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Truist Park (often still referred to as SunTrust Park) is a perfect place to catch a baseball game offering more than 40 thousand seats, modern amenities, hospitality, and parking. The new home of the Braves is situated in Cumberland, only 10 miles (16 km) away from downtown Atlanta.

It is not just a stadium, there is a complete entertainment district – The Battery Atlanta – and Truist Park is the centerpiece surrounded by buildings, restaurants, and offices. The ballpark provides various amenities, such as the Chop House and the Home Depot Clubhouse, an amazing premium suite. Families with children should check out Hope & Will’s Sandlot, which has a zip-line and offers a lot of activities and games for kids.

If you are already familiar with their events and games and wish to come soon, you probably want to know more about the Battery parking and Truist Park parking tickets and options. Finding a secure parking service for your vehicle can be stressful, especially when going to a major event. You can avoid the stress by reading our Truist/SunTrust Park Parking Guide that has all the information you need.

SunTrust Park Parking / Braves Lot Parking

Truist Park visitors can choose among a lot of parking options near the ballpark – there are many official lots with over 14,000 parking spots in the area. Wherever you come from, you will be able to easily access the Atlanta Braves parking lots. Different lots have different working hours and rates. For this reason, we divided the car parking lots into several groups and listed everything you should know about finding a great SunTrust Park parking space.

A-List Parking

The Delta and Orange decks are the closest parking options to the stadium and available only to certain fans with season ticket holders and the Club Members. Braves lots 9 and 11 are for A-List members located just a short walk away from the ballpark. Drive-up parking is not allowed, so you must purchase a permit in advance; use cash or any credit card. Also, arrive at least 2 hours before the game to avoid parking congestion.

Parking LotAddressOpening Hours
Delta Deck1900 Circle 75 Parkway SEOpens 4 hours before the first pitch. 
Delta Valet Parking SunTrust Park 800 Battery Avenue SEOpens 4 hours before the first pitch.
Battery Orange Deck800 Battery Avenue SEOpens 4 hours before the first pitch.
Braves Lot 9900 Circle 75Monday-Friday: Opens at 5:30 PM.Weekends: Opens 4 hours before the first pitch.
Braves Lot 111100 Circle 75Monday-Friday: Opens at 5:30 PM.Weekends: Opens 4 hours before the first pitch.

Public Braves Parking Lots

The following parking lots accept cash or credit card on-site payment. Customers of The Battery Atlanta and those with a Red Deck game parking pass can access their Red Deck parking spot at any time. All listed Braves lots are pretty close to the park – a 10 to 15-minute walk. Red Deck and the lot N29 also provide ADA parking.

Parking LotAddressOpening HoursRate
Red Deck2565 Circle 75 Parkway SEOpens 4 hours before the first pitch.$22 
Braves Lot North 293050 Circle 75 ParkwayOpens 4 hours before the first pitch.$20
Braves Lot East 31(select games only)320 Interstate North PkwyFridays: Opens at 6 PM.Weekends: Opens 2 hours before the first pitch.$20
Braves Lot East 35290 Interstate North CircleMonday-Friday: Opens at 5 PM.Weekends: Opens 4 hours before the first pitch.$20
Braves Lot East 41180 Interstate NorthMonday-Friday: Opens at 5:30 PM.Weekends: Opens 4 hours before the first pitch.$18
Braves Lot East 433100 Interstate North Circle SEMonday-Friday: Opens at 5:30 PM.Weekends: Opens 4 hours before the first pitch.$20

Truist Park/SunTrust Park free parking is available during non-game days in the Red Deck for up to 4 hours. A maximum of $30 is charged for stays between 7 and 24 hours.

Parking for oversized vehicles is available in Braves East Lot 35 ($20 per vehicle). Ideal lots for RVs are Braves Lot 29 and 35 ($40 per vehicle), while charter buses may park off Interstate North Parkway or at Windy Ridge Road.

Shuttle Parking

If you want to cut your costs, park further away on some of the lots listed below and then take a complimentary shuttle to the ballpark:

  • Braves Lot East 47
  • Braves Lot East 50
  • Braves Lot East 52
  • Braves Lot East 51
  • Braves Lot South 65

Parking ticket prices range from $10 to $18. Braves Lot East 52 is the farthest parking lot, but it charges only $10 and offers a free shuttle, so it’s actually a pretty good choice. This might be the most cost-effective option near the stadium, and the free shuttle service certainly allows you to reach the ballpark hassle-free.

Handicapped Parking

Red Deck Parking Braves and the Braves Lot North 29 provide ADA parking for fans with disabilities for vehicles with a valid disabled parking permit. The N29 lot offers a courtesy shuttle to Battery Avenue, just outside the Third Base Gate. The Braves highly recommend pre-purchasing a day parking spot and accept any major credit card.

Tailgating is an amazing part of the game-day experience, and it is allowed only in one Truist Park lot, Braves Lot North 29.

If you plan on going to a Braves game and tailgate with your friends, there are several important things you should know:

  • Open-flame cooking is not allowed on the grass, so no grilling on the pavement.
  • If you want to use tents for tailgating, you will need prior authorization.
  • You cannot take an open container out of the lot.
  • You have to be 21 or older if you want to drink, and there is a two-drink maximum per person.
  • The lot can be used for two hours after each season game.

Vehicles left unattended more than 2 hours after a game in any Braves lots (except the Battery Red Deck, Orange Deck, and Delta Deck) will be towed at the owner’s expense.

If you need help in finding any Atlanta parking area or looking for the Braves parking map, check out this Truist Park Parking Map pdf. It will introduce you to the area near The Battery Atlanta and help you find any North or East Braves lot; the ballpark map also shows which lot is for public parking and where to tailgate.

Book your Braves parking spot online, and you won’t have to worry about getting limited parking on the event day. To do that, you can check out one of the following websites:

For general ticket questions, call Truist Park Parking at 404-577-9100 or find additional information here.

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