How To Rent Out Your Driveway: Earn Money by Renting Your Parking Space


The popularity of driveway renting has been on the rise, and deservedly so. Demand for parking can be huge in big cities, around popular venues, and near transportation hubs. So, if you live in a high-traffic area, don’t hesitate to rent out your driveway or garage parking spot and make extra cash. The Parking Access … Read more

5 Ingenious Ways to Save on Aiport Parking

Airport hotel parking

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How RV’s use casinos for free parking

Free parking for RVs at Casinos

Not everyone dreams of living in a big house with a backyard garden and a beautiful front porch, some love living like vagabonds, traveling from one place to another, being on the road 24/7. For such travel enthusiasts an RVs (Recreational Vehicles), camper vans, customized minivans, and buses are the best choice. The only problem … Read more

How to Have Fun on a Family Road Trip with Printable Travel Games

Road trip with kids

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There are many blog posts and articles on the Internet about how to fly for free.  But none that explore ways to park for free at the airport when you’re flying.  Why not? Good question.  We know it’s a very expensive bill when you return from a 10 day cruise or 2 weeks in Paris. … Read more

Travel Hacks 6 Ways to make Airport Parking Easier

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10 Airport parking locations that accept Bitcoin

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How to save time & money on your next trip to the airport

Save time and money on airport parking

When you’ve got a flight to catch the last thing you want to worry about is getting to the airport parking at the terminal costs of fortune and that’s if you’re lucky enough to find a space. has a better idea. Compare rates reviews and features for parking lots near the airport and reserve … Read more