Wrightsville Beach Parking

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One of the biggest attractions of the city is the miles of coastline this North Carolina beach has with ocean views and prime beaches. And over the decades, the North Carolina beach has been one of the main attractions for millions of visitors from all over the world, only minutes from Wilmington Airport

With beach access available throughout the town and numerous protected areas where splashing around is easy, people keep coming back to enjoy the North Carolina beach shorelines that have made this vacation destination famous throughout the generations. 

It’s wise to keep up to date with all the information about local beaches and ensure your vacation days have the least amount of stress and/or sun as possible. With miles of beaches, it’s only natural to enjoy the water since there is so much to see.

Parking is enforced in Wrightsville Beach NC, both at defined parking lots and alongside streets where meters mark the spot where visitors can pull in and hit the sand.

Parking at Wrightsville Beach Parking

There are over a thousand (1,600) metered parking spaces available for public use. The paid parking meters are enforced most of the time from March to October and operated from 9 am to 7 pm (with some enforced 9 am – 8 pm). Wrightsville Beach uses pay-by-phone for convenience and uses fee stations at some locations. There are 26 fee stations present on the island. Available parking and payment information can be found on the Town of Wrightsville Beach website.

Parking in Wrightsville Beach Town is at the following locations:

  • South Lumina Parking Lot (near the Oceanic Restaurant)
  • East & West Salisbury Street Parking Lots (adjacent to Johnny Mercer’s Pier)
  • North Lumina Parking Lot
  • North Wrightsville Beach Parking Lot (close to Shell Island)
  • Jack Parker Boulevard Parking Lot – south end of the island next to the gazebo
  • Wynn Plaza Parking Lot – at the corner of Waynick Blvd and Causeway Dr.
  • Ocean View Parking Lot – North end of Wrightsville Beach
  • Moore’s Inlet Parking Lot – on the side of the Holiday Inn

Parking is operated by a private company known as Pivot Parking. Parking rates are paid from March 1st to October 31st, excluding holidays, unless otherwise posted. Parking in public spots is $5 per hour or $25 per day. There will be no refunds or credits for inclement weather. Please check the local weather before purchasing.

Parking is enforced from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (7 days a week), unless otherwise announced, with the following exceptions: 

 Paid Parking will be enforced from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in these parking lots:

South Lumina Parking Lot (near the Oceanic Restaurant)

East & West Salisbury Street Parking Lots (adjacent to Johnny Mercer’s Pier)

North Lumina Parking Lot (“L” shaped lot)

North Wrightsville Beach Parking Lot (NEXT to Shell Island)

Wynn Plaza – Paid parking will be enforced from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m 

The parking of trucks and trailers is not allowed on Old Causeway Drive, Marina Street, and Keel Street year-round. They are not allowed on Pelican Drive and Causeway Drive between March 1st to October 31st.  

On March 1 of 2020, the Town of Wrightsville Beach announced they would open four parking lots and open short-term rentals with restrictions, all while continuing beach access for non-stationary exercise activities, starting from May 8 at 5 p.m. to include all of the following restrictions:

  • ·Temporary Suspension of Certain Short Term Rentals / Honoring of Stay-At-Home Orders Issued in Other States and Countries

These new paid parking public lots at Beach Access #2 at 2698 North Lumina Avenue, Beach Access #3 at 2498 North Lumina Avenue, Beach Access #29 at Stone Street, and Beach Access #36 at 650 South Lumina Avenue will open to the public.

Wrightsville Beach Parking
Staff photo by Allison Potter Parking changes approved by the Wrightsville Beach board of aldermen include adding pay stations to Wrightsville Beach Park. Two free hours will be allowed.

The new directives of March 1 declared that Wrightsville Beach NC Park Parking Lot, Town Hall Parking Lot, Visitors Center, and Museum Lots will require a pay station receipt to park in these areas from March 1st to October 31st between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. daily. Parking fees are waived for the first two hours but must be displayed on the dash. No free parking permit is required. A paid parking fee of $5 per hour will be enforced. Parking is free only for the first two hours, and only if the parking ticket is displayed on the dash. Only valid 2-hour parking permits will be recognized. Weekend parking will not be enforced.  

Residential streets on Harbor Island requires vehicles around to display a vehicle identification decal or a residential hangtag. These parks include:

Jasmine Place

Island Drive

Shore Drive

Point Place

Myrtle Court

Lindy Lane

Pelican Drive

N. Channel Drive

Coral Drive

South Channel Drive

Live Oak Drive

Cypress Avenue

You can use a phone, fee station, or meters throughout the Wrightsville Beach town.

On-street spots where single parking meters are found and in the public parking lots:

  • Ocean View Parking Lot
  • Moore’s Inlet Parking Lot – near the Holiday Inn
  • N.Lumina Parking Lot -“L” Shaped Lot 
  • N. Wrightsville Beach Parking Lot – along the Shell Island Resort
  • Jack Parker Boulevard Parking Lot – south end of the island adjacent to the gazebo
  • South Lumina Parking Lot – near the Oceanic Restaurant
  • Wynn Plaza Parking Lot – at the corner of Waynick Blvd and Causeway Dr
  • East & West Salisbury Street Parking Lots – at the end of Salisbury Street (US74) 

On-street fee stations, on residential streets off of North Lumina Avenue and South Lumina Avenue: 

  • East Mallard Street
  • East Oxford Street
  • East Augusta Street
  • East Charlotte Street
  • Stone Street

You can use Pay-by-phone on the following streets:

  • Sandpiper Street
  • West Oxford Street
  • Nathan Street
  • Seagull Street
  • East Atlanta Street
  • Shearwater Street
  • East & West Columbia Street
  • Lagoon Street
  • East & West Henderson Street
  • East & West Greensboro Street
  • East & West Fayetteville Street
  • West Asheville Street
  • West Atlanta Street
  • Old Causeway
  • Keel Street
  • Circle Drive
  • Heron Street


Parking must be paid for each vehicle unless otherwise agreed to in advance. A valid handicapped placard or license plate must be displayed, and you may not be required to part with fees. A handicapped placard does not provide free parking throughout the area.

How much does it cost to park at a meter?

Single-space parking meters will accept nickels, dimes, and quarters only, and the rate is $5.00/hour or $25/day. Pay stations in lots and street ends accept credit cards, bills (up to $10), and coins (quarters and dollar coins), and the rate is $5.00 per hour.

You may also release your parking fee at the Parking Office before you head to get some surf in this turf. Passes are sold in hourly, daily, multiple days, and weekly quantities. This does not guarantee a parking space, but it is a convenience should you choose to pay before you find a space. No refunds are issued if you cannot find a parking space once a pass from the Parking Office has been purchased.

How many parking spaces are metered?

Roughly 1,800 spaces exist and also public parking.

When are the meters enforced?

Meters are enforced daily from March 1st to October 31st. 

What do I do if a parking meter doesn’t work?

If you have parked at a parking meter that is broken, please call 910-256-5453. Make sure you have the name of the street where the meter is located and the meter number. Any issues with meters, fee stations, or the Pay by Phone system should be reported to the parking office immediately. Citations resulting from unreported equipment malfunctions will be upheld.

Bottom Line

If you go to the Wrightsville website, you’ll find information on all the beaches you can access, and what time. All your previous vacation experience will play a role in getting good spaces to park. So, if you are looking to get some surf experience, plan well. Contact the Wrightsville authorities so that you don’t miss a good place to park.