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Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is the biggest one in France and the second-busiest airport in entire Europe, after London Heathrow Airport. It is situated 14 miles away from Paris City, in Roissy-en-France, and that’s why it is also known as Roissy Airport. If you want to discover CDG parking services and traveler reviews, our Paris Airport parking guide will provide you with all the parking information.

Our parking rates are compared daily with other sites to ensure the lowest amount, and so you'll save over 30% Guaranteed Customer Service - Agents are available to chat online, email, or by phone; TrustPilot 5 Stars, BBB A+ Excellent in Service and Usability Parking at Paris Airport from 7€/day. Instapark sells unused parking spaces from parking garages and lots near Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, saving guests over 60% from parking on-airport. Parking operators can sign up and list spots for free, and travelers can reserve a discounted CDG parking space.

Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Roissy-en-France with CDG only 1.60 miles (2.58 km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers.

You can also find the cheapest flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG Airport.

Paris Airport Parking

CDG offers many convenient parking options near each terminal. We have listed important information on parking availability, prices, driving directions to Paris CDG Airport, and all car parking facilities located on-site:

Paris Airport Parking Map

  • P1 - Parking T1
  • P3 - Parking T3
  • Parking Eco Valet
  • Parking AB
  • Parking CD
  • Parking EF
  • Parking G
  • Eco Parking

P1 - Parking T1

This parking structure provides a safe and covered parking area situated a short walk away from the airport terminal building. All passengers that depart from Terminal 1 will find this parking garage very convenient. Even though it is close to the terminal, airport shuttle train (CDG VAL, a light rail system) runs from 4 AM to 1 AM each day.

This garage parking is open 24/7. People driving oversized vehicles should note that the height clearance is 1.90m. The first 10 minutes are free. Afterward, the parking rates are as follows: 3€ for 15 minutes, 5€ for 30 minutes, 7€ for 45 minutes, 9€ for 1 hour, and so on. After the 12th hour, the daily parking rate of 39€ applies.

P3 - Parking T3

Travelers flying out of Terminal 3 have a great close-in parking area. It is an outdoor public parking lot located at 95380 Epiais-Lès-Louvres, a 5-minute-walk away from the terminal area. You can hop on a CDG free shuttle bus to/from this lot between 4 AM and 1 AM.

Since it is an uncovered parking area, it is more suitable for oversized vehicles, and the height clearance is 3m. The first 10 minutes are free. Afterward, the parking rates are as follows: 3€ for 15 minutes, 5€ for 30 minutes, 7€ for 45 minutes, 9€ for 1 hour, and so on. The daily rate is also 39€.

Parking Eco Valet

Valet service is always the fastest and most convenient parking option since it allows you to leave your vehicle as soon as you reach the parking area and head to your terminal. Eco Valet Parking is available for everyone departing from Terminal 1, and Terminals 2C, 2D, 2E, and 2F.

You can reach these terminals via CDG shuttle buses in about 10 minutes, and start your trip stress-free while a valet attendant parks your car in the P3 lot. CDG Valet Parking is available between 5 AM and midnight, 7 days a week.

Parking AB

This self parking facility is suitable for everyone who departs from Terminal 2. You will need about 5 minutes to reach Terminal 2A/2B, 10 minutes to 2C/2D, and 15 minutes to 2E/2F. It is secure indoor parking that will protect your car from any weather condition.

The shuttle bus service does not run to and from Parking AB, and you have to take a short walk to terminals. The maximum height in this airport car park is 1.90m. Parking rates are the same: you get 10 minutes of free parking, and then you pay 3€ for 15 minutes, 5€ for 30 minutes, 7€ for 45 minutes, 9€ for 1 hour, and 39€ per day.

Parking CD

You can quickly access several terminals from this parking facility - take a 5-minute walk to Terminals 2C and 2D or a 10-minute walk to 2A, 2B, 2E, or 2F. This is also a covered parking area under video surveillance that allows you to start your trip without worries about your vehicle.

Luggage trolleys are available for everyone with a lot of luggage. The first 10 minutes are free of charge for those coming to pick up an arriving passenger. After that, rates are as follows: 3€ for 15 minutes, 5€ for 30 minutes, 7€ for 45 minutes, 9€ for 1 hour, and so on. The maximum daily rate is 39€.

Parking EF

Another covered parking structure is available for passengers flying out of Terminal 2E and 2F. Shuttles don’t run to and from this facility, but you need only 5 minutes to reach the terminals. You can also access terminals 2C, 2D, 2A, and 2B within 10-15 minutes.

Parking EF is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you want to find driving directions to this garage, type the following address into your phone mapping app: 77990 Le Mesnil Amelot. Paris Airport parking rates here are the same as in the parking structures listed above. The daily rate is 39€, too.

Parking G

The PG lot is designed for everyone departing from Terminal 2G, and it is also great for oversized vehicles since it is an outdoor airport parking lot. Airport shuttles are not necessary because you can reach the CDG terminal area within only 5 minutes. It is ideal for short-term parking.

The first 10 minutes are also free of charge, and the rates after that are the same as above: 3€ for 15 minutes, 5€ for 30 minutes, 7€ for 45 minutes, 9€ for 1 hour, 39€ for 12-24 hours, 71€ for 24-48 hours, 93€ for 48-72 hours, and 115€ for 3-4 days. After that, you pay 20€ per each additional day.

Eco Parking

There are 3 Eco car parks at CDG Airport: R Eco, X Eco, and W Eco. These economy parking areas provide access to all terminals via free airport shuttles (CDG Val or N1). The free shuttle service runs approximately every 8 minutes between 4 AM and 1 AM.

Eco Parking lots offer uncovered parking spaces under video surveillance with a maximum height of 3.50m. Paris Airport parking ECO rates are the same for all three parking areas. The first 10 minutes are free, and then you pay 2€ for 15 mins, 4€ for 30 mins, 6€ for 45 mins, 8€ for 1 hour, and 26€ for 12-24 hours. After that, the daily rate is 22€.

Motorcycle Parking

Parking for motorcyclists is available in Parking AB and Parking EF motorcycle parks (on Level -1 in both facilities). The first 10 minutes are free, and then the rates are as follows: 1.50€ for 15 minutes, 3€ for 30 minutes, 4€ for 45 minutes, 5€ for 1 hour, and so on. The maximum daily parking rate is 19.50€.

Handicapped Parking/Accessible Parking is available in the following Paris Airport parking garages and lots: P1, P3, PAB, PCD, PEF, PR Eco, and PX Eco. To use designated parking spots, a passenger has to own either a disabled parking permit or license plate. A 50% discount is granted to all passengers with reduced mobility.

Paris CDG Airport offers many Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. To find EV charging stations, use one of the following parking structures: P1, PCD, PEF, and PG.

Off-Site Paris Airport Parking

We compare off-airport and on-airport Paris Airport Parking, so you don’t have to, saving you time and money and making your decision where to park much easier.

To help you save some money, we looked into off-site parking near the airport and found great parking providers, as well as Paris Airport hotels that offer secure airport parking service, affordable and safe parking lots, and hotel shuttle transportation to CDG:

  • AirPark Roissy CDG - great for long-term parking, 52€ for an 8-day parking package;

  • DiscountPark Roissy CDG - valet parking, luggage assistance, and transfer for 20€/day;

  • Parking Roissy Voyage - affordable outdoor parking rates start at 17.5€;

  • Ecopark Paris CDG - low-cost long term parking deals, free shuttle every hour;

  • Holiday Inn Paris Charles de Gaulle - at 4 Allée du Verger, 7€/day;

  • Hyatt Charles de Gaulle - at 351 Av. du Bois de la Pie, 7.50€/day;

  • Best Western Paris CDG Airport - at 1 Allee du Verger; 7.50€/day;

  • Millenium Hotels and Resorts Charles de Gaulle - at Zone Hôtelière 2 Allée du Verger, 8€/day.

Off-Site Parking is Almost Always the Best Value

Paris Airport parking facilities are secure but not cheap at all, and so off-airport parking might be the best option when searching for affordable parking prices. Passengers looking for a long stay or short stay parking lot near CDG can save a lot of money by parking off-site in one of the above-listed parking areas or an airport hotel nearby, like Holiday Inn, Sheraton, or Premier Inn.

Apart from useful information about Paris Airport parking, can also help you find the best international airport parking deals and Park and Ride hotel offers. Don’t hesitate to check us out for your next leisure or business trip, and make airport parking reservations within minutes!

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