Terminal Parking - Dallas-Ft. Worth Int'l Airport

Terminal Parking - Dallas-Ft. Worth Int'l Airport

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0.3 miles from DFW
2400 Aviation Dr, Dallas, TX, US



Terminal Parking at DFW

2400 Aviation Dr, Dallas, TX, US
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Bryan Ensign
1 2 3 4 5
Is airport is absolutely massive and super crowded. But it's well organized, well structured and all of the employees are incredibly nice. There are plenty of concession stands everywhere if you're thirsty or want snacks. It is setup where you don't have to wait in line like a lot of airports. If you get lost or need help, there's directories available and people here that can help you find your way.
Zach Smith
1 2 3 4 5
This airport is a monster! It features 5 terminals and a train shuttle for quicker access to each terminal. There are tons of restaurants from your typical fast food to the more upscale fine dining. Every terminal has different options on restaurants. They do have a directory in each terminal that lists all the different stores at each terminal. This airport is very, very big so I would plan accordingly as it is extremely busy. There are not a lot of opportunities to recline in any of the offered seating in restaurants and around the airport, so if there is a long layover, your best bet is to get a hotel. Luckily, there is a hotel right outside the airport, but it's pretty pricey. If I hadn't mentioned before, this airport is massive and can be a pain to navigate, especially if you are running on a tight schedule. Hope this helps safe travels
1 2 3 4 5
What to say about the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport?

It is a huge airport serving 2 cities, and it's nothing short of organized, clean, and full of places to eat, buy goodies, etc.

The airport participates in recycling. Most trashcans have separate compartments. There are many food options ranging from quick to full service and offering several cuisines from around the world. The speaker system is great, and you can actually understand what they're saying. Security checkpoints are efficient and follow the highest security guidelines.

I highly recommend it to fly into.
Chan Tran
1 2 3 4 5
Very big, busy international air port. Very fast customs, too. You can look for information booth and just scan your ticket's barcode to reveal your flight information. The most important thing is the boarding gate & boarding time. Very fast method compared to looking for flight information on the display screen.
Tamra Mckinley
1 2 3 4 5
I flew in for a connecting flight to Denver... so tired of sitting I walked around the A terminal. The man in L'Occitane was so nice.. told me the scent I was smelling in the corridor (which was amazing!) Very friendly, not pushy! Loved the scent!

Next time I game a connection here, I will come back and get a bottle of Alluring and Enchanting!

Thank you so much for being nice and for the advice! You, sir, are a rock star!

As for the airport, I had no issues! I flew American and they give you a map of the airport so I had no problem finding my way.

The restrooms aren't huge, but there is one every 20 ft (well it seemed like it!)
BR00KE _Amonalisa
1 2 3 4 5
It's Huge! It's my first experience at and airport, so much to look at and take pictures of ofcourse. I didn't know all this could be in an airport, it's like a little town of It's own! I may be working, but I'm still enjoying myself. To see so many people here...everyday..going different places, I hope to be on a few of those flights soon! Definitely more pictures to come..
Korey Kendrick
1 2 3 4 5
Seen some things that could be better but overall a 4.5 experience. Yeah things are a bit more expensive than in the city but Im sure we all expect that at an airport. Pretty clean and the staff are polite for the the most part.
Tolu (PTM)
1 2 3 4 5
It's a beautiful, cozy, busy, and massive airport. Their volunteers are friendly, respectful, knowledgeable, and calm. They have a light rail that leads to all the gates, and there are signs pointing in different directions.
Drew Makarwich
1 2 3 4 5
This is one of kind place. Very much to have it all with preparedness. Very quiet and great meals. Also very lovely scenic places. Good staff very much with smart options . Grooming need is key. Very much a safer place. Must but your own plane pass to go abroad. Does require valid Id validated
Mr. Ryder
1 2 3 4 5
if you need to fly somewhere in Dallas Fort Worth area, it’s an airport. Lots of planes on your parking rather expensive. If you’re going for a long period of time might be better to get it dropped off or maybe Uber to the airport airport. Take a taxi walk if you are in good shape, I guess Dalas Texas complain about state big big huge airport property still updating some spraying up but it’s clean sufficient plane takes off and lands really else if you care about food selection is some good stuff. Nothing exciting I don’t know not exactly tourist attraction way to get to your final destination
Cali Living
1 2 3 4 5
This review is for C terminal and American Airlines.

The check in counter was not crowded when we arrived. The Uber dropped us off directly in front of the gate. There is no separate TSA precheck line but when we went around 3 pm the airport was not crowded. Some departure gates are right in front of the security and it gets very crowded.

There are many options to grab something quick to eat.
Chin Zhi Hui
1 2 3 4 5
A large airport and American Airlines fortress hub. The check in was fast and speedy, perhaps maybe there aren't many originating passengers from here. Ample selection of shops.
Gen Bowerbank
1 2 3 4 5
Employees were all friendly and gave clear directions, as we waited for our flight. The airport was clean as well as the bathrooms. I love that they give you the option to order food right from your seat at the gate via QR code.

They use the Skylight, an above train to get you between terminals quickly and are quite an efficient airport, look for the larger orange signs to find this shuttle.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DOORS CLOSED QUITE QUICKLY AT EACH STOP, AND THEY DO NOT SENSE IF THERE'S A HUMAN BETWEEN THE TWO DOORS. The last time I was at this airport my husband got off and the doors shut between me and him separating us as well as separating half of another family. So move quickly!
Dipesh Dhakal
1 2 3 4 5
It is large airport with many terminals and a lot of commodity stores. There is skyline train facility to communicate between terminals. It is transit for many cities so you should be careful of flight delays and gate changes! My gate was changed at least 6 times with 2 changes in terminal. Very populated and busy airport. So always keep your eyes and ear open for updates!!
Constance Crawford
1 2 3 4 5
Everyone that I met working for American Airlines and the airport were each kind and generous. They allowed my daughter to stay with me until I boarded the plane. Although I had to use a wheelchair, at no point was I made to feel as if I was a burden. I was treated with the utmost respect and made to feel valuable as a person and a customer. The stewardesses on both flight 1118 to Dallas-Fort Worth and on flight 2244 from Dallas-Fort Worth also each made me feel comfortable and cared for. I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences.
Veronica O'Neill
1 2 3 4 5
Second biggest airport in the country with multiple terminals that made security/customs fairly quick. a lot of places to shop and dine. Clean bathrooms and lots of outlets at the gates. The skylink is fast and frequent. I don’t know if this is the fault of the airport or the airline but my gate changed 4 times in 4 hours.
Brielle Bernat
1 2 3 4 5
Only stopped here for a connecting flight so not sure how good security is. But this airport is awesome! It's clean all around, lots of restaurants, shops and even a yoga studio! Great information stations with directories. Would absolutely use this airline more often!
Jefferey Holoman
1 2 3 4 5
We travel a lot and go through many airports and have been at DFW many times. I must say that the new part of terminal D is awesome!! It is squeaky clean and ultra modern. The restrooms are cool and unlike any I’ve seen at any other airports. The gates are equipped with comfortable chairs and sources to charge up any of your devices! The coolest thing ever is you can order food right from your seat!! Love the new addition!!!
Sayak Das
1 2 3 4 5
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is an outstanding travel hub that has consistently exceeded my expectations. Here's why it deserves a solid 5-star rating:

Efficiency: DFW Airport's layout and organization are top-notch. It's easy to navigate, and the Skylink system ensures swift transfers between terminals.

Cleanliness: The airport is impressively clean, which enhances the overall travel experience. Restrooms are well-maintained, and the facility is spotless.

Dining Variety: DFW Airport offers a fantastic selection of dining options. Whether you're craving Texan BBQ or international cuisine, you'll find it here. The quality of food is exceptional.

Shopping Diversity: Shopaholics will love the wide range of shops available. From luxury boutiques to souvenir stores, there's something for everyone. It's perfect for last-minute gifts or retail therapy.

Friendly Staff: The airport staff is consistently helpful and welcoming. From security to airline employees, they go above and beyond to assist travelers.

DFW Airport sets a high standard for what an airport should be. It's efficient, clean, offers diverse dining and shopping, and boasts a friendly staff. Whether you're a local or a visitor, DFW Airport provides a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Highly recommended!
Jason Abraham (Jason Abraham Photography)
1 2 3 4 5
Probably one of the biggest airports I have been to. The sky rail gets you between your terminals, and it is quite efficient to get around this large airport. People that work here are very nice, and the airport is quite clean.
Ethan Shaffer
1 2 3 4 5
I got to spend around three hours at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport for a layover and I have to say that this is the best airport I've ever been in and it certainly sets itself apart from other airports. Usually I'm not a big fan of massive sprawling airports where you would have to walk for a long time to get to your next connecting flight, especially if you don't have a long layover. But the rail service that's in this airport is phenomenal! It's fast, efficient, and can take you exactly where you want to go! I found my next gate within five or so minutes without having to walk much at all. And as a big fan of trains I really can't praise it enough.

Additionally, the airport was extremely clean and modern. The staff was friendly and they seemed to have a lot of good food choices although I personally didn't try any of them at the time.

I definitely plan on visiting again though! Probably when the bullet train in Dallas opens.
Michael Soldate
1 2 3 4 5
Dallas is one of my favorite airports to fly in and out of or to have connecting flights and when I’m going back-and-forth from the West Coast and East Coast.

Of all the airports I’ve flown in and out of or have had connecting flights in Dallas has had the least amount of delays or cancellations compared to Charlotte Atlanta or Denver, which are the other major airports for connecting flights.

The tramp system is very efficient and you’re able to get through all the different gates and terminals really quickly and this is great for if you have lounge access let’s say you need to get to a different terminal ticket to your lounge and back to another terminal to get your flight Maybe it takes about 10 to 15 minutes from terminal to lounge which is really great.
1 2 3 4 5
Hey there, fret not my dude, no need to fear getting lost in the DFW airport. It's pretty easy to navigate, even your half-blind grandma can find her way around, thanks to a ridiculous amount of signs at every turn.

The parking garages are all large and simple to figure out. No more driving in circles like a confused psychiatric patient.

Although you have to pay to enter the airport they allow you to use your toll tag which makes the process worry-free.

Something most people don’t appreciate about public places: The restrooms here are spacious and come with music playing in the background, so you can do your business without hearing your neighbor in the stall next to you crying about having to go to the chiropractor after their spirit flight.

Local mayors in DFW give warm welcomes to visitors on a looping message, which is very Texas-like.

You won't go hungry at DFW. They have everything from fancy restaurants to convenient stores, so you can satisfy your hunger however you please.

And security? No sweat. It's usually a breeze, so you can get on with your journey with ease especially if you follow the tips below.

Now for some pro tips:

1. For domestic flights, arrive one hour early. For international flights, make it two hours. And if you're flying during a holiday, add another hour to your check-in plans. Trust me, you don't want to miss your flight!

2. Wear comfortable clothes and matching socks.

3. Always take a peek at the airport map before you arrive or depart from any airport.

4. Keep track of your flights using the app or website of the airline you're flying with. This helps you stay paperless and reduces the chances of losing import paper. Also, on the apps you can typically check-in 24 hours in advance.

So there you have it. DFW airport - easy to navigate, fun to use, and a treat for all. Happy travels!
aleta.tnrealtor Reynolds
1 2 3 4 5
I was in DFW making a connecting flight on American Airlines. There was some confusion on how to get to the other gates using the sky bridge. The signs could of been more thorough in guiding everyone through A gates into the sky bridge and C gates. The C gate stops on the sky bridge was also a bit confusing but as long as you keep your attention on the announcements you’ll make it. Flights were on time. And there were plenty of food / beverage options in the C gate area.
kailiang huang
1 2 3 4 5
One of the largest airports that I have been to.

Tons of restaurants.

Well organized and well maintained.

Support system like shuttle, rental cars are convenient and easy to navigate around.
Francisco Leung
1 2 3 4 5
This airport is great for taking domestic and international flights, but it's very busy and crowded all the time. You can only get food and shop after passing through security. Different terminals are different inside. The trams help connect the terminals for flight transfers.

I wish airports throughout the U.S. handled TSA security more consistently with handling toiletries, emptying pockets, shoes, and electronics. Not the airport's fault I suppose.
Manideep Palakurthi
1 2 3 4 5
It’s a big, beautiful, clean airport. Big covered parking facilities in each terminals and easy to navigate sign boards all across the airport. To travel in between the terminals one can use terminal link shuttles or skylink- which departs every two minutes.

People looking for Spirit airlines ticket booking at airport- it is in terminal E and generally cheaper compared to online as some of the fees are not applicable when you book at airport. The current new ticket sales timing is from 7.30 am to 10.30am Monday to Sunday.
Jed Gurath
1 2 3 4 5
Coming back from vacation via overlay and coming to this Airport is a very accommodating. Bathrooms are decently clean (for how busy it is), accessible, and efficient (they have smart detectors so you can tell if it’s full before you even enter), restaurants galore with lots to explore. Charging spots are great however some of them don’t necessarily work, otherwise they’re perfectly fine from my personal experience. Some gates don’t have charging spots but overall if you’re desperately looking to charge a device I can guarantee you’ll find a spot, even at the height of the business. The staff is helpful and hospitable, which makes all the difference.
Bryan Ensign
1 2 3 4 5
Is airport is absolutely massive and super crowded. But it's well organized well structured and all of the employees are incredibly nice. There are plenty of concession stands everywhere if you're thirsty or want snacks it's where you don't have to wait in line like a lot of airports. Could you get lost or need help there's directories available and people here that can help you find your way.
Pavel D.
1 2 3 4 5
Flying from one of the busiest airports not only in the country but in the world is an experience in itself, but an experience that needs some improvements.

The half-circle shaped design of terminals aimed to reduce the distance between the car and an airplane, might have worked in the past (although I liked the fact I literally walked 500 feet from the car to the plane), but not in the 21st century when our travel needs have changed and we place more weight on comfort and quick security checks. And honestly the security bottleneck is what is pushing the rating of this airport down. It's just disorganized and chaotic with long waiting times.

The other fact downplaying the satisfaction is the amount of terminals relatively disconnected (yes, there are automated people movers between the five terminals, but that is not quick nor comfortable if transiting). The independent terminals reduce the food and shopping options as well.

I have had a pleasure to visit Terminal E only, which seems to be modernized and relatively up to date with the design. Terminal was clean and relatively spacious. It was just air conditioned to the levels of outside temperature in Iceland. Getting to and from the airport is very simple, given the architecture of the terminals. Visited in June 2023.
Sritama Chakraborty
1 2 3 4 5
We were at Dallas airport during 45 mins layover on our way to LGA. The airport is a bit dated but has its own charm. It was a perfect mix of old and new. This is the only airport where you can see the baggage claim from the gate. Plenty of restaurants to eat here. Nice and clean restrooms.
Aretha Lafayette
1 2 3 4 5
Early morning flight. It wasn't too bad. We had to move to a different security area once, but the officers were kind & organized. They moved us through pretty quickly. They are no-nonsense, but I think it helps keep things flowing. We loaded our airplane quickly & efficiently, & we took off on time. It was a pretty good experience.
Dhananjay Singh
1 2 3 4 5
My favorite airport. Despite if being in the middle of city, its always easy to get in or out of the airport. I have never experienced any traffic in the last 8 years!

Parking is super easy. The airport terminals are huge and well planned. There are 5 different we connected terminals. Multiple security lines and baggage claims which makes it easier. I don't think I ever spent more than 10 minutes in security checkpoint in the last 8 years. Good shopping and food options. I like taking long walk inside the terminal rather than waiting for the flight and it's so convenient. They have a Yoga room as well. It's one if the busiest airport and we'll maintained and clean.
Jonathan Boutsicaris
1 2 3 4 5
Like a city in a city. The air cargo and logistics are staggering. Wonderful train system to get around quite easily for the Texas-style layout. Took the train straight from downtown, not taken for granted. There's always a few under-trained jerks in TSA, but the customs control here is spectacular. Professional, well-staffed, and efficient. I always feel comfortable flying in and out of the country through this place.
Jonas Waterman
1 2 3 4 5
All of the staff were helpful and courteous.

Love American Airlines!

The Airport staff was also very helpful and courteous.

We had a short layover,

So we tried the Salt Lick BBQ,

It was really good, reasonably priced ,

I would rate it 5 stars too.

We love traveling through Dallas/Fort Worth International and love that America Airlines has their hub there.

Great choice!

Thank you so much for your efforts,

They are not going unnoticed,

I always see more smiling eyes at Dallas/ Fort Worth International, than any other airport.

Thank you.

Jonas Waterman


Salon 215 South
Sohail B
1 2 3 4 5
Still my favorite airport in the world. Having traveled to 20+ airports across the world, I will say Dallas Fort Worth international airport is overall the best. The staff is good, the airport is always clean and everyone seems to be committed to making this place better.

Not mention it’s a really big airport and you don’t ever feel crammed. If you are ever visiting Dallas, make sure to stop by I Love Juice Bar as well. You won’t regret it.
Rochelle Reynolds
1 2 3 4 5
I wanted to share of my TSA experience. A few weeks ago my 85 year old mom was traveling alone to Atlanta. The gentlemen(Sir Edward Charles Bradley) who was at security checkpoint offered to walk her to the gate and ensure me that she was safely there. He then recommended I go to the AA counter to ask for a gate pass to sit with my mom until she safely got on her flight. I was amazed at the extra mile he took to make sure we were comfortably taken care of. He definitely provided a level of customer service as well as just taking care of people. He stated this is what I am suppose to do and enjoy doing it. I was like yes but its very RARE. So kudos to Sir Edward Charles Bradley.
Dhananjay Singh
1 2 3 4 5
My favorite airport. Despite if being in the middle of city, its always easy to get in or out of the airport. I have never experienced any traffic in the last 8 years!

Parking is super easy. The airport terminals are huge and well planned. There are 5 different we connected terminals. Multiple security lines and baggage claims which makes it easier. I don't think I ever spent more than 10 minutes in security checkpoint in the last 8 years. Good shopping and food options. I like taking long walk inside the terminal rather than waiting for the flight and it's so convenient. They have a Yoga room as well. It's one if the busiest airport and we'll maintained and clean.
Shaan Haider
1 2 3 4 5
It's a pretty big airport with so many gates. So if you are a first time visitor, come early. Gates are connected with Skylink service that is very efficient to go from one terminal to another but being a large airport, you might have to still walk a lot... Airport is spacious, clean and got plenty of all kinds of restaurants, shops etc... The security check in is just plain bad. It takes huge amount of time, so better to go there early.
Kathy McCord
1 2 3 4 5
Security was relatively smooth and quick. The facilities were clean and everyone I interacted with was pleasant and courteous.

I stopped by a restaurant and a shop to get food and drinks while I waited for my departure. The rain delayed us a few minutes but then the sun was out just as we were taking off.
John W.
1 2 3 4 5
This review is for Trinity Groves located near Gate D-3. Our server was Owen and his service was attentive and great! He made great recommendations on food and drinks. He even recommend the Key lime cake from their little sister shop Cake Bar and it didn’t disappoint. The pizza was so delish! I’m telling you for airport food it was really good and service excellent! 🤩
Kristi Rhinehart
1 2 3 4 5
DFW airport is like a whole city in itself. This is a great airport for a long layover. Unfortunately, we only had about 20 minutes to get to our connecting flight. We had to use the tram train. Be sure to hold onto something or someone while on the tram or you may lose your footing. I've been through this airport many times and it's always clean and pretty well organized. The food choices are good too. Plenty of places to kill time here at DFW.
Annie Jones
1 2 3 4 5
DFW is a great international hub with the convenience of the Skylink, you can get to the other wings quickly. There are plenty of food and drinks available, restrooms are clean (look for light on ceiling to know if one is available), customer service is friendly and patient. Just remember to keep your cool, they are doing their best to help all the others in front of you as well.

Mary is a gem from American Airlines! She arranged new flights, a great hotel, vouchers for food/drink and taxi rides. Weather, mechanical, and President have caused many delays on our trip, but customer service has done an amazing job at helping us out each time! Much appreciated.

We like DFW as a hub to other locations to travel home and away, we'll be back!!
Veronica Quinones
1 2 3 4 5
I’ve traveled through DFW plenty of times and this particular time I went through TSA at a new check point. Honey let me tell you the restrooms are so squeaky clean had no problem and was excited to take care of my business in the stalls. Before you enter you are aware on how many stalls are available. The sinks to wash hands were amazing. Each sink station had their very own personal soap dispenser and dryer for hands. While you wait in the waiting area there was a QR code to scan to order food or drinks. It would be put in a bin for pick up or you have the option of it being delivered, which was pretty cool. Covid testing available on site. Parking was really cute on how each floor was named after a flower. I totally recommend paying for parking online you save a tremendous amount of money. It was super easy to register online all you have to do is enter your plate number when you would be arriving and departing.
Salman Bin Habib
1 2 3 4 5
So far I have only been there once to pick up my girlfriend and the terminals are pretty nice but not much to do if you are waiting for someone. A coffee shop would be nice!

The shuttle services are decent and let's you travel between terminals for free via bus.
Jorge Carbonell
1 2 3 4 5
Nice airport with a great free metro system. Very bright and modern looking place. Would give 5 stars if directions were clearer and more immigration officers were added to the international flight entry place as it can take up to an hour for just one flight's worth of people to enter the US.
Joshua Knight
1 2 3 4 5
This is a beautiful airport! The staff are friendly and helpful. I have had several great experiences here. Noticed the bathrooms, they tell you how many stalls are in the youth! The premium Plaza lounge here is also very nice, and they are so courteous, quick and helpful. The sky train gets you wherever you need to be very quickly. Dallas is a beautiful place, and they take great care of their airport
Scott Lee
1 2 3 4 5
Absolutely grande large airport. The air train takes passengers from a circle from Terminal A to E then returns to A. Each terminal has two different stops upon the gates. Really crowded among the gates. Too many people gathered in the narrow area. The crowd in the lane to the gate might block the way of the passing ones. The dinning restaurants are scattered.
L Floyd
1 2 3 4 5
This is a nice airport with clear signage. There are plenty of restaurants to get a bite to eat while you are waiting for your flight too. I had a short layover and didn’t have a problem finding my gate.
Olga Gloria Sundy
1 2 3 4 5
I have been waiting at DFW for hours for my many layovers. It’s a relatively big airport with a skylink train to connect between the terminals. I didn’t like older terminals with carpets and tile flooring, looked dingy and it is hard to wheel the carry-on. But the remodeled terminals look nice and clean and have wonderful restaurants and shops. But if you are there too early or later in a day most places are closed or out of food options. Yes it gets very busy and crowded which is expected for an airport that size and destination.
Pastor David Lee Fair III
1 2 3 4 5
Very nice airport and very busy. Even with all the hustle and bustle, it is easy to get around. The only bad thing I can say is the lady working the desk at my gate needs to check her attitude. If you don't like your job then find another one.
Elizabeth Nwaeke
1 2 3 4 5
Just OK, busy airport, restaurants and relaxation spots. Whatever you do, do not miss your flight 👍 I visited terminals A and C! I kinda prefer Terminal A🙃.. more airy and clean!
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