-term options. Monthly parking rates in the city vary from $80 to $400, based on the location and time limit. Miami Beach is the most expensive area, while downtown Miami is pricey but offers a few reasonably-priced services. Depending on your parking needs, location, and budget, choose one of the Miami monthly parking facilities from our lists below!

Monthly Parking: Downtown Miami 

The downtown area—which includes Brickell and Town Square—has plenty of car parking areas suitable for monthly services. The most affordable parking services are available in and near Town Square, while pricier facilities are placed in the southern part and near the Miami River. Most lots with lower prices have time limits, and these are great for people who need parking for work. Go through the list below to discover all the options, rates, and locations.

Parking Structure Address Monthly Rate Service
SP+ Garage Town Square 1444 Biscayne Blvd. $100 24/7
Museum Tower Miami Garage 140 SW 1st St. $125 24/7
M&M Parking Lot 1044 NE 2nd Ave. $125 Mon–Fri: 6 AM–7 PM 
M&M Lot 127 NE 11th St. $125 Mon–Fri: 7 AM–7 PM 
M&M Lot 101 SW 1st St.  $150 Mon–Fri: 6 AM–7 PM 
M&M Lot 60 SE 2nd St. $175 24/7 
SP+ Parking Garage 777 Brickell Ave. $160 24/7
SP+ Garage 1401 Brickell Ave.  $185 24/7
Cindy Lot 29 NW 1st St. $205 24/7

The 101 SW 1st St. Lot is ideal for oversized vehicles.

Other City Neighborhoods & Suburbs

If you go outside the city center, you’ll be able to find a monthly parking space for as low as $80! The list below offers the best lots in Wynwood, Coral Gables, North Miami, etc. Check them out, and use their addresses to see if the location works for you.

Neighborhood Parking Location Address
Wynwood 2337 NW 5th Ave. $80
Coconut Grove 3253 Franklin Ave.  $85
Riviera 6561 Santona St. $100
Coral Gables 2355 Galiano St.  $105
North Miami 12431 NE 9th Ave. $118
Miami Lakes  5901 NW 151st St. $118

Monthly Parking: Miami Beach

Being the priciest in the city, Miami Beach’s monthly parking lots aren’t suitable for budget-conscious residents. We listed the top five structures below, but there’s another lot close to North Beach with a more reasonable rate. It’s an outdoor parking area located at 1960 Normandy Dr. with a monthly rate of $130 for standard vehicles. Oversized vehicle drivers can also use it for $235 per month. Here are the other options situated closer to the city center:

Parking Facility Address Monthly Rate
1212 Lincoln Rd Garage 1614 Alton Rd. $135
Z Ocean Parking Garage 1437 Collins Ave. $150
Quality Meats Garage 1501 Collins Ave. $250
1248 Washington Ave Lot 499 13th St. $300
M&M Parking Lot – Valet Service 1732 James Ave. $350

Note that the Z Ocean Parking Garage’s $150 rate applies to residents who need parking on weekdays—it’s accessible Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 5 PM. The 24/7 service is available for $350 per month. Check out the Miami Beach Parking guide to discover where to find a free parking spot whenever you need short-term parking.

Monthly Parking: Miami Airport

We did extensive research into long-term parking at and near Miami International Airport to provide you with the best options! The most affordable on-site parking facility is the garage, which has a daily rate of $17. Too expensive? Look into our guide to Miami Airport and compare on-airport and off-site lots in a couple of seconds! Here are some of the most popular off-airport parking companies, which offer lower daily rates:

The cheapest self-parking service for extended stays is provided by Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon—it offers monthly parking for as low as $95! This means that your daily parking rate would be approximately $3.

Get a Miami Parking Authority Monthly Permit

The city offers a selection of parking garages and street parking spots available for monthly purchases. To do that, you need to create an MPA account and add a valid credit card to it. Miami monthly parking is available at numerous locations across the city, and the downtown rates start at $40! Look through the online map to find a suitable parking location and then click on it for additional information.

Helpful Tips for Saving Time and Money

To reduce your expenses, book a monthly spot in a facility with a time limit, such as those several M&M lots from the first list. An even cheaper option is getting a monthly permit through the Miami Parking Authority—this is the best choice for most employees in the city. If possible, you could also park farther from downtown and then use public transit to the city. Before you make a reservation, call one of the best city parking providers for more info or to try to negotiate a lower price:

  1. M&M Parking: 305-970-5516
  2. SP+ Miami: 305-381-6868
  3. Courthouse Garage: 305-373-6789
  4. Miami Center Parking Garage: 305-358-8264
  5. Miami Beach Parking: 305-673-7505

Additional Guides: Miami Event Parking

Our team has been creating guides that cover the most popular locations and services across the country! Apart from Miami monthly parking and airport parking, we can assist you in finding the most convenient parking space for any game, concert, or another event at the following venues:

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