Manhattan Cruise Terminal Parking & Hotels (2024)

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Finding the Perfect Parking Option for Your Manhattan Cruise

When getting ready for your cruise from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, it’s important to think about your parking. Consider factors like trip length, budget, and convenience to make an informed decision on the best parking option for you. The terminal offers on-site parking for passengers, as well as nearby garages and lots for secure and convenient options.

  1. Parking at the Terminal: There is parking available at the cruise terminal itself. It is convenient as you can drop off your luggage before parking. However, this option is expensive, costing around $45 per day. One user mentioned that parking for 10 days costs $45 per day, with the following days up to 30 being free.

  2. Alternative Parking Options: Several users suggested alternative parking options to save money:

    • Parking outside the city and taking a train to Manhattan.
    • Using apps like SpotHero to find parking in Manhattan.
    • Parking at Newark Airport and taking NJ transit or an Uber to the terminal.
    • Parking in New Jersey near the Ferry Terminal and taking the ferry across to Manhattan.
  3. Distance Considerations: The cruise terminal’s parking is described as being within walking distance, though opinions on what constitutes “walking distance” may vary. One user mentioned that parking at 43rd street is about the same cost as terminal parking, with a half-mile walk involved.

  4. Additional Costs: Be aware of additional costs such as bridge/tunnel tolls to get into Manhattan, which can range from $12.75 to $17 depending on the payment method.

  5. Hotel Options with Parking: Some users suggested staying at hotels like the Fairfield in Bergen, NJ, which offers cruise parking and transportation to the port.

  6. Personal Experiences and Recommendations: Several users shared their personal experiences and recommendations. One mentioned the ease of using the terminal’s parking, while others advocated for train travel to avoid the high costs of parking in NYC.

  7. Cruise Terminal Location: There was a clarification that there are two different terminals in NYC, with some confusion over whether the cruise terminal in question is in Manhattan or Brooklyn. The Manhattan Cruise Terminal is situated in the lively New York City – 16 miles away from LaGuardia Airport and 25 miles from John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Making Your Parking Reservation

When it comes to parking for your cruise from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, securing a spot in advance is crucial for a stress-free experience. Let me walk you through the process of reserving your parking and share some valuable insights to make the process seamless.

  1. Research and Choose a Parking Provider: Start by researching reputable parking providers near the Manhattan Cruise Terminal that offer secure and convenient options. Read customer reviews to gauge their service quality.
  2. Visit Their Website or Call: Once you’ve identified potential providers, visit their websites or give them a call to gather more information about their services. Check if they offer online reservations or require phone bookings.
  3. Select Your Dates and Times: Ensure you select the correct drop-off and pick-up dates and times when making your reservation, then double-check these details before confirming.
  4. Provide Necessary Information: During the reservation process, expect to provide personal details such as name, contact number, email address, license plate number, and credit card information for payment purposes – accuracy is key here.
  5. Early Reservation Is Key: It’s highly recommended to book well in advance of your cruise departure date as popular dates can fill up quickly during peak travel seasons.
  6. Cancellation Policies: Familiarize yourself with cancellation policies before finalizing your reservation so you’re prepared for unexpected changes in travel plans.
  7. Proof of Reservation: After completing your booking either online or over-the-phone, you’ll receive confirmation via email including proof of payment – keep this handy for arrival at the parking facility.

By following these steps, you can secure peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be taken care of while you embark on your cruise adventure – remember early reservation is key!

Preparing for Your Parking Experience

Parking at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal: Expert Tips for a Smooth Experience

As an expert in parking options for the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, I can assure you that proper preparation is key to ensuring a stress-free and convenient experience. Here are some essential tips to consider:

  1. Essential Documents: Before heading to the terminal, don’t forget your cruise ticket, valid identification, and any required travel documents. It’s also wise to bring a copy of your parking reservation confirmation for added peace of mind.
  2. Arrival Process: Upon reaching the terminal, follow signs leading you to the designated parking area. Be mindful of potential traffic congestion during peak times and allow ample time before your scheduled departure. When you arrive at the entrance gate, present your reservation confirmation or provide booking details as requested by staff.
  3. Departure Process: After returning from your cruise, follow instructions from port personnel on where to retrieve your vehicle after disembarking from the ship. Depending on terminal size and passenger volume, there may be some waiting involved before getting back to your car.
  4. Pro Tips for Convenience:
    • If available, consider using valet services for easy drop-off and pick-up right at the terminal entrance.
    • Keep track of your parking spot by noting nearby landmarks or taking reference pictures.
    • For travelers with children or elderly companions who may need assistance, bringing along a collapsible wheelchair or stroller can make navigating large lots easier.
    • Familiarize yourself with emergency contact information in case any issues arise during your trip.

By following these expert tips and being well-prepared for parking at Manhattan Cruise Terminal, you can kick off your journey on an organized note and enjoy peace of mind throughout every step of the way!

Parking Lot Parking Rate Opening Hours
MTP Manhattan Cruise Parking $21.99 24/7
Icon Parking Hudson $25 6 AM–10 PM
ParkRight Manhattan Cruise Terminal Parking $29  24/7
Element Garage/Mount Sinai West Garage $30 24/7
Park N Save $40 24/7
  • ParkRight is located at 670 W 43rd St, and it charges $300 for a 14-day cruise, which means that the cost for two-week parking would be $21.43 per day
  • Park N Save is at 601 W 57th St, 0.5 miles away from the cruise port
  • Icon Parking Hudson is placed at 524 W 51st St, between 10th Ave and 11th Ave


New York Park Snooze & Cruise Deals

Hotel Starting Rate Distance Phone Number
Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Newark International Airport $199 15 miles 800-946-5338
Hampton Inn in Ridgefield Park $203 11 miles 855-605-0317
Fairfield Inn & Suites North Bergen $249 6.9 miles 844-631-0595
Hilton Garden Inn Ridgefield Park $239 12 miles 855-618-4697

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