The Parking Spot BWI Review (2019)

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Parking Lot Name: The Parking Spot
Address:  790 S Camp Meade RoadLinthicum Heights, MD 21090
Date of Review: Monday, September 23, 2019
By: Meghan Ramsey

Ratings (Overall Rating of 92/100)

Shuttle: 4
Staff: 4
Facility: 5
Location: 5
Ease to find: 5

The Bottom Line:

The Parking Spot is an easy and convenient place to park your car while at BWI airport. The entire process is easy, and the staff is very accommodating.

When you arrive, you can swipe your loyalty card, put in a reservation number, swipe the card used, or take a ticket. All these options give you the freedom to choose what is most convenient for you. An attendant will direct you to follow one of the shuttles to an area to park.

This lot is very large, but you won’t have to worry about it because you will be given a ticket with your spot number that you can hand the driver who picks you up. This is helpful because you won’t have to worry about forgetting where you parked in the large lot. The lot is very secure, and I felt very confident my car would be safe while there. The shuttle was not crowded, and it was clear that they are kept very clean for guests.

When you are getting picked up at the terminal, there’s no need to worry because each time I have used this parking location, there has been a shuttle just waiting. If you do find you are waiting, there is a number to call or an app you can use to track the next shuttle making for a stress-free experience.

The shuttle picking you up directly from your spot and a large number of available shuttles ensure that you have a quick and pleasant experience parking at this lot. 


  • The best thing about this lot is the quick availability of the shuttles. There really is no waiting and the staff is in constant communication with each other via headsets to make sure guests are picked up quickly and taken care of without any stress to you.
  • Drivers were helpful and reminded me of pick up and drop off locations before I got off the shuttle making it easier to ensure I met them at the right place when I returned from my trip.
  • There are great amenities at this lot. Free water, shuttles to help you park, car wash services, and more meaning you get more for your money than just parking.


  • It’s hard to find something negative to say honestly.
  • The shuttle driver speaking to others on their head set while there is calm and quiet in the shuttle is a little startling, but they are communicating about getting you places quickly which is important.

Hours of Operation:

  • 24 hours a day, on call shuttle hours from 11PM – 7AM.
  • There is no sign with hours on the parking facility, but they are listed on their website.

Arrival Information: 

Located right across from the terminal, this is one of the closest lots to the airport. It was less than a 10-minute drive on the shuttle to my airline check in. It’s right off the main road and the large yellow sign with black dots will be easy to see. Once you have turned off the main road, I-170, onto Camp Mead Road, you will see it on the left past the train tracks.  

Ticketing System: 

Self-park: There is only self-parking at this facility. The system is automated, and tickets are generated for you, but there is also an attendant available if there are any issues.

The interface is a large touch screen with the ability to swipe your phone, scan a ticket or phone, or swipe your card. Once you have chosen the option right for you, your ticket will be automatically generated from the machine. There is no valet at this facility.

What happens after choosing parking option:

  • After getting your ticket, you will drive up to the attendant who tells you which shuttle to follow to your spot.
  • The shuttle you follow will direct you to a spot where you will park. You choose a spot in the area near where the shuttle has stopped.
  • Once parked, the attendant will help you with any luggage from your car as you enter. They will give you a ticket with your parking spot location you can refer to when being picked up. You can also use the app to mark your spot. This is a very large lot so getting lost would be easy.
  • Once you board the shuttle, it takes less than 10 minutes to get to the terminal.


All of the shuttles were very nice. I have ridden on several of them and have found them all to be clean and new looking. Each shuttle also gives your drivers name and information in case you need to reference it later. 

Seats are comfortable and it is never crowded because shuttles are constantly running to and from the airport. On the way there, I was the only one in the shuttle, on the way back I was with two other travelers. It is a large shuttle and so there is plenty of space to accommodate even more people.

There was no wait for arrival or departure because there are many shuttles running and they strive for a 7 minute or less waiting time, according to what their shuttle driver told me. I really like this as a service to keep you on time for your departure or arrival.

 Once we were getting dropped off at our airlines, the driver reminded us where the pickup location would be when we returned and gave us directions to it. He helped everyone take their bags off the shuttle and gently set them down. There is a large area at BWI airport for off-site parking to pick up and drop off located in pick up zone C on the lower level. The yellow spotted bus is hard to miss in this area. 


The lot offers uncovered parking with fast check-in and check-out process. You can get complimentary water from the cooler as you check out. There is a car wash service that can be added to your reservation as well.


There is a large covered entrance with clearly marked signs. There is an attendant on site ready to help you if needed. There is a second security location toward the back of the lot since it is so large. There are no buildings for guests to enter. 


The location and ease of parking at this lot makes it worth parking at. I love parking at this lot and have used it many times. It is convenient, people are friendly, and has nice extras to enjoy. The whole process is very efficient and feels effortless for you as you are traveling. I would recommend this lot if you are not staying long term as it is one of the more pricey lots at BWI. 

Parking Lot Name (BWI)ScorePrice $ USDType
BWI Speedy Park85%$7.20/daySelf Park / ValetReview
The Parking Spot92%$12.00/dayUncovered Self ParkReview
Econopark Express92%$9.95/dayUncovered Self ParkReview
Swift Park BWI88%$7.40/dayUncovered Self ParkReview


Full Discloser: They have a loyalty program, but I wasn’t sure if this is something I should mention in the review since it is through their online reservation system. I regularly park at this lot when visiting BWI and have used it several times.