Wrigley Field Parking: Complete Guide

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Wrigley Field is a popular baseball park situated on the North Side of Chicago that hosts exciting sporting events, as well as concerts and other events, throughout the entire year. It is the home of the Chicago Cubs that compete in Major League Baseball. The field has several entrances; if you want to enter through the Premier Gate, do it via Clark Street, Chicago, IL.

What is the best way to get to Wrigley Field? The ballpark is located at 1060 West Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613, and you can find driving directions to the field here.

If you plan on coming soon, you probably need information about day parking. To get a secure parking spot is not always easy, especially when you are going to a big event or game day. Parking Access will help you save both time and money; we’ve listed everything you need to know about Wrigley Field parking options and rates.

Wrigley Field Parking Map updated 2019

Wrigley Field Parking

Many parking lots and countless event parking spaces are available within a few blocks of the ballpark. Parking near Wrigley Field opens 3 hours before every game and works on a first-come, first-served basis, so you should enter at that time and make sure you find parking.

If convenience is your priority, you will easily find and book an on-site parking space nearby, but that comes at a price. The closer you are to the ballpark, the more you will have to pay for your space. Therefore, the best and nearest Chicago Cubs parking structures offer prices from $30.

Listed below are Wrigley Field Parking Rates and proximity to the stadium:

Parking Garage/Lot Rate Distance to the Stadium Walking Time
Outfield Gallery – Lot $60 0.0 miles 1 minute
808 W. Addison St – Garage $40 0.2 miles 4 minutes
Camry/Green Lot $40 0.3 miles 5 minutes
835 W. Addison St – Lot $35 0.2 miles 5 minutes
951 W. Cornelia Ave – Lot $35 0.2 miles 4 minutes
3338 N. Seminary Ave – Lot $35 0.4 miles 9 minutes
Halstead Flats Garage $30 0.4 miles 9 minutes
3224 N. Halstead – Garage $30 0.6 miles 12 minutes

Click here to see the Wrigley Field parking map.

Accessible Parking / Handicapped Parking

Limited street parking is available for people with disabilities, but you can find disabled spaces in the official Cubs car park as well. We suggest that you book these spots in advance. Call 800-THE-CUBS for accessible parking reservations. Vehicles using designated parking spots have to own a disabled parking permit, license plate, or an ADA placard. Standard parking rates apply for all events. 

Find Parking near Wrigley Field

There is a great number of parking spots a little farther away from Wrigley Field. This is a great option if you want to save some money and if you don’t mind a 10-20 minute walk. Not only will you cut your costs but also avoid all the traffic around the ballpark before and after the game. These parking garages and lots offer prices starting from $10 for any game day. Check out all the options in our list below and book a car park space that fits your needs.

Parking Lot/Garage Rate Distance to the Stadium Walking Time
3450 N Lake Shore – Valet Service $35 1 mile 21 minutes
3130 N. Sheffield St – Garage $33 0.6 miles 12 minutes
3224 N Halsted – Garage $30 0.8 miles 16 minutes
3730 N Lake Shore – Lot $20 0.9 miles 18 minutes
3440 N. Broadway St – Garage $20 0.8 miles 17 minutes
Sports Authority Garage Car Park $18 0.7 miles 14 minutes
3408 N Marshfield – Under L $10 1 mile 20 minutes

Free Remote Wrigley Parking

The Cubs also offer free parking at 3900 N. Rockwell St, Chicago, IL 60618. It is just east of the Chicago River. This car park is available for all night/weekend games throughout the season. Free shuttle service to and from Wrigley Field is included, so you don’t have to worry about the distance from Wrigley Field. To get a free public parking space in this lot is perfect if you want to avoid high prices or don’t want to park in an unsafe city street. Also, you may turn your free shuttle ride before/after the game into a fun adventure and use this opportunity to meet interesting people or even make new friends.

Tailgating at Wrigley Field

Pulling into a Chicago Cubs parking lot and tailgating before a game is the best part of the game-day experience. Unfortunately, tailgating is not permitted at any Wrigley parking area. However, you can still have some fun with your friends by going to a nearby bar like Murphy’s Bleachers or Gingerman Tavern. They offer great beer, tasty food, and affordable prices.

Public Transportation to Wrigley

If you want to use public transportation, click here and find out all transfers and bus routes that are available in the area. This way, you will keep away from traffic and save some money. Cubs fans from the west suburbs should take Pace’s Express Route that runs non-stop to Wrigley Field. For additional help or any information, please call 800-THE-CUBS.

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