Faneuil Hall Marketplace Parking Directions & Fees

Faneuil Hall Marketplace Parking

Located on South Market Street in Boston, MA, Faneuil Hall Marketplace is the best downtown destination for shopping and dining. Use our guide to find directions to convenient parking in the area and learn how to get a good discount. You’ll also discover transportation alternatives in case you want to avoid driving altogether.

Discounted Parking for Faneuil Hall Marketplace

75 State Street Garage

Official Faneuil Hall parking is available at 75 State Street Garage on Broad Street. With its 6’9″ height, it’s unsuitable for oversized vehicles. 

The regular daily price is $43, while the evening/weekend fee is $18. However, if you purchase parking in advance online, you’ll pay the following rates.

4 hours of parking after 9:30 AM $20
8 hours Monday–Thursday $26
Monday–Friday 3:30 PM to 5 AM $13
Weekends 5 AM to 5 PM $13

If you don’t pre-book parking, you may get $5 off if you pick up a coupon from any merchant in the following list.

Faneuil Hall Shops

Tour Bus Parking Availability 

The closest Faneuil Hall Marketplace parking area for tour buses is on Surface Artery. Click here for the map of all bus pick-up/drop-off points and layover parking in Boston.

Additional Parking Near Faneuil Hall

Our team looked into nearby car parking structures, but the Government Center Garage and Boston Harbor Garage are more expensive. The cheapest option after 4 PM and on weekends is Garage At Post Office Square with a $9 flat rate. Additional alternatives are 1 Federal Street, International Place, and 1 Beacon Garage. Limited metered parking is also available in downtown Boston with rates starting at $2/hour.

Take the T & Save Money

Thanks to the widespread public transportation system, you can take several subway lines to the neighborhood:

  • Blue Line to Aquarium/Faneuil Hall;
  • Orange Line to State Street and Haymarket;
  • Green Line to Haymarket, Park Street, North Station, and Government Center;
  • Red Line to Park Street Station.

The one-way fare is $2.40. 

Easily Find Parking Anywhere in Boston

Check out the following links for information about parking near Boston’s most popular spots.

If you’re planning a trip, don’t hesitate to drive to the airport and book cheap Boston Logan Airport Parking.

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