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DTW Valet Parking: Park With Valets at Detroit Airport Garages!

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Long-Term Parking - Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport
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11050 W G Rogell Dr #602, Detroit, MI, US

Valet parking at airports has become an increasingly popular option for travelers looking for convenience and peace of mind. This is especially true at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, one of the busiest airports in the region. Valet parking services allow travelers to drop off their car at a designated location and then have it safely parked for them while they focus on getting to their flight. In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of using DTW valet parking, as well as provide tips for finding the best valet parking garages in the area. 

Valet Service at DTW

If you want to park on-site, personal valets at the McNamara Terminal can take care of your vehicle. Follow the airport signs for Departures & Valet Parking, and an attendant will assist you with luggage, take your car, and park it on Level 6 of the covered parking garage.

Here are the DTW valet parking rates:

Duration Parking Fee
Up to 2 hours $12
2–3 hours $16
3–4 hours $20
Every additional hour $4
10–24 hours $47

The maximum daily rate is $47, and you can pay upon return using cash, credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Wallet.

Tip: To save time when you get back to DTW, text your valet ticket number to (734) 725-2552, and an attendant will get your car ready for pick-up.

Top Off-Site Valet Parking

Budget travelers with a packed schedule can also enjoy the convenience of valet service since some private parking lots near Detroit Metro Airport provide it. The process is simple: one of the attendants will pick up your car and drive away while you hop on a free shuttle to the McNamara Terminal.

Our recommendation is Valet Connections, a car park located at 27299 Wick Rd, Taylor, MI 48180. It's a 5-minute drive away from the airport and offers outdoor valet services for as low as $7.99 per day. So, if you choose to park off-site, you'll pay around 6 times less!

Tip: If you plan on staying in a hotel near DTW before your flight, call to check if they offer valet service—you may get it for free! 

What's the Best Option?

On-site valet service involves valets parking your vehicle for you on the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport's premises. It's more expensive than off-site options, but it offers convenience and speed. You can drop off your car at the valet stand and quickly head to your terminal without worrying about finding a parking spot or taking a shuttle. The valet will park your car in a garage or ramp and then bring it back to you upon return.

Off-site valet parking service involves leaving your car at a parking lot or hotel near DTW, which is more affordable or even free but also requires more time. You will need to take a shuttle to the airport terminal and add extra time to your journey. 

Ultimately, the choice between on-site and off-site valet parking depends on your priorities. If you value convenience and are willing to pay more, on-site valet parking service is your go-to. If looking for an affordable long-term parking option and don't mind taking a shuttle, off-site lots are a better fit.