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If you're on your way to where I'm standing right now I say watch this video first. I'm Erica travel guy and this is Norfolk Virginia. Norfolk is a town where the water is never far away. It's a beautiful place to visit with a vibrant art scene, mouth-watering gastronomy and 144 miles of shore to explore. Solo with friends or the entire family one of the best ways to get oriented is to get out on the water set sail aboard Norfolk's own tall sailing ship the American Rover this three-masted Topsail schooners has been a signature site along the Elizabeth River and Hampton Roads harbor since 1986 offering one and a half and two-hour narrated harbor or sunset cruises. From April to October Norfolk's premier dining and entertainment district is waterside district it's right downtown. One of my personal favorites is guy Petty's place. Like any other cool place Norfolk is divided into distinct neighborhoods each with its own identity on a map you'll note the downtown historic Ghent Chelsea North Colley and beyond the Military Highway in the airport and finally Ocean View and East Beach you can find more information about each neighborhood in my Norfolk itinerary at Erica travel guide. Calm wow what a shameless plug Travel and Leisure magazine noted that.

Norfolk is one of the top 50 places you have to visit in 2017 and the Chrysler Museum of Art well it's a crowd favorite oh yeah we're going in the Chrysler Museum of Art is home to a collection of nearly 30,000 objects spanning 5000 years of history and it possesses one of the great glass collections in America you know the Tiffany collection here is world-famous so take some time to just slow down and take it all in and don't forget to visit the glass studio it's pretty cool. No it's not every day you can step foot on a decommissioned battleship well here in Norfolk you can do that right downtown this is the battleship Wisconsin she saw tours in World War Two, Korea and the Gulf War you can take a guided or a self-guided tour but I suggest getting a gold ticket that way you can get on the battleship and get into Nauticus. Nauticus is a maritime science center and museum is awesome three floors of interactive hands-on displays, 3d theaters and sharks on the second floor is the Hampton Roads Naval Museum and the entrance to the battleship Wisconsin. The cruise terminal Half Moon Bay is also conveniently located right on the campus so much to do so little time with or without the kids, I think you absolutely have to make a stop at the Virginia zoo it's an ideal way to get outdoors see some wildlife and buy some things you simply can't live without. Oh thank you! very much if animals aren't your thing I have another idea Norfolk Botanical Garden is nationally recognized for its deep-rooted history and celebrated for its blooms in every season, the 175 acre garden is home to fifty-two distinctive themed gardens 95 species of birds and 30 kinds of butterflies back on the water. You can't depart without taking a tour of Naval Station Norfolk this is the largest naval station in the world this 45-minute tour takes you dockside to the home of the Atlantic Fleet for an up-close look at aircraft carriers destroyers and other US Navy vessels protecting the United States every day you know tomorrow this is a navy town which means there are some tall tales from the sea but there's one tale that is undisputed you know that is they invented the waffle cone right here at Dumars.

Sadly that's all the time we have for this video but good news you can take all the time you need to have a phenomenal vacation in Norfolk, Virginia. I'm Eric the travel guy that's what I got I'm gonna do it again nice you know for that's alright I'm gonna do it again, oh alright stop that's it that's all we got good. how's it going good showers to do good good, I loved it [Music] hello my fellow travelers thank you for watching I really really appreciate it of course if you like these videos don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and if you check out these other great videos from our library thanks for watching.