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As home to the Colorado Rockies, Coors Field is a popular destination among baseball fans in Denver. Thanks to its convenient downtown location, it’s easily accessible by car and public transportation alike. If you plan to drive to the venue, our guide will help you find a safe and cheap Coors Field parking spot in the area. Discover the official lots and top off-site options and compare their event rates or locations to find what works for you. You’ll also learn about public transit, the most affordable alternative to driving.

Parking at Coors Field

The baseball park has three official vehicle parking structures managed by Central Parking Systems. Each campus parking facility is well-lit and paved and opens two and a half hours before a Colorado Rockies game. Although cash and major credit cards are accepted upon arrival, it’s safer to book in advance and get a reserved parking spot. >>Reserve on Vivid Seats

The non-event rate is $5 in the garage, while the event rates for all lots are in the following list.

Coors Field Lot

Event Rate


Walking Time

Lot A


Outside Gate A, adjacent to the venue

1–10 minutes

Lot B + Parking Garage


Next to Lot A, accessible from 27th and Blake Street

Up to 15 minutes



Between 22nd St. and W. Park Ave. 

Less than 5 minutes

Note: Spots in Gate C and E Lots are sold out, but the cost was the same as in Lot B. 

Official Parking Reservations at Stadiums


Four electric vehicle charging stations are placed on the ground parking level of the Coors Field garage parking structure. Payment is required for the use of EV charging stations, and the price is $23 on Rockies game days. It’s free of charge for ChargePoint card owners only.

Accessible Parking 

ADA parking spots are directly adjacent to Gate A. Passengers with disabilities may use elevators, ramps, and escalators to access any level of Coors Field. A disabled parking permit, license plate, or placard is a must. Rates are subject to change, but the standard cost for handicapped parking starts at $17. Call Central Parking Systems at (303) 312-2040 for more info.

Additional Options Near Coors Field

Unlike other MLB facilities, Coors Field has reasonable prices, but there’s still a way to reduce your expenses. Our team singled out the best off-site parking lots available on sites like SpotHero, which allows you to reserve your spot and save over 60%.

Parking Structure

Average Event Rate


Walking Distance

Beverly Lot


2000 Larimer St.

4 minutes

Kristi Lot


2060 Larimer St.

5 minutes

Blossom Lot


1801 Market St.

5 minutes

Music Garage


1615 18th St.

7 minutes

Flo Lot


2108 Larimer St.

5 minutes

Note: Rates are subject to change and may vary according to various factors. Make a reservation far in advance to get the best deal.

Park on the Street

Streets around the venue offer convenient short-term spaces. You’ll easily find street parking meters within walking distance, and don’t hesitate to use them if you’re lucky enough to come across an empty stall. Rates and time limits may vary according to the location. Read the posted signs and meters carefully and park your car properly to avoid getting a pricey ticket.

Transportation to the Ballpark

Denver Union Station is a short walk away from Coors Field and allows visitors to get to the park easily and affordably. You may use several RTD rail lines to reach this station — A, B, C, E, and W Lines. The standard RTD fare for a local ride is only $3.

Alternatively, Uber is an excellent alternative for quick rides; two pick-up/drop-off areas are available near the field. 

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