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Compare and Reserve Parking at 10 Boston
(BOS) Airport Parking Lots
  • Thrifty Parking Boston
    Thrifty Parking Boston
    1 2 3 4 5
    Good (249 reviews)
    40 Lee Burbank Hwy.
  • Rodeway Inn Boston Logan Airport
    Rodeway Inn Boston Logan Airport
    1 2 3 4 5
    Good (890 reviews)
    309 American Legion Highway
  • Logan Airport Parking Services
    Logan Airport Parking Services
    1 2 3 4 5
    Good (18 reviews)
    156 Porter St unit 215
  • Four Points by Sheraton Boston Logan Airport
    Four Points by Sheraton Boston Logan Airport
    1 2 3 4 5
    Good (1090 reviews)
    407 Squire Rd
  • PreFlight Airport Parking
    PreFlight Airport Parking
    1 2 3 4 5
    Good (595 reviews)
    111 Eastern Ave
  • Fasttrack Boston Airport Parking
    Fasttrack Boston Airport Parking
    1 2 3 4 5
    Good (0 reviews)
    30 Railroad Street
  • Economy Parking Garage - Boston Logan International Airport
    Economy Parking Garage - Boston Logan International Airport
    1 2 3 4 5
    Good (18251 reviews)
  • Avid Hotel
    Avid Hotel
    1 2 3 4 5
    Good (0 reviews)
    405 American Legion Hwy 02151 Revere MA USA
  • Se-lect Airport Valet Parking
    Se-lect Airport Valet Parking
    1 2 3 4 5
    Good (425 reviews)
    230 Lee Burbank Hwy 02151 Revere MA USA
  • Rodeway Inn Airport Parking - Boston
    Rodeway Inn Airport Parking - Boston
    1 2 3 4 5
    Good (0 reviews)
    309 American Legion Hwy 02151 Revere MA US
Boston Logan International Airport lots map

Discover the best parking options at Logan Airport in Boston with our expert guide. As experienced travelers, we understand the importance of finding a safe and convenient place to park your vehicle while away. Our comprehensive guide makes it easy for you to navigate all available options. We provide detailed descriptions of on-site and off-site parking facilities, compare pricing differences, and offer tips for choosing reputable providers. Additionally, we discuss public transportation alternatives as well as ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. With years of experience helping travelers park at airports across New England, trust us to help you find great parking spots near Logan International Airport!

On-site Parking Options

Discover the top parking options at Logan Airport in Boston with expert tips. Convenient and secure on-site choices are available for travelers, including Terminal B Garage, Central Parking Garage, and Economy Parking Lot. Consider factors like convenience, security measures, and rewards programs when selecting an option. Keep in mind that peak travel times may result in higher prices or wait times for shuttles or walking distances. For personalized recommendations based on your preferences such as cost range from economy lots through valet services; proximity of garages/lots relative distance from specific locations within Boston area; hours of operation availability try using to find the best spot waiting just outside arrivals hall doors!

Off-site Parking Options

Consider off-site parking as a cost-effective alternative to on-site garages at Logan Airport in Boston. Many facilities offer additional services like car detailing or oil changes while you're away. Keep these factors in mind when choosing the best option: pricing, reputation, location, security measures, and reservation process. Compare prices and factor in any additional fees before making a decision. Choose a reputable provider with good reviews and established reliability. Consider how far you're willing to travel and whether transportation options are available. Ensure adequate security measures are in place such as surveillance cameras or 24-hour staff presence. Booking ahead can help ensure availability and potentially save money. Enjoy affordable rates compared to long-term garage costs with added privileges like free shuttles between terminals!

Public Transportation to Logan Airport

For those who prefer not to park their car at the airport, public transportation is a viable option that many travelers find convenient. Boston's MBTA or "T" system offers several options for getting to and from Logan Airport. Bus routes 22 and 33 provide direct service between downtown Boston and all terminals at the airport. The Silver Line bus also connects South Station with each terminal. Commuter rail services are available on both the Framingham/Worcester line and Providence/Stoughton line, stopping at Back Bay Station in Boston where passengers can transfer onto the Orange Line subway to reach Logan Airport. The Blue Line subway serves all terminals via an underground station located beneath Terminal C. This line connects with other subway lines throughout Boston, making it easy for travelers coming from any part of the city. Using public transportation can be a cost-effective way to travel without worrying about parking fees. However, keep in mind that travel times may vary depending on your location and time of day compared to driving or taking a taxi/ride-sharing service. Overall, if you're looking for affordable options when traveling through Logan International Airport - using public transportation is definitely worth considering!

Ride-Sharing Services

Looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to get to Logan Airport in Boston? Look no further than ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft! As an expert on parking options at Logan Airport, I can tell you that these services offer many advantages over driving yourself or using public transportation. First of all, ride-sharing services provide door-to-door service, so you won't have to worry about navigating through traffic or finding a parking spot. Plus, they often have dedicated pick-up and drop-off areas at airports like Logan, making them easy to use. To make the most of your ride-sharing experience when traveling to/from Logan Airport, here are some tips: 1. Plan ahead: Schedule your ride well in advance so that you don't end up waiting around for too long. 2. Check pricing: Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on factors such as time of day and demand levels. 3. Consider luggage: If you're traveling with a lot of luggage, make sure the vehicle has enough space to accommodate everything comfortably. 4. Communicate with your driver: Once your ride arrives, communicate clearly with your driver about where exactly you need to go and any other special requests or instructions. Overall, if convenience is what matters most when it comes to finding parking options at Logan Airport in Boston - then utilizing ride-sharing services is definitely worth considering!

Additional Considerations When Choosing Parking Options at Logan Airport

As an expert in airport parking, I know that finding the right parking option can make or break your travel experience. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a parking facility at Logan Airport: 1. Security: Your vehicle's safety is paramount, so choose a facility with top-notch security measures like surveillance cameras and on-site personnel. Look for well-lit areas and gated facilities to ensure maximum protection. 2. Distance from Terminal: Depending on your needs, you may want to choose a lot/garage closer to the terminal or one that offers shuttle services or pedestrian walkways for easy access. 3. Reservation Requirements: Some lots require reservations while others offer drive-up availability. If you have specific preferences (like covered parking), it's best to reserve ahead of time. 4. Rewards Programs: Many facilities offer rewards programs that provide discounts or other perks for frequent users - be sure to check if any apply before making a decision. 5. Payment Options: Make sure you know what payment options are available - some accept credit cards only while others also accept cash or mobile payments like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. 6. Valet Services: For added convenience and luxury, valet services may be available at certain garages/lots for an additional fee. 7. Booking Timeframe: During peak travel times (like holidays), demand can be high - booking early can save money and guarantee availability. Whether you're traveling internationally or domestically, there are plenty of viable options near Boston's Logan Airport depending on your budget and preferences! Consider comparing rates between different garages/lots in the area using websites like SpotHero before making your final decision. Don't forget about nearby hotels like Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport which offers economy day rates as low as $10/day with free shuttle service included! Or try Massport's Central Parking Garage which has lower rates than the airport's official parking facilities. If you're looking for a more pedestrian-friendly option, consider using one of the many transit stations in the area to get to Logan Airport - this can save you both time and money. No matter which facility or method you choose, be sure to contact their office with any questions or concerns before your trip. With these expert tips and considerations in mind, finding the perfect parking spot at Logan Airport will be a breeze!


As an expert in parking options at Logan Airport in Boston, we understand that finding the right spot to park your car can be overwhelming. But don't worry, we're here to help! Let's start by discussing the different types of parking available. There are lots of on-site and off-site facilities with varying rates and availability. We'll compare pricing differences between them so you can make an informed decision. If you prefer public transportation, there are several bus routes, subway lines, and commuter rail services that serve the airport. Ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft are also viable alternatives. When selecting a parking option, it's important to consider factors beyond just price such as security measures and proximity to terminals.

We suggest booking your chosen option well in advance for peace of mind. Based on our expertise and first-hand experience using these facilities ourselves, we recommend comparing different options before making a reservation. Some great choices include Central Parking Garage at Terminal B/C or Revere Hotel Boston Common Garage for those looking for lower costs; Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport Garage or Star Rating Valet Parking for those seeking more privileges; Prescott Street Parking Lot or Gulf Gas Station Revere Beach Parkway Lot if you prefer walkways; SpotHero app if you want credit card payment facilities; North End Park & Shuttle if you need shuttle service from nearby transit stations. We hope this guide has been helpful in navigating the many parking options available at Logan Airport in Boston. Safe travels!

Keep reading to discover parking rates for parking near Logan Airport, view maps, and discover links to other useful sites. Additionally, you will find information on Parking Coupons Discounts, and Deals, as well as Boston Logan Airport Long Term parking reviews.

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Logan Int’l Airport provides several parking options to all passengers - there are economy parking and pricier close-in alternatives. Daily parking rates vary based on a parking option -** from $25 for Logan Airport Economy Parking** to $38 for Terminal Parking. See below for the full list of Logan Airport parking rates.

The Cell Phone Lot

This is a free area for everyone picking up an arriving passenger at BOS, and it is situated at the intersection of Hotel Drive and Service Road. This is the best parking area since curbside parking is forbidden. There is 30-minute maximum waiting time, and you cannot leave your vehicle unattended. See how to reach this parking lot here.

Parking FAQs
  • Are the airport shuttle buses operating due to the Pandemic?

Economy parking lots are closed due to COVID 19

  • How much does it cost to use Boston Airport long term parking?

Boston Airport Economy Parking offers thecheapest parking - the daily rate is $29. There are several more parking options, and you can see the Boston parking rates above (all parking fees are included).

  • If I’m picking up/dropping off someone, is there any cost?

You can use the Cell Phone Lot for up to 30 minutes free of charge. This waiting area is situated at the intersection of Hotel Drive and Service Road.

  • Is there disabled parking at the airport, and is it free?

Many disabled parking spaces are available in all parking garages. However, it is not free of charge; regular rates apply.

  • How much is Boston Airport Short Term parking going to cost?

The hourly rates in Terminal Parking facilities are as follows: $8 for up to 1 hour, $21 for 1-2 hours, $26 for 2-3 hours, $30 for 3-4 hours, and $34 for 4-7 hours.

  • Is there a phone number available for Boston Airport parking information?

Yes! For further information about Boston Airport parking service, please call 617-561-1673.

  • Are shuttles offered for the Boston Airport Economy Parking?

Yes! Boston Airport Economy Parking facility provides free shuttle buses to and from the airport terminal building every 15-20 minutes.

  • Does Boston Airport offer EV charging station?

Yes! BOS Airport offers 26 EV charging stations located near the terminals. Here you can find out more information.

  • How may I pay for vehicle parking?

You may pay with cash, debit or any major credit card, such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

  • Do I need to make an online reservation to park on-site?

No, parking spots are available on a first come, first served basis. However, you can make airport parking reservations just to make sure you have a secured parking space.