SoFi Stadium Parking Lots & Tips

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SoFi Stadium is one of the few stadiums shared by two NFL teams—the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams. The venue is placed in Inglewood, CA, only 3 miles from LAX and 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Apart from Rams and Chargers games and an array of other events, the stadium will also host Super Bowl LVI. If you’re wondering how much is parking at SoFi Stadium and where to find the most suitable spot, we have all the answers! Go through all SoFi Stadium parking lots, standard event rates, and off-site parking availability before you purchase a parking pass. You’ll also learn about tailgating and transportation alternatives, as well as other event parking services in the area.

SoFi Stadium Parking Zones

The Rams and Chargers stadium offers an extensive range of visitor parking areas located around the venue. The lots are divided into nine zones:

  • Platinum Parking Zone
  • Yellow Parking Zone
  • Blue Parking Zone: Lot N
  • Brown Parking Zone: Lots C & D
  • Green Parking Zone: Lots A & B
  • Orange Parking Zone: Lots E, F, G, H
  • Pink Parking Zone: Lots I, J, P, Q
  • Purple Parking Zone: Lots K, L, M
  • Retail Zone: Lost 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The SoFi Stadium parking map shows the location of each event parking area and zone:

SoFi Stadium Parking Map

Parking reservations are required, and we suggest booking a SoFi Stadium parking pass as early as possible since parking is limited. Download the pass into your phone and show it to the parking staff upon entry.

Accessible Parking

All SoFi Stadium parking structures offer handicapped parking stalls, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each vehicle occupying such a spot needs to own and display a disabled parking permit, placard, or license plate. A valid stadium parking pass is also required! Accessible shuttles often operate within the lots before and after the events, so feel free to use them.

Parking for Oversized Vehicles

Oversized vehicle parking spaces for RVs, limousines, shuttle vans and buses are available in Lot P. The Pink Zone is the only one that accommodates such vehicles. Each visitor has to have a SoFi Stadium parking pass to enter the lot. 

How Much Is Parking at SoFi Stadium?

The downside to the official on-site parking service is the SoFi Stadium parking cost, according to its many visitors. Not only is parking restricted and cramped, but it’s also high-priced. A SoFi Stadium parking pass for season ticket holders is $60 per game, while other visitors pay as low as $80. The single-game parking rate is even higher for oversized vehicles and tailgating spots. For these reasons, we suggest looking into the below-listed remote parking options.

Parking Near SoFi Stadium

On-street parking isn’t available for SoFi Stadium events, and the residential parking program is in effect on all streets. If you don’t have a residential permit, leave your car in an off-street lot to avoid parking tickets or towing. The Forum is a short walk away and offers more affordable parking services, so we suggest looking into The Forum Parking guide. It might help you find a spot for as low as $20.

IPark&Go: Remote Parking + Shuttles

Multiple locations in Inglewood, as well as a couple of lots in El Segundo and Los Angeles, offer the IPark&Go services. These package deals include remote parking and shuttles to and from the City of Inglewood’s Intermodal Transit Facility, which is right next to the stadium. The shuttle fare is $7 per person, while parking rates start at $23. See all the remote parking information in the list below and reserve parking online to lower your costs.

Parking Facility Address Parking Prices
Civic Center Garage 1 Manchester Blvd, Inglewood $33 – $40
Inglewood Public Library 101 W. Manchester, Inglewood $33 – $40
Senior Center Garage 333 East Queen St, Inglewood $33 – $40
Locust Street Garage 115 South Locust St, Inglewood $33 – $40
SFII Flyte 2222 E Imperial Hwy, El Segundo $23 – $30
Playa District 6870 Park Terrace, Los Angeles $23 – $30

Tailgating at SoFi Stadium

SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park allow tailgating in the Pink Zone only, and parking is limited, so we suggest pre-booking a parking pass as early as possible. The lots open four hours before kick-off, and we urge you to follow tailgating rules to have the best game-day experience:

  • One SoFi Stadium parking permit is available per person, per vehicle.
  • Guests aren’t allowed to purchase additional spaces.
  • Fire lanes and driveways must remain unobstructed.
  • Only propane grills and natural gas grills are allowed.
  • Overnight parking is forbidden.
  • All tailgating activities end at kick-off.

Tailgating is allowed for select events only.

Transportation to the Stadium

Want to avoid driving and worrying about finding a suitable spot? Use the Metro C Line to the Hawthorne/Lennox Station, and then hop on a free Metro SoFi Stadium shuttle bus! Complimentary shuttle buses run every 5 to 8 minutes several hours before kick-off and an hour and a half after the game. Note that, although these shuttles are free, standard fares apply for regular bus and rail service. Regular buses that stop near SoFi Stadium include Metro Bus lines 115, 117, and 212. Guests who need a ride to or from Los Angeles International Airport should pre-book a shuttle to LAX or request a Lyft at LAXIf you decide to use app-based transfers, the rideshare drop-off point is at 3695 Pincay Drive, a short walk away from the entrance.

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