BWI Speedy Park Review (2019)

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Address: 7454 Shipley Ave, Harmans, MD 21077
Date of Review: Monday, September 23, 2019
By: Meghan Ramsey 

Shuttle: 4 stars
Staff: 5 stars
Facility: 3 stars
Location: 4 stars
Ease to find: 5 stars

Overall Score: 4.2 stars or 85% rating

The Bottom Line: 

If you are looking for an affordable and safe place to park your car for your trip, then BWI Speedy Park is a great option. It’s located about 2.5 miles from the airport which is about a 15-minute drive. The lot was easy to find with several signs along the main highway guiding you to the location. In order to park here, you should make an online reservation to ensure someone is there to pick up and drop off.

Once inside, there is a spot to stop where the driver will load your luggage into the van for you while you go to park. After parking, the driver picks you up from your vehicle. This was an easy and stress-free way to offer to park for their guests. The shuttle itself is fine, but not exceptionally clean, especially if you sit in the front seat. However, the driver was very helpful and kind.

When you are ready to be picked up, you simply call the number on your claim ticket and the driver can arrive within 15-20 minutes to meet you at door 6 or 14. The system is simple and efficient which was nice because there was no time wasted trying to get to and from the airport. Overall, this is definitely a great choice if you want something priced economically with friendly staff. 


  • The best thing about this lot is the friendly and kind staff. The shuttle driver did a great job making sure we were comfortable, made it directly to the doors we needed, and helped with bags carefully.
  • The lot is not too large and had plenty of spaces. This meant it was easy for us to find a spot and know we would not be lost finding the car upon return.
  • With the direct phone number to call, you know exactly when your shuttle will arrive to pick you up or drop you off. This ensures that you are not wasting any time and are able to call when you are ready, no need to feel rushed or wait an extremely long time.


  • This parking lot is partially gravel so be prepared to drive over some bumps and rocks. If you decided to roll your bag it will get dirty.
  • While it may not be as new as other lots, it is definitely one of the most affordable for BWI parking and offers an economical and easy parking option.

Hours of Operation:

Arrival Information: 

Located right off the main road for the terminal, the lot is not hard to find. From 170, turn onto Dorsey Rd. and you will see a large sign with “BWI Speedy Park” written on it. Continuing on this road leads right to the parking entrance. The large sign at the entrance shows you where to stop for the shuttle to pick you up.

Ticketing System:Self-park:

The ticketing system is done by the driver that is onsite. After you have pulled your car up next to the, “Please Park Here” sign, you will be given a ticket. Note: there was an automated system at the front of the parking lot, but I did not see it in use and the gates were completely open. 

Valet: Valet service can be set up through an online reservation. Stop at the same. “Please park here,” sign and wait for the attendant.

What happens after choosing parking option:

  • First, the attendant will confirm your reservation and ensure that you have secured a spot.
  • Once confirmed, they will take your luggage and place it into the van while you go to park your car.  
  • They will direct you to a spot so that the van can pick you up right from outside your car.
  • After you have been picked up, you will be given a claim ticket and taken promptly to the airport. 
  • They do offer some different options through their reservation system. You can choose to get a carwash, detailing, and valet service. These options are available when you make your online reservation.

The day I was there, one shuttle was operating, but this was plenty. Since it is a small lot, there is little to worry about wait times. I waited no longer than 15 minutes for pick up or drop off. There was just one other person in the shuttle with me and it was very roomy. It was a very efficient and easy process that felt like customer service was on the top of the list. Since this is a small lot, one shuttle seemed to be enough to take customers to and from the airport.

 The driver got each of our locations and was able to take us directly to the location at the airport for our selected airline. He took every bag out to the car with care and people tipped $2-$5. The shuttle does run 24 hours, but you will need a reservation for non-peak hours. During rush hour there is a sign warning it can take a bit longer to get to and from the airport although I was there at peak time (5:00 pm on a Monday) and did not experience longer wait times. The claim check includes the information for the parking, phone number for pick up, and the doors for arrivals. This was really helpful information to make it easy to pick up and drop off. I was glad I had the ticket to refer to when needed. 

The lot offers car washes, detailing, and valet parking as well as self-parking. The lot is uncovered and parts of the lot are gravel and asphalt.

There are bathrooms available for use if needed. There are some lights around the facility, security cameras, and a large fence that is closed when there is no attendant on duty. 

If you are looking for an economical, long term parking option then BWI Speedy Park is a great option. Parking for just $6 a day is hard to find that this is truly friendly staff and easy place to park. It is definitely worth the price and easy to park at. 

  • This parking attendant was kind when I told him I only needed to be at the airport for about 30 minutes, he did not charge me for parking so I do not need reimbursement for the actual parking.
  • Reservations for this spot are required. He was very surprised I showed up without one but was kind enough to still let me park. He said it is not usually something they do.
Parking Lot Name (BWI)ScorePrice $ USDType
BWI Speedy Park85%$7.20/daySelf Park / ValetReview
The Parking Spot92%$12.00/dayUncovered Self ParkReview
Econopark Express92%$9.95/dayUncovered Self ParkReview
Swift Park BWI88%$7.40/dayUncovered Self ParkReview