All About Crane Beach Parking

Plan on visiting Crane Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts? Creating a travel plan is a must, especially since the beach requires reservations for visits on certain days. Our guide will provide valuable and up-to-date information on bookings, transportation, and parking for both standard and oversized vehicles. Discover how much Crane Beach parking is and when is the best time to visit the beach. Use our advice and tips to have a worry-free day and a pleasant visit without any inconvenience!

Crane Beach

Crane Beach in Ipswich is a large and very clean beach with several dune trails and not too big waves. Apart from being an ideal place for relaxation, it’s also a conservation property that makes an effort to preserve nesting sites for piping plovers. For this reason, it’s a perfect location for birdwatching, too! The beach is open from 8 AM to sunset and has all the amenities you might need, including changing rooms and restrooms. If you plan on going to a gorgeous stretch of Crane Beach, be sure to check out Castle Hill on the Crane Estate and the Crane Wildlife Refuge, too. Allow yourself several hours to explore the area properly and enjoy the visit.

Crane Beach

Each visitor is required to purchase a Timed Entry Pass during peak season and on weekends from mid-September to mid-October. In the off-season, reservations are optional, but we suggest getting the pass either way since it guarantees entry to the beach.

Crane Beach Parking Cost

Visitors and members who don’t own a Crane Beach parking permit should reserve a day parking pass. The procedure reduces traffic and keeps guests safer by allowing contactless entry. The list below shows the daily parking costs for standard vehicles during the season. Prices differ on weekdays and weekends, and the rates are lower Monday through Friday.

Weekdays Parking Rate
Permit Holders Free
Members $10
Non-Members $15
Weekends & Holidays Parking Rate
Permit Holders Free
Members $15
Non-Members $25

If you come to the beach after 4 PM, it’ll be less crowded and you may get a discounted parking rate. During holidays and weekends, arriving early or late in the day is recommended if you wish to avoid crowds.

Off-Season Parking at Crane Beach

During the low season—which is between mid-October and late March—Crane Beach parking rates are more competitive. Even though reservations aren’t required, you can still purchase your pass in advance, and we urge you to do it whenever you go. Check out the off-season parking cost for all Crane Beach visitors.

Off-Season Parking Rate
Permit Holders Free
Members $5
Non-Members $10

Parking for Motorcycles and Buses

If you plan to ride a motorcycle to the beach, the price for parking will be the same whenever you come. Visitors who own a Crane Beach permit are entitled to free parking, while other guests pay $5. The $5 rate applies on both weekends and weekdays during peak season. Convenient parking for buses is available at a fixed price year-round. Whether you search for a bus parking space during high or low season, the daily parking cost will be $75. This rate applies to both members and non-members.

How To Purchase a Crane Beach Parking Permit

Crane Beach parking permits allow visitors to park free of charge for one full year. To purchase the permit, you need to be an active Trustees Member, and the membership prices start at $50. As a member, you can purchase one or two Crane Beach parking permits, and the price is $85 per permit. If you select the $125 Contributing Membership or any higher level, you’ll get a free parking permit as a part of your association. This is a great option for frequent visitors! Get a Crane Beach parking sticker, or use the same link to learn more about each membership level or parking permit.

Additional Parking Near Crane Beach

During peak season, if the Crane Beach parking lot is full, all parking permit holders can use Baker’s Pasture. It’s an alternative parking area located within walking distance of the beach. The auxiliary parking structure is open from 9 AM to 4 PM every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day. To get to the Baker’s Pasture lot, follow the signs along Argilla Road and then turn left after the Castle Hill entrance. After you park the vehicle, take a 10-to-15-minute stroll along the beachfront to get to Crane Beach.

Area Map, Source:

Transportation to Crane Beach

Using public transportation services and shuttles is highly recommended, especially on weekends and holidays. One of the best transfers from the main Ipswich Train Station to the North Shore is the Ipswich Essex Explorer shuttle bus service. The regular one-way fare is $1.50, but you can purchase the Beach Pass for $5—it includes the round-trip fare and walk-on fee at Crane Beach. If searching for the most convenient ride to the closest major airport, look into Boston Logan Airport shuttle providers.


  • How much is the parking at Crane Beach?

The standard parking rate for non-members is $15 on weekdays and $25 on weekends. In the off-season, the parking cost is $10. The Trustees members are entitled to free or discounted parking.

  • What time does the Crane Beach parking lot open?

The Crane Beach parking service is available from 8 AM.

  • What is a Crane Beach parking permit?

The parking permit allows a visitor to park free of charge for a full year. To purchase one, you need to be a Trustees Member, and the permit price is $85. 

  • Are dogs allowed at Crane Beach?

Dogs are allowed between October 1 and March 31. Non-members have to pay a $5 fee.

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