Times Square Parking Guide

Together with the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, Times Square is the main tourist attraction in New York City. It’s a popular destination and entertainment hub rich in music halls, theaters, restaurants, and hotels! For this reason, locating a convenient parking spot in the area is anything but easy. That’s where we step in—Parking Access will guide you through the process of finding the best Times Square parking option. Discover the closest parking garages and lots in Midtown Manhattan, as well as their public parking rates and a few money-saving tips!

Times Square Parking Options

Traffic in Midtown Manhattan can be quite busy and hectic, especially during peak times, and that’s why planning ahead is crucial. Do the spadework by going through all the listed options and discover affordable parking in Times Square in a flash! Here are your options:

  • Public parking garages and lots near the square
  • NYC street parking
  • Parking alternatives—use public transit

Read more about each option to find what works for you!

Parking Near Times Square—Garages & Lots

NYC residents and visitors have a lot of car parking options near Times Square. Short-term and long-term parking services are provided by operators like Advance Parking, Central Parking System, Icon Parking, and Quik Park. Sites such as ParkWhiz and SpotHero can help you in your search for a cheap spot in the Theater District. 

We looked into all NYC parking services in the area—check them out in the list below. The prices are for a 3-hour parking service in the afternoon. 

NYC Parking Facility Address Parking Rate
iPark Indoor Garage 304 W. 49th St. $12
ABM Parking Garage 245 W. 50th St. $14
SP+ 51st St. Garage 140 W. 51st St. $15
1633 Broadway Valet Parking 235 W 50th St. $17
1540 Broadway Valet Garage 164 W 46th St. $23
Icon Parking Valet Garage 800 8th Ave. $23
1515 Broadway Garage 216 W. 45th St. $33
48th Street Garage Parking 235 W. 48th St. $34

All listed parking facilities are within a 5-minute walk of the square. Alternatively, you can check out our parking guide to Madison Square Garden, which is only half a mile away from Times Square. It offers helpful parking information on all nearby lots.

Times Square NYC Street Parking

Before you head to Times Square, we suggest checking out apps such as Smooth Parking or NYC DOT—they provide real-time street parking availability. Don’t waste time driving around the area when you can see streets and avenues open for metered parking right away. The NYC street parking rate in Midtown and Lower Manhattan is $4.50 for the first hour. If you park between 96th and 110th Street, the hourly parking cost will be $2.50.

Pay attention if leaving your vehicle in a street parking space—carefully read the signs to make sure you avoid getting an NYC parking citation. In case you still get one, learn how to dispute your ticket and avoid extra charges!

Times Square Parking Alternatives

Avoid New York City’s heavy traffic and the time-consuming search for a suitable spot—use public transportation services or New York City’s famous yellow cabs.

  1. Many subway lines run through this area and allow connections to any part of Manhattan. If you wish to use the subway, see all the locations and lines that operate near Times Square:
  • 42nd Street, Port Authority (8th Avenue): A, C, E
  • 42nd Street, Times Square: N, R, Q, 1, 2, 3, 7, S
  • 49th Street (7th Avenue): N, R, Q
  • 50th Street (Broadway): 1, 2, 3
  • 50th Street (8th Avenue): C, E
  1. MTA bus lines M16, M20, M7, and M104 stop near Times Square. Check out the Manhattan bus map to see all the routes and bus stops. A one-way bus fare for most services is only $2.75.
  2. Several airport shuttles and hotel shuttles offer affordable transfers between Times Square hotels and NYC airports. Go through the best NYC hotels with shuttles, or look for a low-cost airport shuttle from JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark Airport!
  3. Finally, you can hop on an NYC cab or use ridesharing apps to reach any destination in the area. They are pricier than public transit but more convenient.  


Buzzing New York City isn’t particularly suitable for drivers, but you still have plenty of options when it comes to parking in Times Square and Midtown Manhattan. Reserve parking in one of the city parking garages, look for a nearby street spot, or use an affordable transportation alternative. You may even consider getting a spot in another location in Manhattan and then using one of the transport options to get to Times Square—check out our guides to parking at:

The port is 1.5 miles away, while the museums are located within 2.5 miles of the square. 

Parking Access can assist you in finding safe and discounted parking at other important points in New York City, including:

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