Busch Stadium Parking 2020

Busch Stadium Parking: Complete Guide 2020

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This Busch Stadium Parking Guide gives you upfront and clear pricing, information on how and where to park, tips, guest reviews, and the Busch Stadium gate map. Let’s get started!

New Busch Stadium

All baseball fans in St. Louis know very well that Busch Stadium is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals. The stadium is also called New Busch Stadium and can seat more than 44 thousand people! If you are interested in Major League Baseball, you will find interesting various events hosted by Busch Stadium, such as playoffs and MLB All-Star games. Many concerts have also been held here by artists like Ed Sheeran, Metallica, Billy Joel, and more.

Busch Stadium is situated at 700 Clark Ave, less than a mile from downtown St. Louis. If you are driving to this amazing stadium for the first time, check out the driving directions to Busch Stadium. Even though you can use public transportation services, such as MetroLink, driving to the parking is a good idea if you plan ahead. To help you out, we created this guide with St. Louis Cardinals parking areas near Busch Stadium. Check it out!

Busch Stadium Parking Lots

Searching for a safe and cheap parking spot before a big game can be stressful and exhausting. Cardinals fans have two parking options when coming to Busch Stadium – snatching up one of the official hourly parking spaces next to the stadium or finding an available center garage parking spot in the downtown area near the stadium.

The official Busch Stadium parking is available at the Ballpark Village, a venue with entertainment and dining options. Unfortunately, it provides only 720 parking spots, which is not nearly enough for baseball games. The Ballpark Village is located at 601 Clark Ave. The official self-parking rates depend on the game type, and they vary between $5 and $50. Valet parking service is also available, and the valet service is always $10 higher than the self-parking price.

Busch Stadium Parking Garages are a 5-minute walk away from the stadium (200 South Broadway & 100 South 9th Street). Busch Stadium Parking Garage West/East offers covered parking, and the vehicle parking rates are similar to those of the private lots.

Accessible parking spaces are available, too. To use this parking area, a visitor has to own a disabled parking permit, license plate, or placard. Standard parking rates apply. For additional handicapped parking regulations, call St. Louis parking at (314) 241-7777 or check out the following handicap parking structures:

  • Stadium West Parking Garage near Gate 3;
  • Stadium East Parking Garage near Gate 5.

Note that overnight parking is not permitted and Busch public parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. All major credit cards are accepted.

Cardinals Parking Garages near Busch Stadium

If you are trying to find more affordable off-site parking, you have to go a couple of blocks away from the stadium. So, if you don’t mind taking a short walk, check out our list and choose a low-cost and convenient parking facility nearby. Note that on-street parking areas do not offer free shuttles to Busch Stadium.

Additional parking providers offer secure downtown parking services, as well as both uncovered and covered parking lots and garages. The city parking prices in these areas are usually cheaper than official visitor parking. See other useful details in our list below.

Parking Deck/LotAddressWalking Distance
The S&H Parking Lot 1Broadway and Spruce2 minutes
The S&H Parking Lot 2400 Poplar East and 4th Street6 minutes
Still630 Restaurant Car Park1000 South 4th Street8 minutes
Kiener Plaza Garages500/604 Pine Street8 minutes
CitiPark Lots699 North 2nd Street15 minutes

Tailgating at Busch Stadium Parking

Unfortunately, tailgating at Busch Stadium parking facilities is not allowed. However, Cardinals fans can visit the Ballpark Village and its dining options, and you can grab a beer before or after the game. There are several bars in the downtown area that offer great services, so you can check them out as well.

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