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VSP Parking
Review on Sep 1, 2013
"This place is close to BUR, and the personnel are diligent and courteous - especially the ..."
VSP Parking 2612 Hollywood Way Burbank, CA, USA

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We here at want to share with you a little about our hometown where We started the company. This beautiful place is called Burbank. Burbank is a little city in Southern California. Burbank or Bob Hope Airport is our local airport and has wonderful amenities and airlines servicing it daily.

It's about 20 minutes away from Los Angeles and about five minutes away from Hollywood, so Burbank is known for its movie studios. If any of you guys like movies, out there some of the big movie studios such as Warner Brothers and Disney have their Studios in Burbank. So one of the things I remember growing up was, whenever my mom would drive home we would see the studios and we could see the famous posters of famous movies and TV shows on the studios. So that was one of the things I remember about growing up and Burbank now because there are many TV and movie studios and burping another special thing about growing up, there was going to school with some people in movies and TV shows now none of them were very famous, There were some people who were main characters in some popular movies but not any big stars unfortunately but yes growing up in Burbank not me but people, I know have seen some celebrities and maybe even directors walking around and coming and speaking at my school and things like that and one example of that was, also when I was in fifth grade my elementary school teacher was friends with a talk-show host. So I remember being interviewed by him for a Father's Day holiday special yeah, so some of the things, if you were to visit Burbank that you would see might be you know celebrities the studios and Burbank is also known for having great weather.

It's pretty hot it's warm on most days so great weather palm trees, lots of little stores and lots of homes for families. So if you do visit Los Angeles why don't you take some time to visit Burbank? It would be a great experience, okay well thank you for joining me and see you guys next time.