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Park 'N Go
Park 'N Go 5701 Audubon Dr. Sandston, VA, USA

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Park-N-Go Dayton
Review on Oct 19, 2017
"I have had nothing but great experience with Park-N-Go. I travel frequently and they are f..."
Park-N-Go Dayton 1140 W. National Rd. Vandalia, OH, USA

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You're looking at the first neo classically designed public building in America Thomas Jefferson designed it to be the Capitol building for the Commonwealth of Virginia, here enrichment it was finished in 1790 just a few years after the United States was formed. Based on a Roman temple built in France in the first century AD Virginia's Capitol building was about to the ideals of the past and a grand gesture towards the future of the new nation I can tell they were going to have to take a closer look at this important building. Later on in the series but Richmond has a whole lot of other important structures that really tell the story of American history here in st. John's Church in 1775 Patrick Henry helped kick off the revolution with his famous speech give me liberty or give me death. In the early days of the new United States government, the Supreme Court gruesome teeth thanks to chief justice John Marshall who lived in this federal style house. On east marshall street this monumental church as it's called was designed in 1812 by Robert Mills the same man who designed the Washington Monument. Not only the capital of Virginia Richmond was also the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War era this house on East Clay Street now museum was the White House of the Confederacy an executive residence for Jefferson Davis with an imposing columned portico Jefferson Davis and Robert e lee worshipped here at st. Paul's Episcopal Church built in 1845 and known as the cathedral of the Confederacy after the tumult of the Civil War.

Richmond began regaining its fortunes again by 1886 when Richmond City Hall was built with its tall tower. The city was once again one of the most important industrial centers in the south Shaco slipped as this neighborhood. Along the James River is called was once home to the South busiest commercial trading district it was devastated by fire during the war but today it's been restored and houses a lively mix of restaurants, shops, and nightclubs.

By 1895 grand buildings like the Jefferson hotel were going up in Richmond. One look at those classical decorations are quite brick granite and terracotta those towers loggias and pavilions not to mention the elegant lobby with its statue of Jefferson himself and you know that Richmond was a prosperous place by the turn of the 19th century but the building were really here to see was built at the dawn of that century Virginians Executive Mansion while no record exists of where the earliest Virginia governor's resided we do know that the legislature in 1811 authorized the expenditure of twelve thousand dollars for the construction of an executive mansion they ended up actually spending 20 and the results to right behind me a beautiful example of what we today call the federalist style Charles Bulfinch is Massachusetts State House is one of the first and grandest examples of the style and it inspired the young Boston architect Alexander Paris. When Paris moved south to Richmond he designed the elegant Wickham house and won the contract to design the new executive mansion Richmond carpenters and contractors took over and after adding a few elements like the poor to go over the front door and the parapet over the eaves the house was first occupied in 1813 by Governor James barber and his family. Today this gracious house is the oldest continuously occupied governor's mansion in the US and home to governor James Gilmour his wife Roxanne and their two children the problem is as with any old house every few years it's time for some serious renovations let's go inside and meet the first lady of the Commonwealth of Virginia Roxanne Gilmour.