How To Avoid, Contest, or Pay a Pittsburgh Parking Ticket

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The street parking process can be a hassle in big cities, and Pittsburgh is no different, but our guide will smooth the way for quick and easy parking. Parking Access offers all the relevant information regarding city parking regulations, meters, off-street parking, and citations. Learn how to successfully avoid, dispute, or pay your Pittsburgh parking ticket in no time. Use our hot tips and other helpful info to drive around the city without any hassle!

How To Avoid a Parking Citation in Pittsburgh

You can stay away from tickets and save money by using an off-street parking lot or garage, reserving parking in advance, or taking advantage of public transportation. If you come across a vacant on-street spot, pay attention to the signs, time limit, or any other regulation. Keep reading to learn how to use parking meters, book off-street parking, or take the “T” or a bus.

Be Cognizant of On-Street Parking Regulations

Knowing the city parking rules and reading the street signs will undoubtedly help you avoid citations. Pittsburgh has an extensive multi-space meter parking network, and the parking kiosks are easy to use—enter your license plate number, insert coins or your credit card, and you’re free to go! If you have questions regarding the Pay-by-Plate system, call Pittsburgh Parking Authority at 412-927-1101.

Pittsburgh Street Parking
Pittsburgh Street Parking

Street parking meters in the downtown area are in effect Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM. So, downtown parking is free after 6 PM and on Sundays, while standard hourly parking rates depend on the location. Read the signs carefully, be patient during peak hours, and pay attention to the time limits.

Reserve Off-Street Parking in Advance

Don’t waste your time searching for a nearby metered parking space—book a spot in advance to save time and possibly money! Use platforms like SpotHero or ParkWhiz to reserve parking in a city parking garage or lot. 

If you’re headed to a concert or sports game, check out the following guides to find the best event parking service:

Drivers going to PIT can also find and pre-book Pittsburgh Airport Parking for short and long stays!

Use Public Transit

Thanks to Port Authority, residents and visitors of the greater Pittsburgh area can use the low-cost bus and light rail services. Pittsburgh’s light rail system is also known as the “T” and is the most convenient transportation option in the city. A regular cash fare is $2.75, while a Day Pass is $7. If you’re flying into Pittsburgh Airport, take the 28X downtown and transfer to any bus or train with a ConnectCard for only $1. 

How To Contest a Pittsburgh Parking Ticket

If you already got a Pittsburgh parking citation and want to fight it, submit the request for review in one of the three ways:

  • Fill out the request form online.
  • Mail it to Pittsburgh Parking Court, 240 Fourth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.
  • Drop it off in person at the Parking Court at 240 Fourth Avenue.

A Parking Court Judge will review your request and come to a decision remotely. If you wish to interact with the judge, schedule an in-person hearing by calling (412) 560-7222. Use the same number if you have any questions, or turn to DoNotPay, and let them take care of it!

Pittsburgh Parking Ticket

How & Where To Pay a Pittsburgh Parking Ticket

Although Pittsburgh parking tickets don’t go on your record, they can increase and lead to additional charges or even towing. If you cannot dispute your citation, be sure to pay it within 21 days in one of the following ways.

  • Click here to pay online. Enter the ticket and license plate numbers to find the citation, and then follow the necessary steps to complete the payment.
  • Call (866) 353-7151 and pay with your MasterCard or Visa. The system is available 24/7.
  • Pay by mail—send a check or money order with your ticket number and license plate number to the Pittsburgh Parking Court. Its address is PO Box 640, Pittsburgh, PA, 15230-0640. 
  • Pay in person using cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa. The Parking Court building is located downtown at 240 Fourth Avenue, and the cashiering office opens at 9:30 AM on weekdays.


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