Doubletree Atlanta Airport

Doubletree Atlanta Airport

$6.00 / day
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1.6 miles from ATL
3400 Norman Berry Dr., Atlanta, GA, US



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3400 Norman Berry Dr., Atlanta, GA, US
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Danielle Gregory
1 2 3 4 5
Picking a hotel is scary when you’re going to a new place but we were not disappointed with this one.


•easy to get downtown to the stadium or aquarium - close enough to be reasonable but far enough to be out of the crazy traffic

•there is security checking in vehicles to ensure the parking lot is hotel guests only

•check in is through the app if you are a Hilton member so it made checking in & getting into the room easy

•rooms are pretty big, were clean & stocked with towels & toiletries

•staff was friendly when we encountered them

cons (if considered a “con”)

•if you’re a light sleeper (like SUPER light), you MIGHT (key word might) hear planes throughout the night

•do not expect to check in early or have late checkout. This hotel is packed because it’s so close to the airport so plan accordingly & on the off chance your room is ready before 4:00, you win

•it’s close to the airport so the hotel lobby is pretty busy most of the time. We stayed on a higher floor & didn’t hear anything but just food for thought

It’s not a brand new hotel, I’m sure there are better & nicer, more up to date hotels but if you’re just looking for a night or two to stay in a hotel where you have a clean bed, safe area, & a decent place to sleep, I recommend
Ivan Elmy
1 2 3 4 5
I'll preface this review with the fact I'm a Hilton Diamond member and therefore I stay at a lot of Hilton properties, for work and pleasure. I only can speak from my experience this trip. I'm not sure what the other experiences listed are all about, nor am I trying to diminish their experience.

I had a late check-in at around 10:30 pm, and on the shuttle from the airport decided to see where the property was located and read the reviews. Holy cow, mainly 1-3 Star reviews. I started to worry, usually Hilton properties I've stayed at are in great condition and very clean and welcoming. Arriving at the property, it seemed fine.

My room was 637 and it was perfectly fine. The carpets were fine. The mattress was fine, the sheets blood-free, no musty smell, the TV worked, nothing like the other reviews.

The bathroom is indeed dated, but it was pretty clean, for the most part. There was some black stuff in the grout in the shower tiles, but I think it's just dirty grout as opposed to mold. When I took a shower after midnight, the water was cool. Not warm or hot no matter how high up I turned it, although after about 6 minutes it finally started warming up. When I showered in the morning after a late check out, unlimited hot water.

I spoke with another guest out front after check out and his experience was along the same lines as the 1-3 star reviews, but I told him how mine was the opposite. Take it all for what it's worth.
Nicholas Pappachristou
1 2 3 4 5
We used their paid parking and airport shuttle to leave our car while we were on vacation. I usually take Marta to go to the airport, but our departing flight was very early and our returning flight was very late so Marta would not be operating at the time. I was hesitant to pay for parking at first because I know it can be pretty expensive at the airport. However, the overnight rate here is very reasonable. It was less than $15 per night and they had a free shuttle included. The staff is also super friendly and helpful, we were treated the same as if we were hotel guests.

The lobby is very relaxing to wait for the shuttle to arrive. If you're hungry there's an area to buy snacks and drinks. The computers and printer are also available if you need to print your boarding pass, hotel reservations, trip itinerary or anything else. We were even told we could use the pool and gym while we waited, we opted not to but it was nice they offered. The bathrooms were also spotless and smelled pleasant.

The shuttle was very nice, there's a rack where you can store your luggage and there's plenty of seats and space. They even have a specific stop for the Delta terminal so you don't have to walk far if you're flying Delta.

Coming back our flight was delayed due to weather and we got back at 3:00am. We were told the shuttle service unfortunately ended at 2:00am, but it would resume at 4:00am if we wanted to wait an hour. We were all tired and I didn't want my family to wait any longer then they had to so I opted to just book a Lyft instead, but it was nice that we could have just waited an hour if we wanted to use the shuttle service again. It would be nice if the shuttle ran 24 hours, but 4:00am - 2:00am is awesome especially for what they charge for parking.

Overall I was very impressed with the experience. I will probably continue to use Marta to go to the airport when I can, but this is a really good option if you have to park overnight or if you have a lot of people in your group. I would definitely potentially consider staying here overnight too before or after my flight.
william goodwin
1 2 3 4 5
Excellent hotel! Very nice lobby. Accessed my room with the key on the app and had no problems what so ever. Staff is awesome! Also, been a lot of previous complaints about hot water, we were on the third floor and had all the water we needed for four people. Awesome water pressure too. Little pricey but would definitely stay here again.
Stacy Lusby
1 2 3 4 5
My overall stay at this hotel was fine. It was clean and it was in a nice location. The rooms could use some updating, particularly the bathroom. They still have the shower bath combo. Location is good. You could walk to various eateries or even take the shuttle the hotel provides. The shuttle was great that I did not have to rent a car for this event or pay for UBER. We had a large group coming but the hotel was not ready to receive us even at regular check-in time. Some people didn't a get room until much later. I will say the front desk team was very courteous and professional through it all.
Porsha Samuels
1 2 3 4 5
Picked up from the Airport and brought back with the freshly baked cookies. My husband and I was pleased with the cleanliness of the room and the water was hotter than I expected which I loved. We only stayed 1 night but the bed was comfortable. Overall peaceful experience. I think I left my CBD ointment in the room but otherwise very nice.
Ana Saltos
1 2 3 4 5
After being on the road for 3 weeks, it was so nice to get quality service. The morning I was flying out, the airport shuttle was pulling out as I was coming out and the valet attendee ran after the van to stop it so I could get on. The quality of the beds were amazing as well and their cookies are to die for!
Michael Baker
1 2 3 4 5
The DoubleTree Atlanta Airport staff, service, and location gets 5 stars!!! Thank you especially to Tatiana!!! She was amazing and made me and my family feel welcomed and special! This is the way you want to feel when you go out to visit cities away from home and celebrate special occasions. We went to another hotel in another city a couple days later and it couldn't touch the great service experienced here. Thank you guys, again; you helped make my family road trip weekend Extra Special!
Rachel Sky Brown
1 2 3 4 5
Pros: Comfortable bed, got a good deal online night-of after a stressful plane cancellation, everything pretty clean

Cons: I could hear a quiet amount of TV noise from a nearby room at 1 am that pillows couldn't block out. Also, the employee at night told me the airport shuttles ran every half hour but not on a set schedule - the employee in the morning revealed that they actually run at the hour and 30 minutes past, information that would've been extremely helpful because we had to pay for an Uber instead.
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