Davenport Beach Parking

The town of Davenport is placed along California’s coast, nine miles away from Santa Cruz, and its beach is a real gem of the place. It is famous for breathtaking landscapes and amazing Pacific Ocean views. Before you head to the beach, find out more about Davenport Beach parking and access, and who’s going to provide you with a better guide than Parking Access? Learn how to get to the beach parking lot, and use several helpful tips to have a stress-free day!

Davenport Beach Parking

Davenport Beach isn’t as busy as other beaches in the area, probably because it’s not easy to see it from the road, but it’s definitely worth visiting! The best time to come to the beach is early in the morning—since parking is limited, that’s when you’ll certainly find a spot. 

The Davenport Beach parking lot is placed on the ocean side of Highway 1. A small trail connects the free public parking area with the beach. Follow the railroad tracks and go left until you see a trail that drops down to the beach. It’s a quick but steep route, so be careful when going down, especially since the access points aren’t well maintained. 

Overall, Davenport Beach parking is easy to find and free of charge, so you’ll get to the beach effortlessly and won’t spend a dime on parking!

Davenport Beach Directions & Attractions

If going to Davenport Beach for the first time, use driving directions to reach it hassle-free. It’s close to the town, so you can park in Davenport and walk to the beach. Also, it gets windy, so be sure to layer up!

In the north part of Davenport Beach, you can check out a large tunnel and peculiar rock formations, while the south end has massive cliff walls and Davenport Crack, the town’s best-kept secret. It stretches from the southern edge all the way out into the ocean. This is a perfect place to enjoy nature and take some amazing pictures, especially during sunsets.

Davenport Pier Beach is another magnificent beach half a mile to the north. If coming to Davenport Beach, be sure to check out Davenport Pier, too. It’s frequently visited by photographers but not easy to get to, so be cautious when going down the steep route. This beach is famous for the distinctive pier foundation arches—the set of ruins standing alone in the middle of the sandy beach. 

Davenport Beach is open and offers an unforgettable experience, so don’t hesitate to visit it if you get a chance! San Jose Airport is the closest international airport to Davenport Beach, CA. Plan on flying into SJC? Look for a low-cost San Jose Airport shuttle to get you to any destination, including Davenport.

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