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PARK 'N FLY - Oakland
PARK 'N FLY - Oakland 82 98th Avenue Oakland, CA, USA

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My name's Hager panzram, the higher education reporter for the daily Californian, I'm also a lifelong resident of Oakland which is kind of Berkeley's more infamous larger neighbor. To the south and that we're pretty diverse city there's a lot of stuff going on. Right now we're in Chinatown which is kind of next to downtown Oakland. We're at Wall Street Bart is and I'm shouldn't take you on a quick tour of different areas and Oakland. You might not know about I'm gonna show you around Oakland show you some spots you can go to during spring break maybe you don't have the budget to go traveling to Venice or wherever you want to go so come enjoy the beautiful spots of Oakland.

We got food, we got venues or shows, you got movie theaters, you got movie palaces. Actually, we have a Lake Meredith the jewel of Oakland. We got some products up in the hills it's a it's kind of like a Vietnamese chain they have very very good Vietnamese sandwiches which are I mean they kind of combine like French and Vietnamese cuisine you know his French kind of inside Vietnam about allows two delis restaurant its part of Chinatown which is this kind of like it's right next to downtown Oakland which has a BART station it's very accessible there's a lot of really good like you know Asian cuisine, in general, it's not limited Chinese stuff that's it so the original ones. Way over in East Oakland there's another one actually but this is an Oakland's uptown it kind of is oh one of the newer parts of Oakland this is the renovated Fox Theater it's a really cool place Yoko Ono's going to be there in a few days which is ridiculous, yeah there's a lot of bars here the uptown bar, there the den, there's a new place called the new parish down. The block they had mos def and Dave Chappelle both go over there within like a week of each other the jewel of Oakland Lake Merritt named after former mayor Samuel Merritt thank you it's actually a man-made lake it's the largest man-made lake, the largest man-made salt lake. This side of the Mississippi yeah the last two years have been renovating the park.

These paths Romans grass knew its streets horse grass this is a lakeshore area of Oakland. The grand lake theater is over there's tremendous movie palace and got downtown over there Chinatown was right over there. Everton Jones is in that direction the uptown is kind of more that way. Then we're about to go to is this taco Sinaloa which is choco trucks and then like the shack over here so one taco truck is for fish, tacos are ones for regular ones and this place sells out for this guy's very nice in Sequoia Lengua Martin check that out so up here to the east the hills of Oakland and this is where as the top of them right here do lots of nice parts of trails. Okay you should go scampering around for hours over there not the hablo kind of other parts of these fake this is have you got it you can got it way up for this stuff but it's really really good at the scenery.