Advanced Affiliate Tips

Last Updated on February 13, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

Our advanced tips will give you insights into how you can better service your users and drive more revenue.

Make your content search engine friendly with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A recent study by Three Ladders Marketing revealed that the majority of traffic for affiliates was driven by SEO, 79% to be exact. The key takeaway from this is how crucial it is that the airport parking content you have on your page is relevant to the keywords that users are searching for.

One of our successful partners, has leveraged SEO to his benefit and uses longtail SEO keywords (usually 3 or more words) to target users who have very specific questions or queries and type these into a search engine. The benefit of using longtail SEO is that there is less competition for the keywords that you’re using and the the user is more likely to convert to a sale because they have shown interest with a specific question. Longtail SEO is rumoured to account for around 70% of all searches so it’s worth investing the time and effort into researching and implementing this into your content strategy.

Use social media to drive traffic also revealed that social media is the second biggest driver for affiliate traffic. Facebook and Twitter lead the race here but there are also opportunities within Pinterest, Youtube etc. to promote your content.

It’s important that you’re active on your social networks to build trust amongst your audience. Users are much more likely to interact with your content if there is a personality behind the pages so make sure that comments don’t go unanswered and try to be as helpful as possible.

Remember that what you’re posting should bring value to your users so its best to follow the 4-1-1 (Google it if you’re not familiar) rule as opposed to spamming your users with advertising in every posts. It’s also recommended to use images or video in social posts to engage your users.

Build airport parking into your purchase path

There are a number of areas where you can integrate airport parking and if you run an e-commerce website we believe the most effective place to integrate is in your purchase path.

Now when we say that, we don’t mean that you should add links and widgets throughout the purchase path which might lead your customer away from purchasing your product or service, but you can choose to:

  • Ask if they are interested in finding out more about airport parking as they are going through the purchase path and generate a Text Link or Quote Widget in your confirmation page if they answer yes or;
  • Build a Quote Widget and/or some contextual links into your post purchase or confirmation page for all users. You’ll need to add some of our pre-made copy to educate your user on the benefits of airport parking reservation and for this approach to be effective.

Why do we say that this approach works best? Well, it comes down to basic human nature, if someone has committed to purchasing your service or product, they naturally want to safeguard their purchase, similar to how the sales member at the checkout always manages to upsell you with that extended warranty.

Use CSS to make your content stand out

Once you have added our affiliate content to your website, check that the styling suits your website. You can change the look and feel of the content to match your website style (just don’t change the functionality or remove your affiliate code).

Often if the content isn’t displaying correctly it’s because the code was either not copied completely, your CMS (content management system) has stripped some of our code or it was put into the wrong place on your website.

Once you have all of your content displaying correctly, it’s time to make it stand out which may take some experience using CSS, but in our experience, a well laid out and appealing airport parking page can help refer more users to which in turn leads to more sales. Check out our success stories to see how our best performing affiliate partners have styled their airport parking pages.

Build trust to convert your traffic

When you’re introducing your users to airport parking its important to promote the benefit of the service over the brand itself – this is rule 101 for affiliate marketing.

We have ready made content to help you explain the benefits of, but in order to build trust with your users, it’s important that you don’t oversell the product. You want to gain your readers’ trust by offering high quality content that helps them to ‘solve their problem’ with some well placed contextual links to directly or your airport parking landing page.

Context is the key here. If you’re building a page where you’re talking about parking reservations, your primary intention should be to explain to your users why airport parking reservations is important, you might also want to reference any experiences that you’ve had when you’ve used airport parking reservations to build the benefit but if you’re over-selling the product, not only are you potentially in violation of our content guidelines, but you could come across as sales heavy to your users. Ultimately, the less trust they have with you, the less likely they are to convert into a sale.

Think about the traveler’s life cycle

Where do you sit in the travelers purchase decision? Are you at the travel inspiration end of the decision making spectrum, at the transactional stage or do you connect with them while they are traveling?

If you sit in the inspiration stage, you should add details about airport parking in your newsletters or emails and provide links to your airport parking page from other parts of your website and social media channels to keep reinforcing the importance of an airport parking reservation in trip planning.

If you’re at the booking stage, you should remind your users to purchase airport parking reservation at the end of your booking path and provide a link to your airport parking page. You should also add a link into your confirmation or pre-trip email.

If your users are currently traveling, you should remind them that they can buy a parking reservation while they are traveling via your website. You can also send remind travelers through email to reserve airport parking e.g. “have you forgot something?”

If you’re sitting in the sharing stage, you can provide links to the language guides, travel guides, ask a nomad and travel safety articles as a value added service.

Use specific sub-ID’s

Sub-ID’s are great for identifying where your sales are coming from especially if you are using the same affiliate links and widgets across more than one website.

You can also use sub-ID’s to drill down further into specifically which pages are generating traffic and also which affiliate tools are working best. You can find out how to create a sub-ID here and instead of using a simple ID such as ‘confirmation-page’ or ‘email’, you could use ‘confirmation-widget’ or ‘confirmation-link’. This will help you to understand your users behaviours and target them better on other pages with the tools they’re typically using.

Be creative with your content

If you want to stand out from other affiliates, being creative is key. Not only will google appreciate this, but so will your users.

A good example would be to craft content around world events such as natural disasters or the rise of terrorism affecting travel to reinforce the importance of an airport parking reservation which can then be shared over social or email if one of these events arises in the future. This content could be a standalone article or blog post which might not gain much traffic day to day but will be a great resource after one of these events has taken place.

Now we know this is the boring part, but it’s important that when you’re crafting content that you follow our content guidelines to ensure that you’re remaining compliant.

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