Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review

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Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review
Updated December 8, 2018 by Hali Lawrence
  • Shuttle: 95%
  • Staff: 98%
  • Facility: 99%
  • Location: 99%
  • East to find: 97%

The Bottom Line

The Park ‘N Fly Plus in Atlanta was a very pleasant experience and an efficient lot to use when considering parking at Hartsfield International. It was easy to navigate, and the shuttle drivers were accommodating and friendly. There was no need to wave down a driver, at least 3 or 4 shuttles were constantly driving the lot and they beelined it to us as we parked, ready to pick us up before we were out of the door. The shuttle was exceptionally clean and comfortable, and the driving time from the lot to the airport was relatively fast. The lot was very secure and I felt no apprehension about leaving my car there. The driver gave us tickets with our parking location as we boarded, so we had no worries about trying to remember where we parked. When departing the airport, the shuttles were well marked and there were at least 3 shuttles at a time at the pick-up point. There was no overcrowding or a long wait to board and leave because there were so many buses available, cycling in and out. There was a general sense of urgency in the best way possible, both to and from the airport. There was a friendly cashier to pay as we left, leaving me with an overall great impression of this lot.


  • The best thing about this lot was the quick and friendly shuttle service that made airport parking easier. They had a very systematic setup, well-staffed, with plenty of shuttles in operation so there were no wait times or overcrowded shuttles. 
  • The driver was very polite and accommodating, he was happy to give instructions for where to go once at the airport and for pick up. I was impressed that he helped customers with their baggage all the way to their cars, he really went the extra mile. I was most impressed with the cleanliness of the buses! 
  • The whole operation is very efficient and the lot is well laid out. It is fully fenced in and there is even a security watchtower in the center. I felt my car was very safe in this environment.


  • It is hard to find something negative to say about Park n Fly Plus Atlanta. 
  • It may be a couple of minutes further from the airport than some other lots, but the security, ease, and cleanliness made up for any small difference in time.

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Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta – Hours of Operation

There was no specific sign, but the Park N Fly Plus Atlanta location is open 24/7 (employees are there constantly).

Arrival Information

Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review

The lot is easy to find, off the main road, you can’t miss it.  

  • Entrance
  • Exit
Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review
Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review

There is a large billboard at the light before the lot, and another very large sign at the entrance. There are 2 entrances, one off of the main road, and a second entrance off a side road.   So no matter which direction from the red light you come, it’s very easy and clear where to enter and exit. Also right next to a nice gas station.  

How about the ticketing system?  

You have two options at Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta – Self Park or Valet.  

  • Self-park: You will grab a ticket from the machine before the gate and park your car where you choose.  
  • Valet Parking: Followed the signs to Valet, Pull up behind a car and was greeted by a staff member…

What happens after I’ve chosen one of the parking types like Valet or Self-park?

  • When you drive through the gate to self-parking, there is signage pointing you to covered parking or regular (it is the same price.) There was an abundance of both types of parking, we found a spot right away. 
  • The shuttles are watching for arriving cars, and they beelined straight our way when we parked. The bus was next to us before we even got out of the car! 
  • Then we were promptly on our way to the airport. There is clear signage that If we had opted to the valet, we would have just pulled into the covered valet lane next to the building and gone in the building. The shuttle coming directly to us as we self parked was as easy and quick as valeting would have been. 

Does Park ‘N Fly Have a Shuttle?

Of course! All of the shuttles seemed to be on the newer end of the spectrum. They were exceptionally clean and orderly. Plenty of room and comfortable seats. 

Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review

On the way there I was the only one in the shuttle, on the way back it was pretty full with 10 people, but it was still very comfortable and did not feel crowded at all. The shuttles run 24 hours, and they have shuttles cycling continuously. There was no wait at the lot, and only a few minutes to get everyone loaded at the airport. There were clearly plenty of shuttles in operation to keep the lot full of shuttles circling, and to have a few at the airport at all times as well. The drivers were on radios keeping each other up to date on their status and the status of customers they saw driving into the lot. It was all very orderly and efficient, I was impressed with how proactive the drivers were with finding and picking up new customers as they saw them entering the lot. 

Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review

The driver gave very specific directions for the location of where the buses would be when I needed to leave the airport. He took every customer’s baggage to their car. The drive was 6-7 minutes each way, that was with no traffic whatsoever. Out of 3 groups of people on the bus, 2 of the groups seemed to tip, about $5-$10, these were the people with the most baggage.  

Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review

The buses are not handicap accessible, but I was very impressed to find out that if someone is in need of that access, the valet will take them to the airport in their own car and return to pick them up in their own car at no additional fee, since they don’t have the capabilities on the bus. 

Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review

Do you tip Park N Fly drivers?

We always recommend tipping shuttle drivers as they’re providing you with the free shuttle service, and drivers often rely on tips to boost their income.

Park ‘N Fly Atlanta Amenities

The lot has an annex with a car wash, jiffy lube, and a pet boarding place. There are self-park and valet options. There is uncovered parking, parking with an overhead cover, and full deck parking. 

Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review
Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review
Jiffy lube
Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review

Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Facility

There is a nice large entrance building you can go into with employees at the counter, restrooms, and a vending machine. The lot seems to be well lit, there are visible cameras around the building. I was most impressed by a security tower in the center of the lot that was clearly manned by 2 people I could see, they confirmed it is manned 24 hours. The lot is gated and fenced with wire at the top. 

Park ‘N Fly Plus Atlanta Airport Review
Pet Boarding!

Is Park ‘N Fly Plus a Good Value?

When it comes to value, we would say that you pay for what you get.   Meaning, Park ‘N Fly Plus is not just a traditional parking lot with a paved surface and lines drawn for parking spaces. Starting at $11.95/day it’s at the higher end of choices when parking at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport.  

If you are located far away from the airport, you might consider looking into park and fly options that include hotels. There are many deals in Atlanta – you get to stay the night before your flight and park your car there for the duration of your trip.


Price concerns:

If you leaving your car for more than a week, you may wish to explore other parking lot options as the price 

Summing it up…

Who should park at Park ‘N Fly Plus?

Anyone who values more than just leaving their car in a gated lot with pavement and is staying for less than 10 days should definitely try Park ‘N Fly Plus. One of the top parking lots for reasons given above, if you travel once a year and it’s important to have a true end to end great experience, we recommend parking here, because your trip starts and ends at the parking lot.

On a side note, we also reviewed Park ‘N Fly New Orleans!

Atlanta Airport Parking Reviews

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Park ‘N Fly Plus 97% $$$$ Valet/Self-park Read Review

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