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Park Ride + Fly Albany
Park Ride + Fly Albany264 Wolf Road Ext. Latham, NY, USA

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Albany is the capital city of New York, but the roots of this town are so old they predate the founding of America by 110 years. Albany is one of the oldest surviving European settlements from the original 13 colonie. T donggun charter established Albany as a city in 1686 and it is the oldest US city charter still in effect. So by American standards this city is as old as the hills. The land was first inhabited by the Mohican and Algonquin tribes. The Mohicans called it here goes khempo to Wed Hut Mohican new meaning fireplace of the Mohican Nation Englishman Henry Hudson of Hudson River fame settled the region for the Dutch in 1609 due to the rich fur beaver trade. The Dutch called the area bevorwick and that name was so terrible that when the English took over a few decades later they changed it to Albany. But it is the Dutch heritage that has lasted to this day.

Albany wasn't even New York State's first choice. It was originally Kingston. Buty during the Revolutionary War the British burned it to the ground after the Battle of Saratoga. During the Revolutionary War the British controlled New York City. It was a loyalist stronghold so they kept going farther up the river to places like Kingston and Poughkeepsie. Sometimes they were not there for very long and they finally ended up in Albany. So in 1797 this became the official capital. Today's Albany is as modern as ever. It's blue-collar past has turned into a high-tech future. The vibe of Albany is a great combination of kind of old and new people who are retiring and downsizing and the Millennials who want to live in the downtown area so we're getting that great mix it has such a great history beautiful neighborhoods the surrounding areas.

There's so much to see and do you can easily be in a city environment or you can be in the country the farming communities. Upstate have contributed to the Capitals budding gastronomical uprising. Albany is also part of a great fort to table or farm-to-table revolution that's going on now. The farm goods that are produced around here you can taste in the restaurants. You can buy yourself at some of the farmers markets and I think you know you get a sense that you can actually taste a little bit of the valley as well as see it.