Advanced Affiliate Tips

Affiliate marketing tips

Our advanced tips will give you insights into how you can better service your users and drive more revenue. Make your content search engine friendly with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) A recent study by Three Ladders Marketing revealed that the majority of traffic for affiliates was driven by SEO, 79% to be exact. The key … Read more

How to attract more customers to your parking lot?

Attract more people to your parking lot

Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Parking Lot Get your prices right When it comes to parking, price is often the deciding factor. Unless you’re catering exclusively to high-end clientele, most average customers are searching for the best deal. You don’t need to severely undercut your budget, but you must do your research and … Read more

Top 3 online parking marketing websites/apps you need to join to grow your parking lot?

Affiliate marketing for parking and hotel operators

Airport Parking App For parking lot owners, localized, in-person marketing certainly continues to hold value. However, online marketing is the key to keeping your lot on the radar of potential new customers. Aside from advertising your parking business on well-known travel sites, like Kayak and TripAdvisor, you’ll need to stay up-to-date with the latest apps … Read more

Online Marketing Academy: Parking and Hotel Operators

Online marketing 101 Parking / Hotel Operators has offered travelers, since 2003, a simple, affordable and convenient way to find and book parking at airports worldwide. In the 16 years of operating the business, the company has learned a lot about the parking industry as well as the hotel industry. We speak with operators and managers on a daily basis who … Read more