All Mercedes-Benz Stadium Parking Options

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Opened in 2017 as a substitute for the Georgia Dome, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is Atlanta’s large multi-purpose venue. It’s located a few minutes from the city center. The Benz is home to the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, and it hosted Super Bowl LIII, as well as various other events. For this reason, it offers plenty of car parking spots. Our guide to Mercedes-Benz Stadium parking will provide information on all parking lots in the area, tailgating, and transportation. Compare the event parking options and rates to find a perfect spot in no time!

Driving to Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the first time? Use the following address for driving directions: 125 Ted Turner Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30303. Alternatively, you may download Waze to get directions to your lot and see a live traffic map.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Parking

Conveniently located in downtown Atlanta, The Benz allows its visitors to choose from many parking facilities located both on and off-site. In fact, over 20,000 parking spaces are available within a 20-minute walk of the stadium. 

Mercedes-Benz Stadium parking rates are subject to change and vary based on the event or game. To take a glimpse into the prices of the nearest parking facilities—marked in green and purple on the Benz parking map—check out the list below. We looked into the rates for Atlanta United games, and the prices may differ for Atlanta Falcons games.

Official Parking Reservations at Stadiums
Parking Facility Distance From The Benz Parking Rate
CSX Lot  0.4 miles $68.80
The Home Depot Backyard 0.01 miles $48.46
Centennial Yards Lot B 0.2 miles $46.20
Red Deck 0.1 miles $37.16
CNN Deck 0.2 miles $34.90
AJC Lot  0.4 miles $34.90
North Gate 1 0.1 miles $29.25
Lot M 0.2 miles $29.25
Blue Lot 0.4 miles $29.25
Lot Y – YMCA 0.2 miles $23.60
Lot Z 0.2 miles $23.60
135 Forsyth Street 0.3 miles $17.95
Lot L 0.5 miles $17.95
Green Deck  0.7 miles $17.95

Parking Near Mercedes-Benz Stadium

If you wish to cut your costs, you will have to take a walk longer than 10 minutes. So, you need to go for the farther lots, which are marked in blue or brown on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium parking map. We listed the most affordable Benz parking areas in the list below:

Parking Lot Distance From The Benz Rate
Courtland Garage 0.85 miles $8.18
Peachtree Center Ave Garage 0.85 miles $8.18
City Plaza 0.6 miles $9.21
International Garage 0.9 miles $9.21
341 Lot 1 mile $9.21
15 Wall Street  0.7 miles $12.30
218 Peachtree 0.8 miles $12.30
305 Red Turner 1.1 miles $12.30
Lot 18  0.6 miles $14.56

Georgia Aquarium is approximately 15 minutes from the stadium, and its rates start at $11. Find out more about its official parking and nearby lots in our guide to Georgia Aquarium Parking.

ADA Parking

Handicapped parking at The Benz is available in nearly all parking areas. When purchasing a Mercedes-Benz Stadium parking pass online, you will see a handicapped sign next to each lot that offers these spots. A free Accessible Parking Shuttle runs between the stadium and Blue and Yellow Lots. Standard parking rates apply.

Oversized Vehicles

RVs, buses, and other oversized vehicles can park at the Marshalling Yard. It’s located at 362 Ivan Allen Jr Boulevard, which is a mile away from Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Non-Event Day Parking at The Benz

Parking at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for non-event days is available in the Georgia World Congress Center’s parking garages—the Red Deck and the Silver Deck. Parking spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Both facilities offer electric vehicle charging stations. Short-term parking prices at GWCC parking decks are as follows:

  • $5 for 1 hour
  • $10 for 2 hours
  • $15 for 3 hours
  • $20 for 3 or more hours

Tailgating at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Pre-event tailgating at The Benz is a cherished tradition among Atlanta Falcons fans, and it’s permitted in nearly all stadium parking lots. You can tailgate in the Home Depot Backyard, as well as 134/135 Forsyth Street, 17 Baker, AJC Lot, Blue Lot, City Plaza, Centennial Yards Lot B, CSX Lot, and more. Note that you must follow tailgating guidelines:

  • Tailgating lots open 4 and a half hours before an event
  • Visitors must proceed to the stadium up to 30 minutes after the event starts
  • Overnight parking is prohibited
  • Fans cannot reserve or save parking spaces for others
  • Excessive alcohol consumption is forbidden
  • Charcoal grills and oil fryers cannot be used
  • All lots close 2 hours after the conclusion of the event

Getting to The Benz

Using public transit or rideshare apps is a great alternative to parking—it’s simple, affordable, and efficient. MARTA trains and buses have two stops at the stadium, and a one-way fare is only $2.50! Check out the MARTA Rail map to see all the routes and stops. Rideshare is an even more convenient transportation option, and the pick-up/drop-off points are placed in front of GWCC on Northside Drive and the Centennial Olympic Park Drive sidewalk.

Parking Access is always available to lend you a hand—look us up whenever you need safe and low-cost parking! In addition to Mercedes-Benz Stadium parking options, we cover other popular locations in the Atlanta metropolitan area, such as:

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