10 JFK Airport parking lots, only 3 of them will wash your car for FREE, find out which ones!

Last Updated on December 12, 2023 by Usama

If you’re looking for airport parking and a car wash, we have the 3 lots at JFK Airport to leave your car and return to it nicely washed.  

  1. Bolt Parking
  2. Park Plus Airport Parking
  3. Jiffy Airport Parking
  4. JFK Discount Parking
  5. Aardwolf Parking
  6. Radisson Hotel JFK Airport
  7. Orom Airport Parking
  8. Jamaica Center by LAZ
  9. JFK Long Term Parking
  10.  AirLot

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#1 Bolt Parking

Although Bolt Parking might be one of the more expensive lots to park at JFK, they do not offer car wash services.  

#2 Park Plus Airport Parking

You found it.  If you park at Park Plus you’ll get your car washed upon request.  Awesome!

#3 Jiffy Airport Parking

At $12.99 per day, this lot is a great deal, plus they’ll wash your car.  How awesome is that?

#4 JFK Discount Parking

If you’re looking for a car wash, don’t park here.  Sorry.

#5 Aadwold Parking

Interesting name for a parking lot indeed.  And no car wash, drive on by.

#6 Radisson Hotel JFK Parking

A hotel parks cars?  Yup. But they don’t wash them. 

#7 Orom Airport Parking

At $15.99 per day, Orom is a good value and when you return from your week on the beach, your car will look as good as your tan.

#8 Jamaica Center by LAZ

This lot is $8.99/day for a reason.  There’s no free shuttle to the airport and wait for it….no free car wash.

#9 Long Term JFK Parking

One of the most expensive per day parking lots at JFK and what…what…no free car wash. Come on man!

#10 AirLot

At a rock bottom price per day of $6.99/day, we saved the best for last, well, if you’re on a budget and don’t care your car won’t get a bath.  

Hope you enjoyed the top 3 JFK parking lots that offer free car washes.  If you’re looking to reserve a space at one of these lots be sure to visit us at New York JFK Airport Parking


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